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4 powerful ways for your business to use a WhatsApp bot

Jeremy DSouza
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4 powerful ways for your business to use a WhatsApp bot

Customer Experience expert, Dan Gingiss, says that you need to engage with your customers on the channels and platforms on which they are active. With 1.5 billion users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is clearly a channel you can’t miss out on. Here’s how you need to leverage it. Hint- Use a bot...a WhatsApp bot.

Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is now the Go-To messaging platform for most people. It’s come to the point where we’re sending 29 million messages every minute. That’s about 65 billion a day.

This means that people are now more comfortable using WhatsApp than any other platform. So, it makes much more sense for them to be able to interact with you over WhatsApp, rather than forcing them to download your app (let’s face it, we don’t have the storage space or the inclination to get another app).

And interacting with them on WhatsApp has another benefit. The engagement rates are through the roof. While you’d struggle to get a 15% open rate on your emails, WhatsApp messages have an engagement rate of around 70%.

WhatsApp does have certain strategic advantages in some countries. In India, for example, WhatsApp boasts a user base that’s 200 million strong. 

Why your business needs a whatsapp chatbot

Great, but what would I use a WhatsApp chatbot for?

Glad you asked! Let’s say you launched a new product or you’re offering a discount..basically, any major announcement. How do you plan on spreading the word to your customers?

Website announcements and social media posts can be effective, but not as much as WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Marketing

According to Harper Reed,

If you get a WhatsApp message, you're probably going to open it.

WhatsApp would send them a notification whenever you broadcast an announcement to them. That’s much more effective than a simple announcement on social media or even your website. It’s stronger at driving action.

And to make it better, you can measure the effectiveness of your WhatsApp messages, with rich analytics, right on the Engati portal.

Customer Support over WhatsApp

Here’s another reason why you need it. When your customers need help, they don’t want to waste time calling someone up or navigating through your website to find a ‘Contact Us’ section. They want to have their issues resolved in the simplest way possible. If they’re on WhatsApp, you need to be there too.

Dan Gingiss on why your business needs a whatsapp chatbot

Driving sales via WhatsApp bots

Simplifying sales processes has always been linked to higher amounts of sales generated.

Your customers want you to make it easier for them to buy your offerings. They want to buy your offerings, you're just making it to hard for them to do it.

And how better to simplify the sales process than to empower your customers to make purchases over WhatsApp?

All you need to do is display your catalog over the bot and integrate your chatbot with Stripe or another payment gateway. Then as soon as they select the product, they'll be taken to the payment page.

Customers are rapidly shifting towards conversational commerce. That leaves you a choice - adopt it now or get left behind.

Order tracking on WhatsApp

As soon as a customer places an order over an e-commerce portal, there's one thought that constantly plagues their mind - "Will it be delivered on time?".

Sure, they could track their orders by visiting your website or downloading your mobile app. But that involves too much effort. Besides, who has space for yet another app on their phones?

They're already using WhatsApp...why don't you just send them shipping updates right there?

It eases their anxiety with minimum effort on their behalf and creates a better experience for them. But that's not all.

The transparency that you provide by doing this will even increase their trust in your business.

So, do I need to build a WhatsApp chatbot?

Even if you think you’re a smaller business and could handle your clients without a chatbot, you do need to realize that customers today, are spoilt. We want what we want when we want it. We don’t wait for anybody. 

So, if you’re unable to interact with customers at odd hours, you could lose out on their business. Besides, your time would be better spent doing something more productive than answering questions mechanically.

With Engati Live Chat, your bot can handle all the routine, monotonous queries and send only the complicated queries to the human agent. Essentially, your employees get to spend their time on more productive tasks that require an advanced, human intellect.

Interesting. How do I build a WhatsApp chatbot?

Well, you’ve got two choices here.

  1. Code it yourself
  2. Use Engati’s no-code platform

Coding it

This involves hours of unnecessary effort. Honestly, you may feel like you’ve achieved something after going down this route, but essentially, all you’ve done is waste your time. You could have your WhatsApp chatbot up, running, and delighting your customers much faster if you chose the smarter solution.

Engati’s no-code platform

It’s the smarter solution. Why painstakingly code a bot, when you could build it visually on the Engati Chatbot Platform? 

To make it better, whatsapp chatbots built on Engati can be multilingual. So, you can engage with all your customers in their very own language. Only about 25% of the world’s internet users speak English, so if your chatbot is restricted to English, you’re missing out on a large audience. Hence deploy a multilingual chatbot.

It’s always great to add a human touch to your whatsapp chatbot. But, most people don’t do this right. To spare your users the frustration of repeating everything they said to the bot while chatting to the live agent, Engati provides the agent with the user’s entire conversational history. We’re all about making life easier; for you and your users.

Making it even better

Engati even helps you build your WhatsApp chatbot at an unbelievable price! We're providing amazing capabilities, detailed analytics, and smooth customer experiences at the lowest price.

100k messages, only for $600. That's 0.6 cents a message. So, what are you waiting for? Start delighting your customers with a WhatsApp chatbot now.

Reach your customers on a platform they love and take your business to the next level, with the help of your very own WhatsApp bot.

If you register with us right now, you can get started with Engati’s customer engagement platform with unlimited live chat agents, free for 30 days! Click the get started button now!

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