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Canned Responses

1. What are canned responses?

Immediate and fast responses to frequently asked questions are known as Canned responses. Canned Responses save time and can be used wherever necessary in your customer experience software.

For example, if you are a live agent, you will get a lot of questions on a day-to-day basis. By having the Canned Responses ability enabled in your customer experience software you can manage up to 5 conversations simultaneously.

This is possible since a large number of these queries are FAQ’s that do not require a heavy amount of customization. All you have to do is keep sending canned responses to your customers with minor tweaks based on the context of the conversation. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved since customers get their queries answered quickly and live agents can focus their time and energy on solving complex queries.  


2. What do canned responses mean?

A response that is frequently used in a message-based scenario/environment in a predefined way is known as a canned response.

3. What is a canned comment?

A canned comment or response is a predefined answer to frequently asked common questions. It gives the live agents the ability to answer FAQ’s immediately instead of having to type them repeatedly or copy-pasting them from another source. The live agent has the option to insert a canned comment from a drop-down menu enabled in the customer experience software.


4. What are canned messages in social media?

A Canned message is a predefined message or template that is shared via email, social media channels, or website chat windows. It is shared by customer service live agents to their customers.

5. What are some canned response examples for chats and emails?

Below are a few popular canned responses you can incorporate into your customer experience software.

Canned responses for chat:

1. We are fixing the issue right now.

2. The issue is fixed.

3. The feature is available.

4. Unfortunately, the feature you are enquiring about is not available at the moment.

5. We received your query while we were not online.

6. You may have mistaken us for another company.

7. Services offered by us are much better than our competitor's.

8. We are not offering discounts at the moment.

9. You will receive your full refund in _ working days.

10. We are currently experiencing some technical issues, we hope to get back to you shortly.

11. How do you like the service provided by us?

12. Can we help you with anything else?


Canned responses for email:

There are a few instances where only a designated canned email response will work. They are listed as follows:

1. Sorry we seem to have missed your chat.

2. The feature you have been inquiring about is here.

3. We would like to notify you that the issue has been fixed.

4. We would like to notify you that you left us a message a while ago.

6. How do you respond to customers?

Ensure your live agent and chatbot conversational design have the following attributes incorporated into them -

1. Be honest.

2. Be grateful for their effort.

3. Try to not sound scripted.

4. Only make commitments you can honour.

5. Show a sense of understanding.

6. Find the real need of your client.

7. Offer workaround for your clients.

8. Give an honest explanation to your client.

7. How do you reply to suggestions?

Ensure your live agent and chatbot conversational design have the following attributes incorporated into them -  

1. Ask your user for an image.

2. Say thank you.

3. Ask for an example to get a better understanding.

4. Ask the author to share their idea with their network.

5. Provide an explanation to your clients.

6. Use emojis to keep it casual.

7. Ask the idea author to weigh in on similar ideas.

8. How do you respond to a customer requesting a refund?

  1. Handle the issue quickly.
  1. Investigate the facts provided to you thoroughly.
  1. Explain your refund policy.
  1. Look for a no-refund option if possible.
  1. Try to provide a reasonable solution.
  1. Follow up with your decision.
  1. Always ask for feedback.
  1. Ensure your refund policy is reviewed.


9. How do you handle angry customers?

Train your live agent to handle tough customers with the characteristics mentioned below -

  1. Maintain your calm.
  1. Be a good listener.
  1. Thank them for getting the problem to your attention.
  1. Explain the steps you will take to solve the query.
  1. Set a time and follow-up, if required.
  1. Show sincerity.
  1. Highlight the priority of the case.

10. How does one handle difficult customers?

Tips to be a successful live agent in order to improve customer experience -  

  1. Be a good listener.
  1. Build a rapport with your client by empathizing with them.
  1. Be soft-spoken.
  1. Understand when you are supposed to speak.
  1. Always be calm.
  1. Do not get offended at a personal level for a business-related issue.
  1. Try to understand that you are having an interaction with an individual.

11. How to create Canned Responses for Gmail

Gmail has a canned response feature that gives users the ability to create multiple email templates in their inbox without having the need to keep on pasting the same email response.

12. How to create effective canned responses?

  1. Use a set of canned responses to reply to customer FAQ.
  1. Try to automate your conversations with canned responses.
  1. Customize your canned responses based on your conversation with the client.
  1. Do not use bland robotic language in your messages.
  1. Try to use longer canned responses wherever it is possible and relevant to your answer.
  1. Use a canned response to save time and increase efficiency.
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