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How Governments across the world are using chatbots

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August 31, 2023
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Goverment chatbot

We’ve seen how Engati engages customers and leads to higher customer satisfaction scores, but what about in the public sector?

Why governments should use Chatbots?

  1. Accessibility - Chatbots can engage with citizens throughout the day at any given point of time. They can enable citizens to connect via multiple devices such as phones, laptops, and desk computers.
  2. Real time updates- Chatbots can keep providing citizens with real time updates about new laws, rules, and regulations 
  3. Problem resolution - Most chatbots can solve citizen’s problems almost instantaneously.
  4. Personnel Shortage - Government bodies work across various dimensions, and the details of each of these services can be way too complex.  Personnel shortage is a very common problem in government bodies. It’s not very feasible to keep government officials busy with the same repetitive problems.

How Engati helps governments around the world?


Remote Engagement Tool

Government offices may or may not be in the same vicinity as all the citizens. It’s very important to make government bodies more accesible to the citizens. Engati acts as a bridge between the organization and its citizens, and allows for seamless, frictionless communications.


Support in over 50+ languages

Everyone wants to feel like they’re being listened to. By providing conversational services in a single language unfortunately alienates a lot of users. With Engati, agencies  have the ability to continue interactions in over 50 languages including, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish, Vietnamese, and more. This makes governments more inclusive and accessible to their citizens


FAQ Tool

Citizens want answers, and they want them immediately. With most agency and government operations primarily operating remotely, communication slowed down significantly. That is, until governments started to implement chatbot solutions. Now, questions get answered within seconds leaving customers at ease, and council members feeling more productive and having the freedom to focus on more complex tasks.

Which government entities use chatbots?

UK Cabinet Office

How the UK Cabinet engages students
How the UK Cabinet engages students

The Cabinet Office, composed of 27 units, is one of the United Kingdom’s departments of  the government. Its primary responsibility is to support the Prime Minister and the Cabinet committees by coordinating the delivery of government objectives.

They were interested in using social media as a way to empower students into pursuing STEM fields. So they ran a campaign with an Engati chatbot. The chatbot was used to engage and facilitate the process of selecting and submitting projects. Instead of students telling their teachers what they were going to do, students communicated directly with the chatbot. The students go to select an avatar, take up a project, write a case study on their selected project, and post it on Twitter with the relevant hashtags. Here's a nice place to find good designs for your case study templates!

With Engati, they saw a 43.5% increase in user engagement, with 77% of students completing their workflow. You can check out the chatbot here.

The UK Cabinet's solution

Lambeth London Borough Council

The Lambeth London Borough Council is one of the 32 Borough Councils in London. It is the local authority for the London Borough of Lambeth, situated in Greater London. They meet regularly at Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton, however this became a challenge due to the COVID situation.

Since regular face-to-face communication wasn’t possible, Engati’s chatbots provided a bridge between the local businesspeople and the council. The chatbot covered topics such as how the virus affects businesses, information about how to set up a new business during these times, and how the council is providing support to keep businesses running. The chatbots were also used by the council to communicate information about financial support, insurance claims, regular updates, and more. 

Here’s a link to their help bot.

Consulate General of Brazil - Miami

The Consulate General of Brazil, located in Miami, is responsible for taking care of all the Brazilian citizens living in the United States of America. There were a lot of incoming questions about VISA applications and renewals, especially during the COVID crisis when travel wasn’t possible. And with the lockdown implemented, the Consulate General was low on staff. 

To provide additional support, The Consulate General enlisted the help of an Engati chatbot. The Consulate chatbot, available in Portuguese and English, allowed for frictionless communication between the Consulate and its citizens, and answered any and all questions regarding VISAs. This not only helped the citizens, but helped Consulate staff as well, allowing them to only handle queries of the utmost importance.  

Interact with their chatbot here.

Jurong-Clementi City Council

How Singapore's Jurong-Clementi City Council supports citizens
How Singapore's Jurong-Clementi City Council supports citizens

From Jurong Spring, all the way south to Clementi, the Jurong-Clementi City Council oversees 83,000+ residential and commercial units from 7 divisions in Singapore. The council aims to create a lively environment for the community, where residents can enjoy the amenities and open spaces while truly feeling at home.

Keeping up with the constant inquiries from residents became an overwhelming task, so the Jurong-Clementi City Council decided to provide an additional channel for inquiries. With Engati, citizens were able to reach out and inquire about the additional facilities in the council. They were also able to inquire about registrations, tax payments, booking of facilities and to receive support from different departments.

Click here to play with their chatbot.

Joelle, Singapore's Jurong-Clementi City Council's solution
Jurong-Clementi City Council's solution

Zambia Revenue Authority

How Zambia Revenue Authority's solution engages website visitors
How Zambia Revenue Authority's solution engages website visitors

Under the Ministry of Finance lies the Zambia Revenue Authority, in charge of tax collection on behalf of the Zambian Government. Due to the heavy amounts of traffic on their website, they decided to use Engati’s chatbots to serve customers in a more effective and efficient manner. They used an NLP FAQ-based chatbot to answer questions immediately, and a customer support chatbot to provide an enriched customer experience. The chatbot answers 81% of inbound queries.

Check it out on this link.

Zambian Ministry of Health

How the Zambian Ministry of Health delivers COVID-related information
How the Zambian Ministry of Health delivers COVID-related information

To provide the most quality healthcare services in a cost-effective manner, the Zambian Ministry of Health turns to Engati. During phase one of COVID-19, there were many incoming queries in regards to the virus, and what measures needed to be taken. There was also a lot of spreading of misinformation, so to combat this, they created a WhatsApp chatbot.

The chatbot replies instantly which is in line with the Zambian Ministry of Health’s objective- which is to ensure equity of access in health service delivery. The bot was available for citizens to use within a week. Additionally, hear from the team directly on what they were able to accomplish with Engati platform.

Their chatbot is available on both WhatsApp and on their website.

Zambian ministry of health uses Engati's chatbot platform.
The Zambian Ministry of Health's COVID-19 solution

Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Qatar

The Ministry of Transport and Communications, also known as MOTC, established a platform called Tasmu Digital Valley. It’s an innovation cluster where different sectors can come together to contribute to the development of the vision of Smart Qatar. It connects entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and more with the common objective of innovating new digital solutions. 

There was a gap in communication due to the overwhelming amount of incoming queries coming from a variety of channels and languages. So, MOTC decided to deploy a multilingual website chatbot with Engati. Now, communication between the MOTC members and customers became more fluid, leading to enhanced customer experience.

Engage with their chatbot here.

Moonee Valley City Council

How Moonee Valley City Council supports citizens
How Moonee Valley City Council supports citizens

In the north-western suburbs, within the metropolitan area of Melbourne lies the Moonee Valley City Council. A lively community, only 13km away from the Melbourne city center with lots of live events and workshops. 

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, most of these events were halted, which led to many questions from confused citizens. There were also lots of queries about the virus, but also about permits, election information, and payments. So to tackle these issues, they deployed a website chatbot with Engati. 

Check out their bot here!

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