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Design a chatbot coach using Engati chatbot template

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Jun 3
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Chatbot Design Template

Ever felt the need of having someone to talk to in the middle of the night? Someone who can listen to you, show concern and give you the support you need while you’re contemplating certain life situations? We all need somebody, but what if that somebody could be an advanced bot, well-versed with providing digital coaching and online assistance?

An everyday routine of a coach, be it of a life coach, a wellness coach or an instructor, can be quite demanding. Whether you’re a life coach who helps people set and achieve personal goals or a leadership coach who works with high-level executives, your end goal remains the same. You want to attract more clients. A chatbot for coaching is great at getting that done; let’s show you how.

How do coaching chatbots work?

A life coach chatbot provides assistance to all your clients 24/7. If you’re a coach, you can use this template to your advantage and organize your appointments efficiently.  Coaches can also make deep and meaningful connections through automated interactive conversations. Being able to provide a unique and consistent first point of contact with your prospects any time of day, week, month or year is what chatbots offer your business and allow you to build trust at scale.

Coaches can also use chatbots to generate leads and engage their clients better. A chatbot can capture lead information when they visit your website and email it to you or your team. This lead information can be further used to personalize your customer content and engage them better through consistent notifications, tips, and suggestions. A good coach chatbot at your coaching website can make the visitors feel at ease and make them feel cared for. Your coach chatbot can address your clients by name, acknowledge their questions, offer to email or text them with any specific information needed. If trained well, you can also send out coaching lessons or any form of advice through your chatbot.

What are the benefits of using a chatbot coach?

Benefits of using a chatbot

Getting a positive response from your potential clients

Being a coach, you’d know that your website is not as much about you, as it is about your potential clients. Of course, it describes the services you offer, and the challenges you can help people overcome. But if your website doesn’t ‘speak’ to people seeking a coach, it won’t generate enough leads or business.

Make your clients feel important by integrating a tool that hears and speaks to them. Imagine a potential client who has just come to your website wants to know what makes you their future coach. At this point, they don’t want to just read about the benefits of coaching. They really need to know if you’re capable of helping them out in matters of need. If they need help with self-confidence issues, they want to know if you can help. If they struggle to find fulfilment at work, they want to know that you’ve coached others going through the same thing. Your potential client spends a minute or so on your website, remains unsure about what to do next, and leaves. Instead, you would want them to perform certain actions – express interest by leaving you their contact details, ask for information, and schedule a consultation.


More engagement and lead generation

Imagine a client visits your website, and your website chatbot pops up with a humble greeting and a “What may I help you with?”. The client can access to information right on their fingertips and get the point-to-point assistance they need. They can check out the types of coaching you offer, your fee options, and the next available date for an appointment. They don’t need to click around and find all that information by themselves.

Train your chatbot well, and you can send out advice to your clients directly through the bot. Along with that, you can also send your clients promotion offers, discount coupons and much more that keeps them hooked to your website.

Imagine that at some point during your client’s conversation, your AI bot asks your potential client, “Hey, we’re offering a 30-minute FREE consultation this week. Would you like to book a slot?” Your client will see that all they need to do is say ‘yes’ to make the booking. They don’t have to wait for an email, talk to somebody, or even fill up a form. Chances are, they’ll go ahead and book a time slot. And in the course of a single conversation, your coaching chatbot will have produced a lead and converted it.

When you create a chatbot for coaching purposes, you’re actually bridging any gaps between your website and your potential clients. A coaching chatbot cannot replace you, it rather ensures that your website’s visitors have the information or advice they need in order to book a session with you.


Instant replies and 24*7 support

In this fast-paced world, consumer demands are growing rapidly and so is the delivery of those requirements to be fulfilled. And when it comes to coaching, people tend to be even more demanding and need quick and easy assistance. Imagine your client in the middle of something and needs a bit of quick advice, wouldn’t it be better that they type or say it out to the bot to get instant solutions or wait to get a chance to speak with you one-on-one?

Chatbots are a great medium to pass on assistance to a multitude of people at the same time. They provide instant solutions and are available round the clock- and sometimes that is all we need!

What do the customers have to say about it?

“It did a good job of getting me to talk about my issue and being conscious of how it made me feel and how I was going to go about it, even though as I stated above, it felt like I was really doing it on my own. If that is the goal of the program, to get each individual to work through their problem and come up with their own active strategy, I would say it completed that goal pretty well.", says O.P, a student who happened to use a chatbot coach

“It flowed well and was a more natural experience. One of the important learnings that I am getting from working with the bot is how much clearer I am becoming around just how much responsibility I have in all these random situations I am putting forward.", says R.D, a coach who currently uses a chatbot on his website.

Which chatbot templates can you try?

  • Diet CoachDiet Coach Chatbot helps your clients build healthier habits to lose weight, and you can also keep them motivated by sending out inspiring tips and suggestions.
  • Health And Weight Loss CoachA chatbot template to engage customers by helping them to stay fit. It provides healthy recipes and gives solutions to everyday problems.
  • Appointment BookerThis is a chatbot template for every use-case that involves booking a slot/taking appointments and creates an event both for the owner of the business and the client. The generic flow of the bot provides the flexibility to be easily integrated with your use-case.
  • Career CounsellorA chatbot template which allows students and jobseekers to get counselling by simply going through the options and brochures provided for a crystal clear counselling from the experts.

To build a chatbot, visit Engati and give our Chatbot Marketplace a look to choose from 150+ ready-to-launch bot templates.

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