Shared WhatsApp Team Inbox

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Shared WhatsApp Team Inbox

What is Shared WhatsApp Inbox?

A shared inbox on WhatsApp is a shared team inbox that allows your entire sales or communication team to respond to customers or other users from a single interface. Simply put, it allows the entire team to send, receive, and track messages from a single location, making customer support management easier and more efficient.

A shared inbox also allows a business owner or team manager to keep track of all the conversations and prospective customers who have expressed interest in the company's products or services.

As your business grows, you start to get more traffic and customer queries on different platforms. WhatsApp, being the most accessible platform, receives a great number of customer queries compared to other platforms. And it becomes hectic to keep an eye on every incoming customer and attend to them on time.  

As a result, conversations can be tagged, prioritized, and assigned to different agent seats. Whether you receive 50 or tens of thousands of messages per day, they are all handled efficiently.

Through Shared WhatsApp Team Inbox, businesses can interact and engage with customers and solve their queries in real-time, which enhances the customer experience and increases customer retention. 

When do you need to add a WhatsApp Team Inbox?

Adding a new tool to your business always comes at a cost and you need to be certain about the need to add the extra element to the toolkit. Talking to the WhatsApp team inbox, you need to ask yourself, whether you need that service or if you and your team can handle customer queries without this tool too. 

For example, if your business only gets around 15-20 queries on a daily basis and not crashing the roof in the legit sense, you should not opt-in for this service. But, if you are already overwhelmed with the number of requests and maybe even have a team member or two who are helping you out, you should consider adding this to your company toolkit. If you already have a load of social media engagements and you've been answering messages and mentions all alone, you must add a WhatsApp Team Inbox for better customer support. 

How does a shared WhatsApp inbox work?

The WhatsApp Business API is used to create a shared inbox. You'll need a WhatsApp Business API number to get started. An API provider such as 360 Dialog can provide you with one. The shared WhatsApp inbox becomes your customer communication interface. As a Business API user, you're no longer limited to WhatsApp's default features and limitations!

The shared WhatsApp inbox can be accessed by multiple team members where they can converse with customers and solve customer queries using the same platform. If your business has a team of customer service representatives, a shared WhatsApp inbox can help you sort and allocate customers to each representative. It becomes an open platform where everyone with the platform access can manage, respond to or attend to customers in real-time. 

What are the benefits of using a shared team inbox?

1. Effective query resolution

Allows your multi-agent team to access the inbox from a variety of devices and answer consumer questions quickly and efficiently.

2. Improves team performance

Tasks and chats are distributed evenly among team members, preventing any one person from becoming overwhelmed by the volume of messages received. Each agent can concentrate on resolving customer issues more quickly, resulting in improved team performance.

3. Automation

A team inbox has plenty of space for chat automation. You can set greetings messages, instant replies, and other automated messages in WhatsApp's shared inbox. When your business is closed, you can also send automated 'away' messages to users.

4. Reduce response time

Today's customers expect quick solutions to their problems. With a shared team inbox, you can respond to customers quickly and efficiently, cutting down on response time. Your agents can close old chats and move on to newer ones once each issue has been resolved.

5. Organizes chats

Customer conversations can be sorted from newest to oldest, making it easier to identify which ones need to be addressed first.

6. Customer experience

The WhatsApp shared inbox allows your entire sales, support, and marketing team to see and respond to messages. Their experience is enhanced by prompt responses and precise information and support.

Why you should use Omnichannel One View Inbox for your business?

Businesses often struggle with timely interactions and engagement with customers. And it becomes hard if you have hundreds of interactions to acknowledge and respond to on a daily basis. Digital platforms have made omnichannel communication easier, where customers can reach out to you on any platform where your brand is present. They can ask you a question on Instagram, inquire about the pricing on Messenger, and finally place an order on WhatsApp chat. It's essential that you capture the customer journey while you interact with and respond to them on different social media channels. Another important element here is to keep the context of the conversation and recognize those customers who have interacted with the brand on multiple platforms. Automation or AI-enabled platforms provide you with a solution where you can tackle all the problems and increase conversations, conversions, and customer retention. 

Engati One View Inbox not only allows you to enjoy the benefits of Shared WhatsApp Team Inbox, but integrates other social media interactions in the same Inbox Window. A unique identifier is assigned to each user who interacts with web/mobile chat. Messages with the same identifier are assumed to be from the user and will appear in recent conversations. The phone number would be the unique identifier in the case of Telegram or WhatsApp. For Facebook, messages will be stitched together based on the FB identifier. Engati One View Inbox helps you keep track of all the conversations across the assigned platforms, so that your team can sort, prioritize and respond to all the messages/queries received.

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