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Engati Chatbot integrates live chat for better customer support

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Engati Chatbot integrates live chat for better customer support

Live chat integration has helped businesses bring the best of both worlds together in one single place. Otherwise creating a customer support experience is an expensive business. It’s like a whole separate project altogether that companies have to remain wary of. Especially in this digital age of Google reviews and ratings, there are businesses that put extensive focus on building and maintaining relationships with their customers. They hire an entire customer support team to manage customers, and keep them happy and motivated. These customer support agents are given ample training before they go on the field, both literally and figuratively.

However, there’s only so much that a customer support and success team (comprised of weary humans) can do about creating an experience. It’s a great possibility that they run out of ideas and motivation. They no longer feel like giving in their 100%. In some cases because a few customers were disappointed. A few other customers didn’t talk to them properly. Or maybe even shouted at them. Then there are some managers who rebuke their team members for no particular reason at all. Or the customer support agent had a fight with a colleague and no longer want to work with them.

Hence, thanks to engineers and developers for chatbots automation. A customer service chatbot is as smart and as empathetic as humans and it is never taught to hold grudges. But then again, there’s only so much chatbots can do. At times, especially in extreme cases, a human IS required to sort out a situation or a problem. In this blog we are going to discuss one particular feature that maintains and restores the balance in the universe of human customer support and chatbot technology – Live chat integration.

Live chat for customer support– Because t(c)hat’s what your customers want

If given a choice, more than 70% of customers on an average prefer chat over voice support. This preference is growing tremendously and there’s nothing stopping the need. In fact, if you really want customers to visit your website and return for more then chatbot integration is the best way to ensure it. Surveys suggest that 2 out of 3 visitors will return your website to seek more information if they find live chat support integration with your website chatbot.

live chat feature for better customer support
Live chat is the leading digital content method – Image Source

Moreover, IBM has given a fair estimation on how much all the industries are spending (read as wasting) on support calls – Nearly $1 trillion overall only for business calls. If we talk about a company in particular, the cost goes up to as much as $7,000. That’s a lot of money going away to create only a sub-par experience. Of course, businesses are nearly done with the call-centre approach to resolve queries, issues and manage customer situations. They tried something new back then and now are even more willing to reduce their costs by adopting chatbot automation.

However, there comes a time when real-time issues and problems are beyond a chatbot’s control. This isn’t because chatbots aren’t smart or quick enough to deal with them but because it’s a better experience to talk to a real person. Therefore, live chat integration is what keeps the customer-business interaction going for providing better chatbot support.

Live chat – For improving customer support experience

Live chat and chatbots are gaining popularity and its growing. Since customers are increasingly showing their preference towards live chat services, businesses must shift their focus from only chatbot automation to chatbot integration as well.Moreover, various customisations are available to keep the live chat integration feature as well as conversations more interesting. Like-

  • Proactive and vibrant chat invitation
  • Real-time visibility when someone’s typing
  • Adorning the chat button through animation

There are many such similar features that will help you as a business engage website users and give them a reason to return. This will help you convert the visitors into paying customers by allowing them to move through the sales funnel faster. In fact, you will be able to better measure customer data and analyse customer behaviour by making yourself available to them 24X7. Further, human intervention with chatbot through the live chat software features will assure the visitors that someone, a real person, will be there to help them out whenever they are in need.

Live Chat improves customer service response time
Customer service response time – Image Source

Live chat – To give out-of-the-box business solutions

Chatbots in customer support can be creative and prompt in their ways but their creativity and promptness goes as far as their training. Although there isn’t any limitation to chatbot training and learning but there’s only so much a developer can teach a chatbot through training. For such cases, live chat integration comes to the rescue of businesses so that a real, well-trained person can understand the situation and respond to the customer queries accordingly.

Simultaneously, developers can extract enough customer data over time to feed it to the machines so that the chatbot can learn from it and chatbot customer support can improve. This will help businesses keep the chatbot away from making contextual errors, language discrepancies, and avoid other mis-judgements. Rather the bot will learn from what it doesn’t know or cannot answer so that it can prepare for similar questions and situations in the future. Live chat with chatbot is another great feature.


Integrating your website, social media pages and other marketing channels with a chatbot is the best way to improve lead generation, customer experience, problem solving and keep an ethical track of customer data and behaviour to-

  • Improve the business sales funnel
  • Increase business sales

As a result, chatbot automation with the live chat feature is the best solution to improve customer support. The bot can handle the initial level conversation with a visitor. Meanwhile the customer support agent can prepare a pitch to convert this visitor into a paying customer. Now Engati chatbot integrates with live chat. With this, we ensure that our customers can make the most of this feature. This will improve customer experience as well as business sales.

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