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C2E bridge - Bridging Cloud to your Enterprise with Engati

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May 31, 2023
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C2E bridge - Bridging Cloud to your Enterprise with Engati

While digital transformation and the need to move towards cloud services are at an all-time high, moving entirely to the cloud is not feasible for many highly regulated industries, such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, and the public sector. 

So, how do they gain benefits of the cloud such as scalability, agility, and business continuity while meeting their regulatory requirements?

C2E bridge

In the past, managing integrations between on-premise systems and cloud services meant investing in a custom-built solution, which was both expensive and cumbersome.

We created the Cloud-2-Enterprise bridge to enable hybrid deployments for these sectors. The C2E Bridge allows you to accomplish integration with on-premise systems without deploying the entire solution behind the firewall. 

We have designed it to keep extensibility in mind to allow you to enable custom integrations for on-premise systems. The C2E bridge resides in your datacenter and allows  Engati’s Cloud infrastructure to interact with your on-premise logistics, ticketing, or other similar systems

What are the benefits of enabling the C2E Bridge?

Engati’s C2E Bridge empowers organizations to manage a mixture of private on-premise environments with Engati’s services. This allows you to move between these environments to enable greater flexibility and productivity.


Support for remote offices

According to a survey by Gartner, 95% of organizations expect to increase spending on SaaS. Why is that? 

Hybrid adoption allows businesses to access data anywhere, at any time. Through desktop visualization, organizations have the ability to support both remote and in-house employees with unlimited access to data that is not tied to a central location. 

Organizations can transfer sensitive data to on-premise servers while making key applications and services available on the cloud accessible from any location. 

As the trend of remote work continues to rise, hybrid environments give the organization the flexibility to access these Automotive computing environments. This, in turn, increases productivity across the board and allows remote employees to work despite differences in location.


The more cost-effective option

Migrating from a private on-premise system to Cloud is both expensive and time-consuming. The C2E bridge allows organizations with existing on-premise systems to continue using their systems without deploying your solution entirely on-premise.

It also allows them to scale their operations to meet spikes in demand. More data usually means more expenditures, but with the C2E bridge, businesses only have to pay for the resources they use.


Effortless scalability

The C2E bridge gives businesses greater control over their data. As business needs evolve and the demand for IT services fluctuates, organizations can scale their workloads accordingly. 

Plus, the cloud allows for increased automation so that you can adjust your cloud settings to respond automatically to changes in demand, optimizing performance and efficiency.  


Increased agility and innovation

The ability to respond automatically to changes in demand is a key factor for innovation and competition. Today, speed to market can make or break a company’s competitive edge. 

The C2E bridge helps organizations increase their speed to market by optimizing IT performance and providing the agility needed to meet changing business demands. They can easily test, prototype, and launch new products. 


Business continuity

The C2E Bridge improves business continuity and reduces potential downtime and resulting costs. Business continuity basically means that in the event of a failure or disaster, business operations are able to continue as usual with minimal downtime or interruption. 

It is a key part of a business continuity solution because it helps organizations backup key data and ensures scalability in the event of a massive spike in demand. 

As computing demands fluctuate, the business is no longer at risk of overburdening their private servers which could slow service or lead to downtime. The Bridge will help you scale to absorb the demand.

We at Engati understand that the needs and goals for every organization are going to be different, so we have built the C2E Bridge to adapt to your requirements.

How to enable the C2E Bridge?

Connecting your enterprise data to the Engati is fast, easy, and lightweight.  Our small agent runs on a small physical or virtual Linux server inside your enterprise. We have optimized connections back to Engati for easy setup, with no changes to firewall or network configurations required.  All communication is encrypted from end to end using enterprise-grade encryption technology.

  • Setting up your license When installed, a new section for the C2E Bridge will emerge in the integrations menu. Here, you can manage and create your license. Once you create a license, Engati generates both a license ID and a license secret to install the C2E Bridge. Do note that licenses are revoked and renewed in this menu.
  • License Management WorkflowThe license management workflow contains a log of your last sync with the C2E module. This section also includes details of errors in network and communication.

How to use the C2E Bridge?

Engati’s current JSON API Node has been enhanced to support on-premise system integrations, along with current integration schematics. 

The C2E Bridge options would be similar to the other JSON API constructs, like Parameters, Headers as well as authentication and error schematics.

You can now invoke a service on the C2E bridge and relay the relevant information to complete the integration. The C2E Bridge module would also have capabilities for application status as well as log-monitoring.

Engati’s C2E Bridge in action 


DP World

DP World is an Emirati multinational logistics company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It specializes in cargo logistics, port terminal operations, maritime services, free trade zones, and tailoring innovative solutions for supply chain management. Their aim to build a bright future for global trade and to keep smart trade moving. 

At the top of their priority list is operational excellence with a customer-centric approach. They invest in new technologies and disruptive innovation to lead the future in world trade. They believe strongly in protecting the environment and their customers and do so by practicing stringent safety standards and engaging responsibly with all stakeholders, and they’re able to achieve this with the C2E Bridge. 

The C2E bridge is used to make calls to DP World’s internal system to track the location and status of shipments. 

All of the data coming from the internal system’s databases are protected behind a firewall. Through Engati C2E Bridge, truck operators and agents can ping the chatbot for the latest updates of the shipment, along with expected waiting times. 


Ananda livemore

Ananda livemore is a 4G+ data operator with international service standards, a state-of-the-art network. It’s owned and operated by Amara Communications, a leading telecommunications service provider in Myanmar. Through the delivery of high-speed, reliable broadband solutions, ananda aims to provide a truly liberating digital experience to enterprise customers and consumers. 

Their mission is to explore how digital solutions can enhance and inspire real-life experiences to bring infinite possibilities, to deliver a superior customer experience, while focusing on transparency and openness. 

During the pandemic, ananda saw a surge in data and self-service as customers began working from home. They had to come up with a solution that could handle an abundance of customer queries, ranging from straightforward to complex. However, their current system had regulations that most chatbot companies were unable to comply with. 

So, how could ananda continue to provide superior service from home, while ensuring that they meet the requirements of their current systems? 

They integrated the C2E bridge with their Facebook Messenger chatbot. Their chatbot allows them to improve their customer experience by providing easy access to information. Instead of customers going through the usual route of calls, and long wait times, Messenger bots answered customer queries immediately and routed the customers to the appropriate agents. 

The C2E Bridge enabled 24/7 connectivity which led to a reduction in average resolution time. 

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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