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Engati Live Chat updates | Powerful new features

Jeremy DSouza
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Engati Live Chat updates | Powerful new features

We’re all about progress. In fact, launching new features to improve your customer experience is one of the things that excites us to our core.

Because of this, within just two months of launching Engati Live Chat, we already have a whole slew of new features for you (with even more coming soon).

These updates focus on making your customers’, your agents’ and your supervisors’ lives easier. Check them out:

For your customers:

Quoting messages

First up, your customers will be able to reply to specific messages from the agent by quoting these messages.

This feature is available on web chat and on mobile applications and will help create an even smoother conversational experience for your customers.

Even your agents will be able to address specific messages and questions, without confusing customers with this feature.

Live chat message quoting

A more human experience

Your customers should know when they’re talking to a human. It makes them feel even better to know who they’re having a conversation with. 

We’ve got a way to put them at ease.

While conversing with your agents, your customers will now be able to see their profile pictures along with their messages.

Agent profile picture in live chat


You can even increase your customers confidence in you by sending them a transcript via an email.

Your agents can set this up to automatically happen after every single conversation or only choose to send transcripts after certain conversations.

For your agents

Sorting messages

Your agents can now increase their response speed by organizing the one-view inbox in a more effective manner.

They can now sort these messages by unread and recent messages to increase their responsiveness.

Browser notifications

Your agents won’t miss a single message. You can now enable browser-based notifications for them for new messages as well as new conversation requests, ensuring that your customers’ queries are answered without any delay.

Improved team collaboration

Engati Live Chat feature allows your agents to save notes about a particular user that can be accessed by any agent who converses with that user in the future.

But, we’ve made it even better. Now your agents can actually tag each other in these notes and work together in a better way.

tagging other agents in notes

User filters

Your agents can now filter users by ‘New users’ (who had their initial conversation with your agents on that day), ‘Active Recently’ (who’ve conversed with you in the last 7 days), and ‘All Active Users’.

But that’s not all. Your agents can even create their own filters to suit their needs.

Live Chat User Filters

User view

Agents can navigate to user view by clicking on the user name from the one-view inbox.

Here they will be able to access information about the user as well as insights and analytics about the conversations the user has had.

Live Chat user view

User availability

We now have a way for your agents to know whether your users are online or offline. 

Based on whether they’ve sent you a message in the past 5 minutes, your agents will be able to see a green dot on the users’ avatars, showing them that they’re online.

live chat user availablity status

Bot conversations

If you’re using Engati Live Chat along with our chatbot module, your agents will be able to see all the conversations that your users are currently having with your bot.

The agents can even take over these conversations whenever they deem it necessary.

For your supervisors

Greater insights

We’ve made it easier for you to manage your customer support team, even while working remotely.

In addition to our pre-existing dashboards, we’ve added two new ones to give you deeper insights. These dashboards will display analytics on conversations by channel and conversations by date.

live chat channel analytics
Channel Analytics

live chat analytics by date
Date Analytics

Increased transparency

Your supervisors will now be able to manage your team and your conversations more effectively.

Whenever they open a conversation, they will be able to see which agent is handling it.

Along with the name of the user, your agents will also see a heading that says ‘Managed by (Agent Name)’ when they open a conversation.

Live Chat portal supervisor view

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