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The future of retail is CI. But what the heck is CI?

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November 6, 2023
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conversational intelligence for retail

Sales representatives have to handle an influx of visitors or customer queries on the daily basis in an eCommerce setup. Even if you have the bandwidth to attend to hundreds of calls and address customer queries, can you analyze conversations with customers just by listening to phone calls? Then how would you derive any meaningful insights when you are dealing with tens or hundreds of thousands of conversations daily?

That's where Conversational Intelligence comes into the picture. Companies can leverage Conversational Intelligence tools and drive data and insight from the conversations that they have with customers. The conversation data from these platforms are streamed between other technology platforms like CRMs, ad platforms, data analytics, attribution solutions, and digital experience platforms to take action on the data in real-time. Conversational Intelligence can help you attend to all the customer queries coming in and engage them to drive more sales. CI can influence customers with suggestions, product recommendations, on-demand information, and live support.

What is Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational Intelligence is a blend of machine learning and natural language processing technology, and it can be used in many ways. This branch of AI tech helps answer important questions about customers' needs while reducing the overall workload of agents at the same time as it can handle hundreds of customers at once.
Conversational intelligence leverages the adaptive powers of artificial intelligence (AI) to spontaneously deduce intent, sentiment, and meaning from such data and provide answers to customers. NLP & AI helps the platform to adapt to the customer language and learn from the frequently asked questions and figure out the customer intent. CI analyze speech or text to derive data-driven insights from conversations between sales agents and customers. It is used by revenue teams in marketing, sales, customer experience, and eCommerce to improve buying experiences, increase conversions, and ultimately, drive more traffic and revenue.
In simple words, Conversational Intelligence is nothing but a modern/advanced way of how companies communicate in real-time with prospects or customers without exchanging verbal dialogues or mail reverts. Conversational Intelligence allows companies to interact with customers via chatbots and live chats without putting a burden on sales representatives or human resources in general.

Conversational Intelligence in Retail

Online shopping has been going through constant evolution, and with the rise of eCommerce titans like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, the retail industry has witnessed a rapid digital transformation over the past few years. From the internet to mobile and now moving ahead with conversational AI. At the same time, customers' expectations of how they should be able to interact with retailers have changed significantly over the last few years. From getting on the calls to writing emails, now it's all about interacting with Chatbot, Live Chat, and Apps. AI and NLP have reduced friction and increased efficiency by bringing a store to customers right in the comfort of their homes.
Talking about Conversational Intelligence, it has bought convenience and has sped up the process of customer support, thereby enhancing the customer experience. Customers can now connect and engage with brands and businesses wherever they want. These smart bots can understand and keep the contextuality of your conversation over various platforms or customer touchpoints like websites, emails, and social media. The paradigm of retail is not just limited to shopping at the store or from the App, but it has become more convenient with AI. These bots can recommend and suggest products, take care of the payments, or can also answer your questions in one place.

63% of people would consider messaging an online chatbot to communicate with a business or brand. And, online chat and messaging apps are the preferred way for 29% of people to contact retailers when making a purchase decision.

How Conversational Intelligence is changing the landscape of Retail?

1. 24/7 Accessible

Most businesses in today's era focus on expanding their horizons across the globe as the internet has eradicated the geographical boundaries for retailers. But, as the business grows, one needs to have the ability to handle customer queries coming in from across time zones 24/7. Conversational AI chatbots can handle the load and engage with domestic and international customers anytime and anyplace. These bots can handle hundreds of customers at once and solve their queries without involving a representative from the company's end. Conversational Intelligence enables a smooth conversational flow throughout the customer journey and converts conversations into conversions.

2. Lead Generation

AI-enabled chatbots can help retail companies engage with their customers by asking them questions, conducting surveys, and even playing quizzes. This helps brands collect customer data and information that can be passed to the sales funnel. Insight gathered from these conversations can be used to personalize marketing communications and advertisements. The engagement created by chatbots on the website creates a positive impact on visitors that might help and motivate them to make purchases and build trust.

3. Tracks Customer Behavior

Conversational AI can understand and track customer behaviour based on the mood, intent, and interest of your customers throughout the purchase journey. And if you combine it with other technologies like facial recognition and voice assistance, it can understand emotions and accordingly be handled. Generally, AI leverages the intent prediction feature to understand customers' tone, context, and behaviour and recommend products based on their navigation patterns or past purchases. It helps retailers build stronger relationships with customers by providing personalized assistance throughout the customer journey that helps the brand turn customers into brand loyalists.

4. Product Notifications, Order Processing and Order Tracking

With CI you can promote products in real-time in a way that is more casual and conversational, rather than sending promotional emails and nurturing customers through pre-defined flows. Customers can easily order products by simply chatting with a bot and entering personal details and payment methods and skip the long queues and wait times. At the same time, they can also track their orders and shipment details with just a click. Chatbots can be trained to maintain the contextuality of chats and conversations that a customer had earlier.

5. Customer Engagement

AI-powered chatbots can hold human-like conversations with consumers with the help of AI and become more intelligent with every interaction with NLP. They learn and grow in their intelligence based on their interactions and past engagements with customers. Given their automated nature, these tools are available 24/7, helping retail businesses to communicate with customers and solve their queries about products and services round the clock and greatly minimizing wait times. Based on a few studies, it's been proven that customers can save up to 10 minutes of their time when interacting with a bot.

How Engati can help you scale up your business?

1. Manage conversations across channels in a one-view inbox and create engagements that influence customers to become brand loyalists.
2. Get more store visitors by automating engagements on Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms.
3. Re-target customers by setting up customer reactivation campaigns, feedback, and referral campaigns and notify them about products and offers.
4. Acquire customers easily by providing pre-sales support across channels throughout the customer journey.
5. Solve the trouble of cart abandonment with notifications.

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