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Chatbots bringing personalised innovation to healthcare

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Chatbots bringing personalised innovation to healthcare


Chatbots are gaining fast traction in healthcare for their efficient and cost-effective disposition. Healthcare providers are able to reach out to a much larger patient-base. Patients, on the other hand, are better able to connect with healthcare providers through their smartphones and computers. Moreover, access to healthcare is becoming more and more copious as well as personalised. And why not? Patients are mostly anxious or despondent. More than medicines or surgeries they need assurance that they are trusting the right healthcare institution. As a result, medical chatbots are becoming increasingly popular to attract, engage and manage patients and bring an organised structure to the patient-journey.

Benefits of a healthcare chatbot

Automated appointment scheduling

Research shows that patients spend nearly ½ an hour trying to find the right healthcare service nearby. On top of that, nurses spend another 24 hours to connect these patients with the right doctor. Investing time on looking for the right service is not quite an issue, however, what if there’s an emergency and the patient is looking for urgent help?

Thanks to technology, patients can now schedule online appointments and book a slot that is most convenient for them. Chatbots, therefore, facilitate a conversational pathway. It is easier for patients to find the right healthcare service and healthcare providers are able to connect patients with suitable doctors much faster.

Rescheduling and follow-ups

At times due to unforeseen reasons patients aren’t able to meet their scheduled appointment and as a result, have to reschedule. When they have access to a healthcare chatbot, they’d be able to review other free slots that are available and inform the healthcare service about the same due in advance.

On the other hand in case the doctor is unavailable or has to attend to another urgent case, patients would know about it beforehand. This saves travel time, in case the patient is travelling from far.

Moreover, a healthcare chatbot will automatically notify patients whenever there is a follow-up appointment with the doctor, who can confirm online if he/she will be available for the same. As mentioned earlier as well, chatbots will create a convenient pathway for both doctors and patients to connect and discuss important healthcare details.

Check for symptoms

In case of an emergency, it’s important that a patient is directly brought to the hospital. However, if the situation isn’t as extreme then it might consume too much time if the patient travels all the way to the hospital or clinic. This is where chatbots come in the picture and save valuable time.

Patients can easily check for symptoms on a healthcare chatbot and measure the severity of the situation. Further, the chatbot will remember individual patient details. So, they don’t have to enter the same information every time they want to get an update. Moreover, if the chatbot knows the details of the duration of medication then it can share push notifications.

Coverage and claims

Whether patients want to check their existing coverage, file for claims or track the status of a claim, Health bot will provide them with an easy gateway to find relevant information. Similarly, doctors will have easy access to patient information as well as queries. So, it is convenient for them to pre-authorise billing payments and other requests coming from patients or healthcare authorities.

Conversational AI technology is the way to go and healthcare chatbots will only make coverage and claims management more efficient.


Medical Chatbots engage with patients better than any human ever can. It’s not like humans aren’t meant to engage other humans. But why should they when they’re meant to execute tasks that are more productive and thought-provoking? Chatbots are smart, intelligent, conversational, and are even becoming empathetic towards users. They can easily replace human labor with automation. Therefore, more and more healthcare sectors are trusting chatbot technology to create more personalised patient-journey and that’s exactly what Engati is helping healthcare industries with.

For more on healthcare chatbots and automation technology, check out Engati!

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