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6 powerful reasons to integrate Google Analytics with your chatbot

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November 10, 2023
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Analytics is super important. If you’ve launched the product and haven’t setup analytics — it’s pretty similar to riding a bike with closed eyes. You don’t know what’s happening, how many users are leaving your bot immediately, how many minutes users are spending playing with your bot, what’s the most popular feature and much more.

Google Analytics allows you to track and understand your customer’s behavior, user experience, online content, device functionality and more. Google Analytics allows you the information needed to help you shape the success strategy of your business, discovering things you probably never knew about visitors on your site.

Whether you have an eCommerce site or an informative site, you want to understand the behavior of your visitors to deliver better results. You can track multiple activities such as paths triggered, FAQs triggered, buttons clicked, live chat triggered, etc.

6 ways in which integrating Google Analytics with your chatbot helps your business

Understand user behavior

Google Analytics helps you understand how your users flow through your chatbot and track the user journeys. You can see which user journeys are traversed the most, check which are the most common drop-out paths, and see which paths of the user journeys you need to make changes to.

Track traffic to your chatbot

Wondering where your chatbot users are coming from? Want to figure out where you’re getting the most leads from? Integrating your bot with Google Analytics can help. By using UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module), you can figure out where your chatbot users are coming from. 

This even helps you understand which source brings you traffic with the greatest level of intent, letting you see which traffic source brings you the most users that complete your lead generation flows.

‍Improve your omnichannel game

With Google Analytics, you can see how your users interacted with your chatbot across multiple channels, allowing you to figure out which channels are most important and beneficial for you. This is critical, because your customers expect to be able to interact with you over whichever channel they are using.

As a marketer, this can even help you understand whether your social media campaigns are working out for you and whether they are driving your audience to interact with you over social media.

Increase the effectiveness of your paths and conversation flows

Google analytics allows you to see which paths have been triggered by your users. If you have a clearly measurable goal from those paths, this could help you figure out how effective those paths are. 

Let’s say you’ve built a lead generation path to capture information about your customers. You can track the number of times the path has been triggered and compare it with the number of leads whose information you were able to gather. This lets you measure the number of customers who triggered the lead gen paths or product goal paths but dropped out midway.

You could even set up custom events on Google Analytics and compare the number of users who triggered that path that would lead to the custom event occuring with the number of times the custom event actually occurred.

This could help you see which of your paths and flows need to be improved, giving you the chance to use messaging that would resonate more with your chatbot users.

Train your chatbot better

When you integrate Google Analytics with your Engati chatbot, you even get to see how your chatbot is pulling answers for your customers’ queries - is it pulling answers from the FAQs that you manually entered or is it pulling answers from the policies that you uploaded to the bot by making use of cognitive search with our DocuSense technology.

This helps you improve your chatbot by training it to answer your customers’ queries in a more effective manner.

Perform A/B testing

By tracking the user journeys, identifying the paths triggered, and tracking custom events, you can keep making changes to your paths, comparing them to previous versions, test your paths, and see which version works better for you. You should keep fine tuning and testing your chatbot flows frequently, so that you can give your customers the best experience possible and get more conversions out of your chatbot.

Improve your website content

You can use Google Analytics to track the webpages on which your customers needed to engage in a live chat conversation with your agents. This helps you see which of your webpages did not give them the information that they needed, thus making them interact with your chatbot and even have to get in touch with your live chat agents to get their issues resolved.

Basically, it can serve to show you which webpages are confusing enough to lead to questions so complicated that your live chat agents need to help out.

You can now add content to your website so that it clarifies things and provides your browsers with the information that they need, rather than requiring them to get on a live chat to get their queries solved.

This creates a better user experience on your website and even helps reduce customer effort since your customers will be able to find answers on their own without needing to interact with an agent.

How to enable Google Analytics?

You can add your google analytics account by clicking on the Integrations tab on your left panel and selecting Google Analytics.

Connect your Google Account

To connect Google Analytics to Engati you will need the Tracking ID, follow the below-mentioned steps to get the Tracking ID from your Google Analytics account.

Login to your Google Analytics account and click on the Admin button in the bottom left corner.

Click on Tracking Info under the property field.

Under Tracking Info, select the Tracking code option. The code will appear on the left, copy this code and input it in the Engati portal.

Connecting your Google account to Engati

Open the Integrations menu, select Google Analytics, and then press Connect. Give a name to the integration and click on Authorize.

Once you click on Authorize you will need to enter the Tracking ID from your Google Analytics account into Engati.

The Google Analytics account has now been connected to Engati.

Using Google Analytics

Once Google Analytics has been integrated with Engati, you will be able to create and track custom events in different node.

Let’s see how to track these events.

Go to the node that you wish to track and click on the edit button.

Once you open the edit window you will see a toggle button against the Track Event field. Toggle this to on and give the event a name. Multiple nodes can be assigned the same event.

Now you can start typing and pick an existing event name that is available in the suggestions. If you want, you could create a new event by clicking on the ‘Add New Event’ button and give a new name. You could even pick an existing attribute as an event name.

This event will now be tracked in Google Analytics when your users reach the specific path.

In addition to Custom events, the integration also tracks the following.

Users by channel

Active users
Total Queries Asked

Total Users

Total Live Chats triggered

Live chat source URL/Page

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