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Are chatbots revolutionizing the world of recruitment?

Parousia Khan
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Are chatbots revolutionizing the world of recruitment?

The recruitment industry is ready for automation.

There won’t be any candidates who are anxiously waiting for a response after applying for a job. There won’t be any resumes collecting dirt on your desks. In fact, there won’t be a need to constantly follow up with employees to submit their documents.

Basically, you won't have to dedicate someone from Human Resources to take care of these petty items.

So What Can a Recruitment bot or Staffing Bot Do?

  • Recruitment Advertising

The recruitment bot can post ads for your company over a wide variety of portals like LinkedIn, Facebook and more. You can receive submissions and leads and use analytics to determine which portal works best for your company.

  • Preliminary Screening and Selection Test

Recruitment chatbots can ask for the candidates’ basic information and contact details before collecting their resumes. It can screen the resumes before sending the ones that match the minimum criteria directly to the HR manager. The recruitment chatbot can also conduct a test by asking questions to profile the candidate before the initial conversation.

  • FAQs

Candidates can ask FAQs about the position to the recruitment bot instead of HR, which makes the application process more effective and efficient for both parties.  

  • Interviews and Selection

The bot can schedule meetings between the interview panel and candidates, and send scheduled reminders before the interview. Once a candidate is hired, the recruitment chatbot can ensure that the necessary documents are valid, verified, and submitted on time.

  • Employee Communication

You can keep track of your employees’ progress and work patterns using the bot by conducting surveys and quizzes. Communication with your employees, prospects, and ex-employees becomes easier.

  • Placement and Orientation

For proper placements and orientation, the bot can conduct skill and psychological tests to determine the job fit and the areas in need of development for a candidate.

  • Training and Development

The bot can have scheduled tests from online courses for your employees to help them perform better in the workplace.

Why is Engati the best platform for you to build chatbots ?

  • Engati is simple to use and lets you build and deploy a bot in 10 minutes.
  • Engati can deploy chatbots on 8 different platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack, Personal Website, Kik, Viber, Telegram, Line, and Skype.
  • You can train your bots to answer questions better for your specific audience.
  • Engati gives you the option of Live Chat and Human Takeover.
  • Help grow your business using data and rich analytics from the Engati platform.

Recruitment chatbots are going to change Human Resource Management and are as reliable as the employees you hire. The bot will always listen, stay online 24/7, and won’t complain about the workload. The best part is that the chatbot can be easily trained to improve its performance. So, instead of spending your resources in employing more humans, invest in Engati for a fraction of the costs.

Ready to build an intelligent AI-powered recruitment chatbot? Register with Engati to get started!

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