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Chat-Only Agent


A customer service agent who works on a chat platform is called a chat-only agent. The agent's responsibility is customer support within the support software. However, such an agent doesn't have full authority. You can configure his responsibilities within the automation software.

What permissions does a chat-only agent have?

When compared to a traditional agent, a chat-only agent has limited functionalities due to the nature of the service. This kind of agent cannot edit tickets. There's also no access to any reports. His powers include viewing tickets and their redemption.


How to make online chat-only agents more effective?

Provide customers with a transcript

It is a good practice to offer your customers a copy of their transcript at the end of the conversation for record-keeping if they want it.

Use canned messages

Create a group of professionally designed pre-canned messages and train your chat agents on ways to use them. 

Use targeted proactive chat

Identify a list of target pages where you wish to extend the conversion rate, and program them to automatically raise the chat offer after a period of 30 – 60 seconds.

Use a pre-chat survey

Design a pre-chat survey form that enables customers to line the direction of the conversation. Ask only a few questions that will help your agents to get a basic idea of your customers. This helps in providing a fast and courteous answer.

Promote cross-department cooperation

Put your chat agents through identical preliminary training programs taking assistance from salespeople.

Use a typing indicator

Ensure that your chat software is set up in such a way that your agents can see a customer’s words as they type, and issue an alert when the customer has hit the “send” button.

Use chat transfer

Queries during chat sessions should be transferred if required, in order to solve them at a faster rate. Your agents should be trained in identifying the moment that a call needs to be transferred. Also, each agent must have an inventory of the name of other agents and knowledge on their levels of experience.


Accept chat requests automatically

Initiate an automatic response to any or all incoming customer chat sessions. Use pre-canned messages to welcome the customer and let him know that action is going to be taken immediately.

Check chat history for returning visitors

Chat history should be provided to all chat agents in the form of transcripts for customer queries that are incoming.

Add a chat button to email

Having a Chat option CTA (Call to action) in your email campaigns is a good way to improve customer service. Also, ensure that they coordinate with the chat agents whenever they include a conversation button on an email so the agents are prepared to deal with any questions or concerns raised within the email.

Integrate live chat along with your CRM tool

Train your live chat agents on your CRM platform and supply them with limited accounts so that they can view and update individual records when the need arises.

How to Improve Online Sales with chat-only agents?

Provide agents with visitor behavior analysis

Ensure visitor history is available to your chat agents before answering a conversation request.


Upsell and cross-sell

Provide basic sales training for your chat agents so that they can identify and touch upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Strategically place live chat buttons

Make arrangements along with your website designer to provide the live chat button in a very strategically located spot on each page of your website.


How to improve your chat-only Support Team?

Offer a post-chat survey

Offering a post-chat survey will help you understand what steps need to be taken in order to improve the performance of your chat-only customer service agents. Try to keep it short by asking only 4-5 important questions. Always ensure that the last question is an open-ended text message that gives your customers the option to express their unique problems.


Use chat agent performance reports

Track a collection of KPIs and associate them with each chat agent. Analyze the results periodically to locate trends which will have to be addressed.

A Collection of chat transcripts is a good way to increase FAQs

In order to improve your knowledge base, you should have a chat gateway set up and your chat-only agents should be trained so that it can be used frequently. Support calls that resolve an issue should be documented within the database, together with a decent set of keywords that may help locate an identical problem in the future.


We can improve the team by motivating and training them on a regular basis for live chat agent services. They're going to lose motivation quickly if they feel like they're overwhelmed and don’t understand what's required of them. Contrarily, chat agents that completely understand the work will find this career exciting and rewarding.

Provide online support 24×7

Analyze your customer base to determine whether or not it is smart to keep your chat line open 24×7. If so, consider retaining personnel around the globe. If not, make sure to post your chat hours directly on the chat button.

How to improve Customer Experience with chat-only agents?

Be helpful

Ensure that your chat agents understand the escalation process so that all questions and concerns may be answered within the continuing chat session. If an issue or concern can not be answered, the chat agent should write up a helpdesk ticket and flag it as urgent. (The situation is urgent because a possible sale is pending!)

Be present

Use canned messages whenever possible, so that the chat agent can more efficiently handle each customer.

Be thankful

Work gratitude into every canned message your chat agents send to your customers. Ensure your agents express gratitude in every exchange. They don’t need to spam the customers with 1,000,000 “Thank you” messages, but sometimes just a straightforward “Thanks” can really go a long way.

Be engaging

It may seem old-fashioned, but ask your chat agents to read the book, the way to Win Friends and Influence People by Carnegie. The book is old, but the recommendation is simply as relevant as ever. It'll help train your agents in the gentle art of engaging with customers, leaving them with a real sense of loyalty toward your company.

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