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Old lead generation tactics are DEAD! Have you heard of Conversational Intelligence?

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Oct 13
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What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation or "Lead Gen" is a process of converging people/prospects who are interested in the offering of the company into the sales funnel. In simple words, a lead is someone who has demonstrated interest in your business. These leads can be generated through multiple touchpoints where they agree to share the information or their intention is monitored based on the inclination to using quizzes, attend a webinar, download a free guide, sign up for your newsletter, etc. As they've engaged with your business and have shown interest, they'll end up getting into the sales funnel and being further turned into a customer.

Introduction to Conversational Intelligence and Marketing

Conversational marketing is a modern approach to marketing, a personalized method of engaging with your visitors across multiple customer touchpoints in the digital space. Conversational marketing is also known as chat marketing and conversation marketing. It can either be an automatic process of connecting with your website's visitors using chatbots, or it can take the form of real-time messaging using live chat or conversational landing pages where they can communicate with the brand.
The objective of conversational marketing is to build personal relationships with the audience at the beginning and aim to convert every visitor into a brand loyalist. The platforms used for conversational marketing are powered by Artificial Intelligence, which identifies customer pain points and personalizes the interaction instead of using mass communication.

How conversational marketing is becoming the new age lead-gen phenomenon?

Conversational marketing helps companies to drive leads in a structured and targeted manner. Visitors or prospects reach out to the website, look around, click on the navigation bar, and explore the submenus and depths of your content. They can either navigate through the website and complete a transaction or may lookout for a piece of information; conversational marketing works much more efficiently here.
A chatbot can communicate with the prospect immediately, ask questions, and supply answers. Companies can use chatbots to communicate and engage with their leads using super-targeted messages and prepared responses. It can request information or ask questions and accordingly reply with a solution, product details, price, and so on. These bots can be deployed over social media platforms and can revert to product queries and other information. The responses can be personalized and thus be used in a much more targeted way to accompany prospects along their buyer's journey.

Conversational Intelligence tools to multiply qualified leads

Conversational Intelligence can substitute numerous manual tasks, cutting down on manpower and directly increasing conversion from conversations. And because they are online, 24/7, chatbots can work for you around the clock, building customer relationships and generating leads beyond the working hours. Following are the ways you can engage and communicate with visitors at multiple touchpoints.

Live Chat for Lead Generation

Think of a situation where a visitor or prospect is stuck during the shopping process; they either might look for help or leave the products in the cart and bounce from the website. Through live chat, companies can avoid these instances where people leave the website due to a lack of information. Visitors can be guided and navigated through the complicated processes and steps to complete a transaction or informed about the product or services through live chat. According to a 2020 study done by Forrester, suggests Live chat can produce more than a 40% increase in overall website conversion rates.

Demo Pop-ups

Demo popups are another way to generate more leads and direct traffic coming to your website. A free demo creates an impact and plays a crucial role in strengthening brand trust before someone buys your product or services. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show prospective buyers the worth of your product and clear their doubts about the product. If visitors click on the demo CTA, it's a clear indication that the visitor has a good interest in your brand. These leads are more refined and useful, given their clear intentions and behavioural indications.

Messenger Chatbot for Lead Generation

When you put up a post/ communication on Facebook (Meta) either as ads or in general, people engage with those posts and videos. Suppose a person has commented on the Facebook post asking for the price, if you've deployed a bot on the Facebook Messenger, that bot will automatically send the price quotation to the person over the messenger. This environment is quite intimate when the brand gets into personal communication with its customers. If you can manage to harness their attention here using chatbots, your conversion rates will skyrocket. You can train your chatbots to take up multiple tasks based on your objectives.

Instagram Chatbot for Lead Generation

Using Instagram chatbots for lead generation is one of the best ways to get more people down the sales funnel. 90% of Instagram users follow a brand/business and make a buying decision based on the ads or posts businesses put up. Instagram chatbots can recommend products directly to your customers within the chat, creating influence and leading to faster and more streamlined sales. These bots can reply to comments, answer DMs, and can also handle queries posed by people. For humans, responding to Instagram DMs takes time, but for robots, it's much faster. When you use an Instagram chatbot, any direct messages you receive will be replied to automatically by the chatbots. This will help the brand to attend and thereby avert more traffic to the sales funnel.

WhatsApp Chatbots for Lead Generation

WhatsApp is one of the most prominent channels when it comes to lead generation and connecting with people as it has more than 2 billion monthly active users. People all over the planet find it easier to connect with family and friends through smartphones, there. WhatsApp is an extremely convenient and fast way to get a hold of someone. At the same time, it becomes a channel where they feel safe and comfortable and expect businesses to communicate with them on the same platform. The WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate WhatsApp and Facebook Business so that people can easily opt-in and migrate from the page to WhatsApp. You can also add the bot link in the Email signatures and on the Website so that interested people can start having engagement with the brand.

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