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4 most common live chat mistakes (and how to fix them)

Jeremy DSouza
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4 most common live chat mistakes (and how to fix them)

Imagine that you own a race team and just bought a new car. It's the most powerful car you've ever seen. But there's a catch.

Your driver has only driven street cars before.

Do you think you'd win your next race?

It's the same with using live chat. It's a powerful, potent tool. But there are some mistakes that people tend to make; especially if they're used to phone or email customer service.

Fortunately, these can be fixed rather easily. And we're showing you how to do that today!

The 4 most common live chat mistakes

Far too many companies make these mistakes while serving their customers over live chat. Fortunately for you, your company will be prepared and you'll be able to utlize your live chat system to its full potential.

Looooong waits

We, humans, have a really short attention span. But that gets even shorter when we’re getting on a chat system. After all, if we wanted to wait, we’d just send an email.

If having your live chat system on 24/7 is not plausible for you, you should have a chatbot ready to serve customers while your agents are offline.

The fantastic thing is that these bots can answer most of your customer queries on their own, with only 20% of the queries requiring the attention of a human agent.

Also, they’re incredibly easy to train. WIth our DocuSense technology, you can avoid manually entering FAQs and have your bot pull information directly from a document, parsing 12 pages every 8 seconds.

Making it too formal

Agents that are too used to sending emails tend to carry the same level of formality into their live chat sessions.

This ends up with them writing long chunks of text that just intimidate the customers.

And, to make it worse, these huge messages take more time to type and force the customer to wait longer. It defeats the purpose of a chat session.

Customers want a quick and simple chat session, don’t overcomplicate it. This doesn’t mean you can go super casual either. You need to find a middle ground.

Forcing customers to repeat themselves

If your customer has just answered an agent’s (or bot’s) queries and is transferred to another agent who asks the exact same questions, you’re in a mess. 

You’ve got the answers, why ask again?

You need to be able to store the conversation history for agents to refer to. Engati Live Chat can help you here. We allow you to stitch conversations across multiple channels and multiple agents, so that your agents always have context. They can always access recent conversations.

Making them hop through multiple agents before reaching the right one

Imagine this: You’re laying the finishing touches on an important project that you need to submit in two hours. You’re almost done and can taste the satisfaction of finishing it off. But then, your system crashes.

Fighting through the frustration, you reach out to customer support. The agent chats with you, asks you 5 questions, and then says, “Hey, I’m sorry, but I think Jason from IT would be able to help you better”.

So you’re transferred to Jason, he talks to you, understands your issue, and says, “I’m afraid this is an issue that you’d need to take up with another department, let me get you in touch with them”.

Even if they do eventually solve your issue and you do get your work done in time, odds are that you seething from having to get transferred across agents. And the whole time, you were wondering whether they’d help you or end up transferring you to yet another agent.

If only they routed you to the right agent the very first time. That would actually leave them with a happy customer, not one who’s contemplating leaving them.

Here’s where Engati can help. Our intelligent, context-based routing system sends customer queries to the agents with the expertise to handle them the very first time. It makes for a smoother experience and reduces customer effort and friction.

Everything you need to know about live chat

Now that you’ve understood the 4 most common live chat mistakes, you need to check out our comprehensive guide to live chat support. 

It’s got everything you need to know about live chat, including best practices. Check out our live chat support guide right here!

Get started with live chat

Start supporting your customers with the power of live chat and chatbots working together. Explore Engati Live Chat + automation today, register here!

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