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Simplifying feedback collection with Live Chat

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Simplifying feedback collection with Live Chat

The first recorded letter of complaint was crafted in 1905 by Mark Twain. In his letter, he gave us the most brutal review on J. H. Todd’s “Elixir of Life” (which claimed to cure even the most detrimental medical conditions). Twain found the disconnect between what the product was and what it was marketed as shocking. The experience even drove Twain to call the copywriter of said advertisement an “idiot of the 33rd degree!”

After this, we saw the rise of telephone and email surveys. However, most people would hang up before the survey started, or ignore the email survey. And the people who did participate in the telephone survey, were often not being too truthful as there was another person on the line, and they weren’t too keen on hurting their feelings. It was not an accurate way to collect data.   

Then came the emergence of the restaurant comment cards and suggestion boxes. It offered a safe space for guests to provide their honest opinions about the experience while it was still fresh in their mind.

However, the data received was often unstructured, hard to understand, and covered in splotches of food. Customers often don’t bother filling in these cards, and if they do, servers may discard it before it reaches upper management.

All of these previous methods have something in common- it involved teams looking through pages of unstructured data, and customers hesitating on providing information. So let’s uncover the simplest way to collect feedback.

How to simplify feedback collection with Live Chat Software

We loved the anonymity of the comment cards and suggestion boxes, but we also understood that reading through indistinguishable piles of feedback was a task for your customer service teams. By using conversational automation with Live Chat, we provide your customers with the safety of being anonymous, and you with the comfort of not having to look through piles of data.

Setting up

When you register your product with Engati, you can enable request feedback on resolution as a simple way to receive feedback from your customers immediately after your agents mark the query as resolved. 

Feedback can either be received through a text form.

Feedback through text form

Or through a thumbs up/down form. 

Feedback thorough thumbs up/down option

Thumbs up/down icons are presented along the chat response as a quick, easy, and more seamless way to provide feedback from customers. The behaviour after receiving feedback from your customers can also be customised from the platform. 

Feedback Node

We also introduced a new node for our Live Chat software customers to help with collecting feedback. Engati offers two types of rating systems.

Star-based rating system

You can either configure the widget to use star-based rating, where the scale can go from either 1-5 or 1-10.

Star-based rating system

Emoji-based rating system.

Or you can go with an emoji-based rating system. The emoji scale can range from 1-3, or 1-5. 

Emoji-based rating system

On other channels, the widget would come up as a standard send message with option. 

Try it out

We’ve come a long way with how we collect feedback, but we can’t deny how impactful it is when developing a business strategy. Now that you know how easy it is to collect feedback, it’s time to try it out. 

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