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How to Add Live Chat to Your Website in Just 7 Minutes

Aishwarya Sankhé
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How to Add Live Chat to Your Website in Just 7 Minutes

We know what you’re thinking- “Adding such a powerful tool, like Engati Live Chat, to our website must be a challenge. It’ll take so much time to accomplish.”  

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Actually, adding Live Chat to your website is extremely simple and takes only 7 minutes.  

Ready to learn how? Let’s get started

Adding Live Chat to your website in just 7 minutes

1. Get an account with Engati

Once you’ve signed up with Engati, you’ll be prompted to the main menu. Next to “bots”, click “Live Chat” to set up your new product.

2. Set up your product

You'll be directed to a menu where you can fill in details like:

  • The name of your product
  • Your product logo
  • The URL for your product website
  • A short bio describing your product

The bolded items on the list are mandatory fields. After filling this in, scroll down to the general settings menu.  

Setting product details

3. Adjust your general settings

Here, you can set up your primary language and time zone. The primary language is the default language for every conversation, so if you have a customer base that primarily resides in the Middle East, you might want to consider adjusting the time zone to that region, and setting your language to Arabic. Engati offers RTL support to make communication with your Arabic customers as seamless as possible.

You can also set up responses for when all of your agents are busy, when the conversation gets transferred to another agent, and the message for when the conversation is over.

And finally, you can set up the maximum wait time, and whether or not you want to receive feedback after a query gets resolved.  

These details can be edited in the future in the Configure menu.

general product set up- Engati

4. Time for a make-over - Adjusting your channel settings

After confirming these settings, you’ll be prompted to the channel setup menu. Here’s where the real fun begins. Here’s where you can configure the look of the Live Chat window. Add colours, fonts, and icons to align your Live Chat window with your brand’s aesthetic.  

In addition, you can also configure the channels of deployment. There over 10 channels to choose from including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, and more.

5. Set up your team

Now, you can add your team members and assign channels and categories to them. You can assign different agents to different groups, set up work timings, and SLAs.  

Once you’ve added these settings, review all of your details and your setup is complete. You’re now ready to start using Live Chat.  

What’s next?

Watch this video for a comprehensive walk through of Engati Live Chat.  

And be sure to register with Engati to reap all of the benefits of Live Chat.

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