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Answering the top 5 bot-building FAQs

Engati Team
Dec 19
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Before we know more about how to build a bot, here's a fun fact. Even though chatbots have been around since 1966, they still are relatively new to the world of automation. We use chatbots almost every day, but I reckon half of them even realize that they’re making use of this technology. Making people aware of this might be easy, but the hard part comes when someone wants to build a chatbot for their website with very little knowledge of them. No matter how easy chatbot building platforms have made it for businesses to construct a bot, still, a fair amount of understanding of how this works is necessary to derive its full potential. Many of our users come to us with queries like how chatbots exactly work, how to build them, how to integrate, the different paths, and so on. That is why our Product Manager Lead took out time to address all your queries and give you a detailed explanation about our services. Here’s your most requested FAQ video:

In this FAQ video, we address recurrent questions on how to build a bot


How to build a bot using Engati?

To build your bot using Engati, first go to the build section. This section has FAQs where you can build your conversational flow and add automated responses. Add the most frequent requests and queries and the response you want the bot to send out. This is assisted by ‘Paths’, which are basically complex responses that you can build for complex conversational design. These paths support various nodes, which perform complex tasks.


How to integrate the chatbot?

There are various ways of integrating the bot with third-party sources. We use JSON API, Salesforce, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and the ultimate integration tool, Zapier.


Is the chatbot hosted on the cloud or on-premises

We assist both mediums. When you start building the chatbot, it goes on the cloud. If you want it on-premises, we can help you. We even offer hybrid solutions.


What are the NLP aspects of the platform?

We have our own NLP and NLU algorithms. It carries out contextual conversation. A lot of pre-processing is done through this when a query arises. Watch the video for a detailed explanation.


How safe is the data?

This must be the most commonly asked query. All our servers are protected by HTTPS, and the data is encrypted. The access to the data is very restricted and based on a case-to-case basis only. You can also add IT-based and domain-based restrictions. Here's a detailed article on our chatbot security measures.

All in all

We hope this video addresses all your doubts and queries. Watch the Youtube video for detailed elaborations on the given questions. If there are any more doubts running through your head, drop them in the comment section below the video!

We’ll be releasing many tutorials and FAQ videos here, so keep checking out Engati's chatbot videos!

Also, try out our service and get to know us a little more by visiting Engati.

Engati Team

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