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😂 22 best & funniest customer service memes for 2022

Jeremy DSouza
Oct 6
4-5 mins

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customer service memes

2021’s been a weird year for customer service, but at least you’re getting some funny customer service memes to help you get through 2022!

Here's our list of the 22 best customer service memes that you need to see in 2022:

22 funniest customer service memes for 2022

They’ll do anything to get out of a survey 🙄

Draw 25 or take a survey customer experience meme
Just take the survey, please

And the crown goes to….

dumbest man alive bad customer service meme
We have a winner

Don’t you just hate it when they keep you back?

Working in customer service memes - Why you little Simpsons
Couldn't you call half an hour earlier?

The saddest a customer could ever be

Johnny Depp Finding Neverland poor customer service meme
Please answer faster

Preach it, Buzz!

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story everywhere meme customer support
Truer words have never been spoken

Oh evolution, such a lovely thing

Doge evolution meme customer service
We've come a long way

Can anyone say ‘No’ to him?

customer satisfaction memes - Dog customer support
Better rate him as the best boi

Wonder how they’ll do that

Condescending Willy Wonka customer service meme
This should be good

Can’t hustle a hustler

Thor Daenerys smiling manager meme customer service
Who you tryna fool?

Oprah, you’re so generous!

Oprah everybody gets a NPS survey meme
Thanks Oprah, we love you!

Oh, honey, you’ve got to UPGRADE!!!

good customer service memes tired cat meme
Premium plan = Premium service... it's basic math

Are you for real?

Rihanna shocked meme customer service
Maybe the 5th time's the charm

No, asking again will not make it any faster

Anchorman Will Ferrell this just in customer service meme
You're welcome

Aren’t these the worst?

Spongebob ight imma head out meme about customer service
Can't deal with this

Priorities, right?

Squid game corporate allocating budget meme
Hmm, wonder what he'll pick

My hero!

Funny customer memes Triple H Entry WWE
Makes you feel so safe, right?

The struggle is real

Baby Yoda to Old Yoda Star Wars customer service meme
It do be like that

Not toxic at all

I don't want peace, I want problems, always customer service meme
So relatable

I’m sure you have some brilliant ideas 

Chief Wiggum invisible typewriter memes about customers
You sure are a genius

Time has never moved slower

Narcos customer service hold time meme
Of course, I have nothing else to do

The highlight of your day, right?

Kermit sipping iced tea meme chatbot customer service
Don't make Kermit angry

Don't you wish you could say this?

working in customer service memes
Valid argument, right?

7 bonus customer service memes from around the internet

Oh no, Donnie

Rude customer service meme
We know the feeling, Donald (Source: someecards)



funny customer experince meme child
Suddenly became faster than The Flash (Source: imgflip)

The pain is real

Long customer service call meme
LET. ME. EAT. MY. LUNCH. (Source: FoodTruck Empire)


That name don’t sound right

Customer service dog meme
If you’re Joy, why’re you bringing me pain? (Source: Bored Panda)

Gotta hide your true self

customer service hidden face meme
Dr. Jekyll, Mr Hyde? (Source: ScreenRant)

What you want to say vs what you say

Customer service filter meme
The filter is very important

It’s rainin’ complaints

customer service tickets meme
Make. It. Stop. (Source: The Funny Beaver)

Hope you enjoyed these hilarious customer experience meme and are refreshed and ready to amaze your customers with A-Grade customer service.

Jeremy DSouza

Jeremy is a marketer at Engati with an interest in marketing psychology and consumer neuroscience. Over the last year he has interviewed many of the world's brightest CX, AI, Marketing, and Tech thought leaders for Engati CX.

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