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Video calling and more come to Engati Live Chat

Engati Team
Sep 14
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Video calling and more with Engati

What if you could take your chat support and make it even more human? What could you do to increase the trust your customers have in you and make it more effective? Is there a way you could learn more about your customers and how they feel about your offerings during your chat interactions with them?

These were questions that we sought to answer while enhancing Engati Live Chat. And the solution seemed quite clear to us - video calling.

Live chat with video calling

People naturally trust you more if they can see your face… and we aren’t just talking about your profile picture. But there’s more to it; experts have said that around 93% of all communication tends to come from non-verbal cues. Video calls would enable your live chat agents to go beyond the normal support interactions and pick up on these cues, helping you understand what your customers really want to say to you.

But we wanted to make video calling seamless for your agents and your customers. After all, who wants to start chatting and then have to shift to Meets or Zoom to continue the conversation?

Hopping across platforms just seems like too much effort for the average customer. You need to make it as easy as possible for them to interact with you. That’s why we added a video calling functionality directly within Engati’s live chat portal.

All your agents need to do is access your OneView inbox, open a customer conversation, and VOILA… they’ll see an option to initiate a video call.

video calling

Once they’re in, your agents will even have an option to invite other agents to the call. We’ve even made providing and receiving support more convenient for your agents and customers by enabling them to share their screens.

Share screens and record video calls on live chat
Share screens and record video calls

You can even record these video conversations with your customers and use them for training and quality control.

Now, we did promise you more in the title. So, this is us delivering on that promise. 

We’ve made some more advancements to our live chat solution. Are you ready for them?

Let’s go!


Your customers deserve a truly omnichannel experience, and that’s what we’re committed to helping you deliver. 

Your support team doesn’t need to hop between your email and chat inboxes to keep up with your customers’ queries and handle the issues they face. Now they can find all those email conversations and reply to them directly from your OneView inbox on Engati. All their conversations are stitched together, and your agents get to engage your customers over email and other channels, tracking all communications in a single place.

Reply to customer emails from the Engati OneView inbox
Reply to customer emails from the Engati OneView inbox

Want to speed things up further? We’ve even enabled canned response templates that your agents can tweak to give your customers a personalized experience in the least amount of time possible.

Email canned responses and templates
Canned responses (templates) for customer emails

Customer notifications

Imagine this: your customer faces a somewhat complex issue that your agent needs to take a few minutes to resolve. After finding a solution, your agent sends your customer a message, but the customer has shifted to another browser tab, and doesn’t know that your agent sent them a message.

As far as they are concerned, it just seems to be taking more time than it should, and they’re starting to get annoyed. When they finally reopen that tab, they see the message, but they already had negative emotions building up in them.

We’ve made a couple of updates to Engati Live Chat to help you avoid landing in that situation. 

Your customers will receive an audio notification when they receive the first message from your agents. And to keep them posted about future messages (without annoying them with multiple audio notifications in quick succession), they’ll even get update notifications in the browser tab that show them the number of new messages received from your agents.

Message update notifications on browser tabs
Your customers receive message update notifications on browser tabs

Event log history

Want transparency on how when your agents joined a conversation and which agents were active on that live chat conversation?

You can now access the Event Log History, either from an individual conversation or by navigating to the Users section on the Engati Portal.

Access Event Log History in live chat
Access Event Log History

Day-wise work-hour scheduling

Especially with the hybrid work model, your agents’ working hours might vary depending on the day of the week. While earlier you could only set work hours that would apply to the entire week, we’ve now made it possible for you to set different working hours for your agents for different days, giving you more flexibility and allowing you to thrive in the new work model.

work hours live chat

Want to create a powerful omnichannel engagement strategy and step up your customer experience? Try Engati’s powerful live chat and chatbot solution today (no credit card needed).

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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