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How UK Government increased user engagement by 43%

Jeremy DSouza
Jul 10
2-3 mins

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Increasing student engagements by 43%

We’re thrilled to announce that The UK Cabinet Office, comprising 23 ministries, government agencies, and public bodies, just signed up with Engati. Their goal? To engage and support citizens in a more effective manner, with the power of conversational intelligence.

They believe that the Engati platform has a lot of functionality and will be rather beneficial in both the short as well as the long run. Currently, they use Engati chatbots to promote public awareness and healthcare support, along with initiatives to promote STEM education. 

The initiative

As the first of these initiatives, UK Cabinet Office decided to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Innovation, Business and Sustainability to launch the ‘Young Scientist Competition’.

young scientist competition
The UK Cabinet Office runs the Young Scientist competition over an Engati chatbot

Entrants to the competition would have to come up with solutions to scientific problems. But, The UK Cabinet Office did not want to just stop there.

They also wanted to find a way to reach underrepresented sections of society.

Here’s where their Engati chatbot comes into the picture.

UK Cabinet building the bot for students

Results achieved by the UK Cabinet bot

They built a bot on the Engati platform and started using it in a campaign to get the word out. They used it to share stories about winners of the previous Young Scientists competition and asked current participants to create social media posts about the projects conducted by the previous winners.

The idea — to use the ‘Just like me’ campaign to show people from these underrepresented groups that they too could participate in the Young Scientists competition and make a difference. They showed them that people just like them have already been a part of the competition and are thriving in STEM.

Over their Engati chatbot, they shared stories about people like Louise, who used recycled materials to solve a water crisis; Jane, who came up with a way to test food safety and get instant results; and Daniel, who created a stove that runs on sustainable biofuels.

They even helped participants create a great post and used carousels to guide them on choosing images that would work well (and explained why those ones would work better). Along with that, their bot even helped participants select hashtags that would work well for them.

Their experience with Engati

The UK Cabinet Office was rather impressed with how intuitive Engati’s platform is and the fact that their team didn’t even need to have anyone with a background in UX in order to build a powerful and effective chatbot and drive a campaign.

In fact, they were so impressed with the platform and the fact that they could deploy their chatbot over multiple chat platforms without needing to build a bot for individual chat channels that they decided to build yet another chatbot on Engati.

Next initiative - fighting COVID-19

Their next chatbot will be deployed on WhatsApp and shall be used to spread awareness about COVID-19 and help citizens.

Our team at Engati has already built a powerful bot for this purpose and multiple organizations are using it. Even the Zambian Ministry of Health uses this COVID-19 awareness chatbot. They have deployed it over their website and on WhatsApp.

Zambian ministry of health uses Engati's chatbot platform.
Zambia's Ministry of Health fights COVID-19 with an Engati chatbot

Governments and other organizations across the world trust Engati  as a powerful way to engage with citizens, customers and other stakeholders. Now it’s your chance.

Engage with your stakeholders with the powerful blend of live chat and conversational automation. Try Engati Live Chat + automation for free, no credit card needed! Sign up here!

Jeremy DSouza

Jeremy is a marketer at Engati with an interest in marketing psychology and consumer neuroscience. Over the last year he has interviewed many of the world's brightest CX, AI, Marketing, and Tech thought leaders for Engati CX.

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