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77+ Marketing memes that sum up every Marketer’s life

Engati Team
Apr 20
2-3 mins

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Marketing memes

Memes don’t need an intro. Memes are the intro!

Let’s start with the 1st one!

The thing that Marketers keep forgetting…

Accidentally jumps through the roof…

You didn’t know this fix?

Admit it… we all have done it… We all have given unwanted suggestions…

We’ll go to hell for that!

The shit we used to write in our exams…

1 person follows and 10 people unfollow… 

You can expect a “YES” anytime soon!

This rare phenomenon occurs every 123 years…

Might as well be dead listening to that!

Maybe that’s why they give like 3496 changes…

RIP my friend!

Please stop… for God’s sake…

When you start using 100% of your brain…

Got no medicine for that…

And that’s how we got the iconic “Lorem Ipsum…”!

How? I mean… how in the world?

Checked 11 pages for the keyword… still the same

One thing to destroy it all…

So are you… did we complain?

No wonder why Gotham needs Batman…

That was expensive… in our opinion.

Can’t even find an answer to that… can you?

Marry him now… 

If you can’t climb up… bring others down…

No one can argue with you… if you have a brain.


Before realization hits us…

I KNOW! They ain’t adhoc at all

Like a million times a day!

Tried doing that 17 times. Imma break my head real bad.

0.1% of people actually read the entire document! That’s shocking as hell

I’m a pro at wasting time now.

We just love playing with fire.

1 month is all it takes… to make somebody understand that that’s not how it works!

Okay guys, I’ve cracked LinkedIn now..

Can’t help it now…

One just has to stuff it everywhere they find a chance!

Can’t call yourself a content writer if you didn’t have the same feeling

Coz I’ll never know the true source of it…

You schedule the posts and then you manually post because the scheduler didn’t work. Repeat.

An algorithm update a day keeps the rankings away…

Every Marketing team at 4pm …

Our Marketing team right now!

Miracle! Miracle!

Aaaahhhhhh… Think Think.

Damn… time to add the no-follow tag!

Isn’t the first version the best? it is always…

A fight we can’t win… ever…

Goes deep… very deep!

And then wants you to try it out right now, in front of them…

And too smart to fool…

PANIC mode ON!

Still manageable for the designer…

My eyes! My eyes! 

SEOs get happy as soon as they get into the top 100…

Well… technically we’re underpaid…


Maybe that’s the only date they want…
Just saying!

That’s broken at 6 other places and takes 4 mins to load on mobile…

Can’t even meet 10% of our expectations.
*Shots fired*

And 7 conversions as well…

Every single time…

In this case - you get banned for 10 years…

On a page that’s not even live…

Works… as long the number keeps moving

Let’s get the facts straight… it takes more than a year!

Unsung heroes of the battle…

What happens on ProductHunt, stays on ProductHunt...

Contributed by Dagobert Renouf

Engati Team

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