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22 Best AI memes for 2022 (AI memes created by humans)

Jeremy DSouza
Nov 2
4-5 mins

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Best AI Memes

Need a quick laugh in the middle of a grueling workday? Heres a list of the funniest AI memes from around the internet (along with memes about ML and deep learning).

The 22 funniest AI memes in 2022



Simpsons Willy Meme
Damn Bayesians enemies of everyone (Source: Matthew McAteer)


One course is all you need

Thanos knowledge meme machine learning
All you need is Andrew Ng (Source: Eric Jang)


Loophole to AI

Reaching artificial intelligence meme Dilbert Comics
Easier to match human intelligence if the human isnt intellient (Source: Dilbert by Scott Adams)


You get to be an ML engineer, you get to be an ML engineer, everybody gets to be an ML engineer

Spider-Man William Dafoe something of a scientist myself meme
Willem Daengineer (Source: Nybles)


Statistics with added sparkles

Family Guy you guys always act like you're better than me meme
Gotta class things up, you know (Source: Analytics Vidhya)


A very random forest indeed

AI random forest Tweet meme
Pine? Oak? Maple? All of them. (Source: Michael Hoffman on Twitter)


What just happened here?

Machine learning what the hell is this meme
That's all it really is (Source: Nybles)


Deep Learning for the win

Deep learning meme Invincible Omniman fraction of our power
Pfft同easants (Source: Reddit)


A new test for AI

Dilbert Turing Test meme comic
PHB Test > Turing Test (Source: Dilbert by Scott Adams)


Did not see that one coming

Scooby Doo Fred unmasking meme Machine learning


God save Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng Spider-Man hero meme
The hero we needed


Stage fright

Captain America hammer meme machine learning model
Nope, cant do it anymore. Im out. (Source: DeepLearning.AI on Twitter)



Narcos waiting meme convolutional network training
Will check back on it in a year (Source: Machine Learning Techub)


That was easy

Machine learning robot apocalypse meme
Terminator got it all wrong (Source: Pinterest)


Its all the same thing

Confuse machine learning dog and chocolate chip muffin
Pup? Muffin? Pupfin? (Source: reddit)


Thats one way to perform deep learning

Deep learning in pool meme
Thats deep (Source: Nybles)


Strength in numbers

Apes together strong Planet of the Apes meme
Very strong (Source: Eric Jang)


What do oil companies and data scientists have in common?

Predator handshake data scientist meme
Pipelines, gotta love them (Source: Reddit)


Its all about efficiency

The Office few word do trick meme Natural Language Generation model
Makes sense (Source: DeepLearning.AI on Twitter)


Why are you learning?

Machine learning machine should learn meme
Precisely (Source: Meme Creator)


Creating AI

creating AI meme
Seems intelligent (Source:


Captcha for bots?

Captcha robot meme
Thought it was a dog (Source:

It's an endless loop...

How neural networks work

Jeremy DSouza

Jeremy is a marketer at Engati with an interest in marketing psychology and consumer neuroscience. Over the last year he has interviewed many of the world's brightest CX, AI, Marketing, and Tech thought leaders for Engati CX.

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