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How Faith & Patience increased sales by 450,000 with Engati?

Ananya Azad
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November 7, 2023
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Faith and patience

The beauty and cosmetic industry is cutthroat. The industry generates over $100 billion in revenue worldwide. Especially now, with the eCommerce sector booming and businesses shifting to e-stores, the competition has become extraordinary. To keep up with this competition, brands have started to constantly release new products at low prices while going all out on their marketing strategies. So much so that some brands have started to invest more in marketing than in actually maintaining the quality of their products.

In this chaos of online hustle culture, there are still certain brands that stand out from the crowd due to their quality and care. Then the only question that remains is one even more basic than scaling. The problem of engaging customers as they come in order to grow as a business and survive in the online competition space.

Faith and Patience is a new and natural beauty brand with innovative and authentic products that actively pull customers their way. But they realised that just attracting customers wasn't enough to make conversions if they could not engage them as and when they came. They had to find a solution to keep up their sales up to the demand they were receiving.

Here is what Faith & Patience did to help themselves actually make conversions, engage more customers and increase their online sales by 49%.

Faith and Patience: About the Brand

Faith and Patience is India's first-ever camel milk hair care brand. It is an unremarkably innovative, fresh, concentrated, effective and natural beauty brand born out of sheer love and passion for three things - hair, skin and animals.

Here is how this combination played out:

Faith and Patience was founded by Richa Badhalia in 2018. 

After researching and curating cosmetics for her family and friends for years, Richa decided to use her teachings for more. She wanted to sell something more natural and organic and make a difference in the world while doing so. Eventually, she found her reason for passion. Concerned about the killing of camels for meat, she did extensive research on camel conservation projects and finally found her answer. 

Richa launched her and India's very first Camel milk shampoo and conditioner in 2020. 

The two major goals of the company were A) to support the "Camel Conservation Project" run by NGO Camel Charishma and B) to change the beauty game one product at a time.

Over time, the brand was received with love and grew in demand as the number of products increased. 

Before anyone could know it, the brand became very well known all over India, and the increase in demand resulted in the need for upgradation on a larger scale.

The challenge faced

Faith and patience problem

Faith and Patience established their standing and attracted many customers through the sheer durability and authenticity of the brand. Unfortunately, attracting customers wasn't exactly their problem. 

As a matter of fact, the rapidly increasing number of customers became a problem. 

Due to a lack of resources, they simply could not handle so many prospects and customers coming into their website all at once. 

This created chaos, and slowly, because of low interaction, the traffic and activity on their website started decreasing.

A solution was required. One that would help them improve and bring back the number of traffic on their website while aiding them in keeping up engagement, so they could actively boost their conversion rates.

3 things were established:  

  1. This would require them to be available for customers 24/7
  2. They would have to be active on more than just one platform.
  3. They needed something a little more than human-aid to make this happen.

And that is where we come in.

The solution

What is the solution to the problem of scaling and customer engagement? How does one respond to more than thousands of customers in real-time? Is it even possible to interact with so many customers without having to make them wait for hours and days on end?

Well, the answer to everything just asked is yes. And the solution? Conversational AI and Automation.

Sure enough, Faith and Patience also recognised this and soon contacted Engati with their problem. They knew that the only solution to the challenge at hand was to invest in an AI-powered conversational chatbot

With the speed at which they were moving, they could not afford to trust just anybody. In such a case, they had to go for the CODiE Award-winning brand that offered the Best Artificial Intelligence driven technology solutions, and they were right in doing so.

Engati's no-code conversation modeller, drag-and-drop user interface and easy-to-train NLP(natural language programming) based multilingual conversational chatbots were the perfect answer to all of the problems the brand was facing.

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So what did they do?

They decided to divide and conquer on not one but two channels. Faith and Patience purchased and installed a website bot and a WhatsApp chatbot for their business.

Firstly, they very strategically placed the website chatbot on the bottom left corner of the website, under the subtext for rewards.

The website rewards bot collected customers' email ids for sign-ups to help them access and manage their rewards.

How did that work? Simple. 

The bot assigned tasks to customers in exchange for points. Tasks that essentially promoted conversations by rewarding customers with points that could later be converted into actual rewards.  

These tasks included actions like placing an order, dropping a like or share on Facebook or following the brand on Instagram etc. This helped the business increase traffic and keep up with KPIs while actively keeping the website interactive and exciting for the customers.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp chat widget was strategically placed on the bottom-right corner of the website, where it successfully collected opt-ins and transferred customers directly to WhatsApp to smoothen the enquiry and engagement processes.

WhatsApp was their second channel, but their main front for interactive business opportunities. They used the platform to send checkout abandonment notifications and automate discount offer notifications for users who went through the e-store and browsed through the products on WhatsApp. Whereas the WhatsApp chatbot made sure to answer all customer queries and frequently asked questions while recommending the customers' personalised products and engaging them 24/7.


As expected, the automation solutions performed beyond their expectations. 

Here is what happened :-

  1. Faith and Patience reached out to over 100,000 unique customers simply by sending broadcasts about the drop in product prices and new offers. 
  2. Most of the customers who were sent abandoned cart notifications were retained.
  3. 59% of queries were solved alone by the chatbot.
  4. The business agents were more in the loop with customer conversations thanks to the chatbot and omnichannel support.
  5. All of the above resulted in the company hitting 450,000 or 49% of sales growth.

Faith and Patience have been steadily growing as a brand and business ever since, with both their product quality and business presence on a high rise. With Engati’s smart solutions, the brand reached heights it once could not have imagined.

All it took was a little risk, a bit of smarts and a lot of trust. 

Faith and Patience is still an active customer and partner of Engati, and the two brands grow simultaneously together every day.

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Ananya Azad

Ananya is a content writer at Engati with an interest in psychology and literature. Ananya enjoys ghostwriting and brand stories that elevate others in innovative ways.

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