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How to scale customer support for your Shopify store with Engati

Faisal Khan
Jun 14
5-7 mins

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How to scale customer support for your Shopify store with Engati

Have you wondered, how Shopify Store owners ensure the level of personal support customers come to expect from brick-and-mortar stores? or how do they persuade customers to purchase some additional products apart from the planned ones? It's easier to communicate and encourage customers in the brick-and-mortar retail store setup. But it's not too hard to do the same for eCommerce stores, only if you use the right strategy and tool to scale customer support for your Shopify store. 

Why is it essential to provide online customer support?

How to scale customer support for your Shopify store with Engati

Many eCommerce businesses are enhancing customer communication by using email, installing online chat software, and engaging on social media and review sites. It's also critical for small businesses that operate entirely online to put a chatbot on their homepage so that customers can easily interact and engage with the bot or a representative to discuss their concerns or questions. And following are the benefits of deploying a chatbot to your Shopify store. 

1. Increase ROI

To measure the success of their marketing campaigns, marketing departments typically focus on the ROI (return on investment). The majority of e-businesses on Shopify are constantly concerned about their percent bounce rates, which refers to how many people visit your site and then leave right away. There are a variety of reasons for this, including not being able to find what they're looking for or finding the site navigation to be too difficult. You can capture this valuable market research data and hopefully save the sale' by providing these visitors with online support such as Live Chat. You can also make changes to your site and your Shopify store to make it more user-friendly by providing these visitors with online support such as Live Chat and e-mail replies.

2. Increase sales

Customers might have questions about particular products or services. Users may prefer to interact with a real person in order to gain a better understanding of your products/services and company. It is ideal to provide a self-support service on your site and Shopify store, such as a 'How To' page; however, users may prefer to interact with an entity to seek clarity of minute stuff. Companies can deploy chatbots on their website which can prompt customers or answer their queries in real-time. These bots can be trained to answer frequently asked questions and can transfer major issues or queries to live agents if needed. They also recommend products, cross-sell and upsell while interacting with customers.

3. Improve customer experience

Interacting with your sales support team if you provide online customer support via live chat or chatbots can encourage customers and help them build trust. A satisfied customer will add you to their favorites list and visit your online portal again and again. Thereby, it is really important to improve customer satisfaction by having customer service representatives available to answer questions. At the same customers love to get heard and give positive feedback that can enhance their experience. So with the help of customer support, you can get into customers' shoes and improve customer experience.  

3 digital approaches to building a successful customer support system for your Shopify store.

A. Live chat

Customers think of live chat first when they need to communicate with Shopify staff because it provides the most immediate, real-time, and personalized conversations. According to Shopify's analysis of Ping's usage, businesses that can respond to a customer's chat in as little as 5 minutes are 69% more likely to secure a sale. Furthermore, just like any traditional in-store service, live chat allows you to naturally and casually build a relationship with your customers.

B. Social media

The fact that social media is public distinguishes it from other types of customer service channels. If you don't handle a single complaint properly on social media, you're sending a message to all of your followers that you have bad customer service. When a problem involves a customer's personal information or is complex and requires longer responses, it's sometimes preferable to move the conversation to a private location.

C. FAQ page

On a FAQs page, unlike other customer service touchpoints, there is no interaction between buyers and you. This is a pre-defined section where you answer your customers' most common questions, concerns, or problems in a public and prominent manner. An FAQs page, when done correctly, can be extremely beneficial to your Shopify store.

What are the benefits of using Engati to scale customer support for your Shopify store?

With Engati chatbots and live support, your Shopify store can provide better, faster, and more personalized customer support. Engati AI-enabled chatbots can understand the intent of the customer and respond to queries in nanoseconds with quick responses. If you're still not convinced that your company is ready for AI chatbots, let me provide some evidence to back up my claim: According to a study, 67% of customers used a chatbot for customer service in the previous year. Chatbots can save up to 30% on customer service costs while also reducing response times. Customer service, according to 95% of consumers, will be a major benefit of chatbots.

1. Fast and real-time service

Customers believe that knowing that businesses value their time is the most important aspect of their online shopping experience, according to 66% of customers. This is one of the reasons why both customers and businesses love live chat. Also, don't confuse how quickly you respond with how much time you need to solve a problem. Complicated issues necessitate more time. The point is that prompt service should be at the top of your priority list. And Engati chatbots can provide your customers with quick replies and solve their queries without them routing through emails or IVRs. 

2. Personalization

Customers want to be treated as people, not machines. Of course, no two people are alike; they come from different backgrounds, have different habits, and have different preferences. You'll be one step closer to winning their hearts if you can go off-script and show them that you care by remembering details about their previous purchases when consulting for the next one, or perhaps giving them their favorite items for their birthday. Engati chatbots can recognize customers and keep the context intact to deliver a personalized experience. 

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3. Omni-channel support

To provide a seamless customer experience, omnichannel customer service integrates various communication channels such as email, social media, website, call support, and so on across multiple devices and touchpoints. While most Shopify businesses can communicate across multiple channels, providing simultaneous support in a single interaction is a difficult task. Customers will be less irritated by repetitive responses and long wait times if you use omnichannel services. 

4. Stay available 24×7

Consumers expect e-Commerce/online retailers to provide customer service 24×7, according to 43% of consumers, while a small percentage expect the same, but for 12×7. Naturally, when customers expect businesses to be available at all times, a faster resolution speed is at the top of their wish list. This is one of the main reasons why chatbots are being used to provide superior customer service 24×7 days a week. Even when the support team is unavailable, the customer support chatbot can access the extensive resources and provide quick responses.

5. Easy scalability

The first thing any customer-centric company can ask for is the ability to scale support. There are times when a sudden increase in traffic is unavoidable, such as during the holiday season or during rush hour. How would you handle a rush like this with the same support infrastructure in place? Adding chatbots to customer service can help you avoid all of these problems while also providing the scalability to handle real-time conversations. Furthermore, chatbots in customer service can assist you in increasing business productivity without incurring additional costs or resources.

6. Minimize customer support costs

Chatbots can help reduce customer support costs without sacrificing service quality. Engati can help your Shopify store save money by reducing costs associated with hiring more support agents, providing support training, and maintaining a robust support infrastructure.

Deploying a customer service chatbot can help you manage multiple conversations at once and handle a higher volume of customer requests while keeping costs low. You can automate your Shopify store with $3 per day. 

7. Collect real-time feedback 

Every business needs feedback because it allows them to determine how satisfied their customers are with their products and services. However, getting customers to fill out feedback forms or answer questionnaires is not always easy for businesses. Such situations can be avoided by using Engati chatbot services, as you will gain a better feedback loop and improve customer relationships while also collecting more data on users.

Automate your Shopify store for 3$ per day with Engati

Faisal Khan

Faisal is a content marketer at Engati who also dabbles in brand management. As an MBA graduate and a spoken-word poet, he manages to marry his business acumen with an artistic flair.

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