How to promote a Facebook Messenger bot with Engati

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How to promote a Facebook Messenger bot with Engati

Congratulations on building your Facebook Messenger bot! We would like to welcome you to the world of chatbots and we are sure you will love the journey. If you have previous experience in building and managing bots then you are mostly caught up. If you are new to this then you must be wondering how to go about it. So, don't worry as we will help you discover the world of chatbots and build your own chatbot brand. At Engati, we will help you manage it end-to-end.

What are Facebook messenger bots?

Facebook now lets business accounts to automate and take care of all their customer queries on messenger by integrating a chatbot. You can build a facebook messenger chatbot using Engati and link it to your Facebook account. Read on to know how.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Links & Codes

The direct link to a bot is of the form-{username}

Here, 'username' is the username of the Facebook Page. If you haven't set a username for your Facebook page then you can set it from the Page Info section. Or you can also try and use the Facebook Page ID instead of the username. Your Facebook Messenger Bot will work out just the same.

Messenger Codes are unique codes that you can scan from the Messenger app. This will help you start a conversation with the Facebook Messenger bot. A typical Messenger code looks something like this-

Facebook Plugins for a Messenger Bot with engati

Note: Links and Codes can be used to message a Facebook Page irrespective of whether the Page is a bot or not.

Facebook Plugins for a Messenger Bot

Facebook provides two plugins that you can use on your website to direct the website users to the bot.

“Send to Messenger” Plugin

This plugin will trigger an event on the bot so that it can start interacting with the user directly. You can set the context information on the website and link it to the bot. This helps in personalisation, customisation and tracking/linking users across the website to the bot. This is how a Send to Messenger plugin looks:

Facebook Send to Messenger plugin

“Message Us” Plugin

This is a comparatively simpler version of a plugin that redirects the user to either the messenger app on phone or the messenger web app. So, when the user actually sends a message, the Facebook Messenger Bot receives a notification and no context information passes here. This is how one looks:

Facebook Message Us plugin

Bot stores

As of now, Facebook does not have a Bot Store. The only way to discover it is via search. But there have been a number of independent bot stores that act as a public listing of bots across platforms for better discovery. For example, some of the notable ones are –

  1. Botlist
  2. Botarena
  3. Bot Pages
  4. Bot Family
  5. Fugu Bots
  6. Deelo

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Share the story

Another great way of promoting your bot is by sharing your story. What was the motivation for building the bot? What are the unique facets that you are covering through your chatbot? What’s the story behind creating it? You can share your story on your own blog or submit it on popular blogs that focus on chatbot technology, like Chatbots Magazine, Chatbots for life, etc. This can get you good traffic to your bot, especially from within the Bot community.

Similarly, popular general tech blogs and websites would also be helpful.The best practice is to launch and update your experience from time to time. Share how people are using your bot, what their expectations were, relevant feedback, learnings and improvements that they're looking to plan out. This would keep users interested in your story and they will look forward to receiving more updates from you.For instance; Poncho, the weather bot, does a great job at this.


When we talk about new products, the discussion cannot be complete without Product Hunt. Do let us know which all are the ways that you have tried out and which methods have given great results to your business.Recently, there have been numerous feature updates in the chatbot technology, especially in the Facebook Messenger Bot. So, you can keep a check on our website and stay informed.

Lastly, if you are on a regular look out for more release updates then you can try building your own bot. It will give you a better perspective.

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