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You can't run an educational institution without technology

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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You can't run an educational institution without technology

From what I remember back when I was in school, we spent hours inside a box-shaped classroom in front of a 2-dimensional blackboard. An equally bored teacher coexisting to babysit us with whatever knowledge he or she possessed. Of course, we have memories with some life inspiring mentors, seniors, classmates, friends, classroom fights and events, but what’s next?

This was what happened with the millennial generation but this possibly can’t be the reason why children today are sent to school. They have entered the world at the time of IoT, we can’t expect them to copy statements from a blackboard or go home and complete their homework manually before they go to play. They’ll literally ‘ROFL’ before you get a chance to say, “But that’s what we did as kids!” Is this everything there is to be offered by our education system?

Education is more about discovery than learning, don’t you think? It always has been that way, it’s just that we were forced to comply with the existing education system and norms. However, that’s not how the kids today should interact with education because if you ask them to, they simply won’t listen.

Chatbots for Education and Learning
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Education technology speeding up the admission process

It’s a no brainer that we prefer texting over calling. It’s the very reason why WhatsApp could disrupt the SMS service and become a messaging behemoth. Moreover, we should thank technology for taking a crack at understanding human psychology. This is because there are times when we want to communicate but can’t. The reasons being-

  1. Emotional instability
  2. Lack of human support
  3. Extensive waiting time
  4. Network issues
  5. Person in charge too rude

Well, with technology none of this is ever a problem. If a parent wants to enrol their child to your institution or a student wants to apply in your college, give them the technological support of faster services with chatbots.

They can quickly fill out the form, review eligibility criteria and get done with the initial process without having to wait in long queues.

Give informational support anytime, anywhere

Why do you need a support team when you can deploy an automated education chatbot that provides 24X7 support? The education bot will cover all the details about the-

  • Admission process
  • Courses
  • Start and end date to apply
  • Campus life
  • Rules & regulations

In fact, the younger generations are typically among the first to embrace new tech, that too with enthusiasm. Recent trends are showing a massive shift from apps and websites to general messaging platforms and social media.

Your institution can deploy an education chatbot to all channels where anyone can access information with a single click. The ai bots can be where the students already are- eliminating the need for multiple email accounts or online portals. Students can simply send a message to the bot on their preferred platform - Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or others—and get a suitable response within seconds.

Review applications & reach students in no time

Giving feedback on individual applications or written essays is an enormously cumbersome task. The staff definitely struggle with it big time because, often, they receive over 1,000 student applications for one single class. Sharing individual feedback is not realistically possible.

Of course, the chatbot technology can't screen each and every skill of the student but the least it can do is reduce the burden for the staff. It will manage the initial screening and make more time for the staff to meet the deserving candidates only.

Moreover, the very purpose of education is to make things easy and not complicate them for anybody.

Data collection and API support

Technology and artificial intelligence have been able to foster a deep penetration into our lives and it will only go deeper in the future. There is no escape, mostly because we don’t want one. We have become too comfortable with and used to automation and on-call services.

Through chatbot technology it is easier to collect student information and use it as and when required. You don’t have to summon the student every time you want to ask them about their parents, or some other personal information. It will all be there in the system.

Here are a few scenarios in which a chatbot can help:

  • Where’s the library?
  • Where do I go to get a good cup of coffee?
  • When are the final results out?
  • I guess I’m not feeling well emotionally.
  • I think my professor doesn’t like me, what do I do?
  • Some students are troubling me big time in class. I need urgent help!

The student won’t be shy while talking to the chatbot. They know that the chatbot wouldn’t judge them. Much rather the chatbot in the education sector would empathise and try to help the student as much as possible.

Student-centred regular feedback session

There are times when teachers or mentors cannot find enough time to give individual attention to each student. Further, it is not always possible to keep a track of everything that every student does. Other times, personal bias affects the thought process of the faculty. As a result, what happens?

  • The teacher can be too lenient because of which the student might not be able to grow as a person.
  • Or, the teacher can be too strict without any reason that might hamper the student’s self-confidence and lower their morale.

So, why not leave the job to the chatbot? It’s a machine, it doesn’t have feelings and will remember and keep a track of the student history. The feedback will be regular, on-time and free from any sort of bias.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing has enabled machines to understand context, intentions, entities, sentiments and analyse whatnot. However, will any of it affect its algorithm to make it biased? Never happening.

Chatbots In Education
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Active learning & conversational course assessments

Students today don’t want to wait for days or months to find out examination results. It is really unnecessary to keep them waiting to give feedback about a project they worked on. By the time they receive suggestions for improvements they probably wouldn’t even remember what they worked on. That’s because there are countless projects to work on and not enough time to invest.

Therefore, on-call or what we say ‘active learning’ must become an integral part of student education. Course assessments must be conversational and friendly so that no student has to fear or worry about the outcome.


In 2016, Bill Gates announced that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will invest more than $240 million dollars in a tech project. It will be about personalizing the institutional learning. As a result, Facebook also followed the Bill Gates example and joined the world-famous Summit Learning project.

All the big players have already taken the initiative to become an active part of the learning journey. Your institution must too! There’s no space or time for delay, foul language, personal insults, or rude behaviour. The student-teacher relationship is pure and growth-driven. Therefore, the journey must begin with learning and the best part is that the journey is never-ending.

See how chatbot automation can make it more beautiful.I’m sure you must be convinced by now but in case you’re not, feel free to visit us at Engati! Read our blog on HR chatbot automation.

Ready to embrace chatbot technology in your institution? Register with Engati today to get started!

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