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10 chatbot myths that could hold your business back from growing

Engati Team
Jan 12
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Chatbot myths that could hold your business back from growing

Chatbots are hot in the technology and AI market today. We read, hear and talk A LOT about them. But ever wondered how much is true? Here are the myths about chatbots, busted!

“By 2020, at least 80% of businesses are expected to have some form of chatbot automation implemented"
– Business Insider

Though all businesses want chatbots, many of them often lack having a good knowledge base for it. To reap all the benefits of chatbot technology and implement it properly, you first need to understand their potential, as well as their limits. Hence, in today’s blog, we talk about a few common misconceptions, a.k.a. myths about chatbots. Believing these myths keep you from growing your business to its full potential. After all, nothing is more difficult than competing with a myth. So I hope you find this article helpful in debunking a few myths so that you get a little closer to mastering the art of botting.

The 10 biggest chatbot myths of all time


All chatbots are the same

This could be one of the most commonly believed myths about chatbots. People think all chatbots look and perform the same way. But today, chatbots come in various shapes, sizes and functionalities. You can find whatever you need - from a simple FAQ chatbot to an enterprise chatbot that makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some of the different types of chatbots software are-

  • Scripted Bots, where interactions with customers happen through a set of predefined questions.
  • NLP Chatbots, to read and convert user input into intent.
  • Customer Service Chatbots, who do tasks as described by the user.
  • Social Messaging Chatbots, which are integrated into social media platforms.
  • Contextual Chatbots, which have the ability to remember, learn, and grow from its experiences.
  • Voice Enabled Chatbots, like Alexa and Google which create a personalized experience for the user.

Chatbots cause unemployment

This is a common worry, but it doesn’t really hold any weight. Chatbots are not built to make humans irrelevant. Chatbots were built to help humans focus only on tasks that demand their attention and expertise by automating repetitive tasks. Though chatbots are designed to mimic human capabilities, they still require live chat agents to handle complicated queries that require proper context. Hence, the codependency between chatbots and humans will continue to exist in the coming years as well. This is one of the common myths about chatbots.


Chatbots are only available on Messenger

AI chatbots are and can be available on various social platforms. There is no limitation to it. Like say our Engati chatbot itself is present in over 14 social platforms, including WhatsApp, Kik, Slack, Telegram and so on. Just because we commonly see Facebook messenger chatbots, doesn’t mean they exist nowhere else.


It’s not possible to talk to a human agent through chatbots

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about chatbots! Live chat is an integral part of the chatbot experience. Not all problems can be solved through a bot, so often complex queries require human attention.  Hence, what a chatbot does when it detects a complex problem is, they direct you and get you connected with the “Live Chat’’ or the right human agent to aid to your inquiry.


Chatbots are only for large enterprises

Be it virtual assistants for your smartphones or bots that big companies use. Chatbots are becoming a popular tool, and even small businesses are investing in them. To beat the competition, several chatbot building platforms are also offering affordable prices for small organisations to utilise this service. Chatbots don’t just make customer interactions easier, but they also play a vital role in lead and revenue generation. Hence, both big and small-scale organizations are opting for chatbots for hyper-growth.


Chatbots can only be text-based

Demands are forever evolving, and so are chatbots. With new innovations like voice chatbots, you can now accomplish tasks hands-free. The bot’s ability to recognize and understand human speech has made the interactions between humans and computers verbal. Also, with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google, you can now commonly use this feature. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? Talking to robots? I guess the future is here.


Chatbots are only for customer service

Chatbots have many use-cases. From automation to healthcare. From education to hospitality, chatbots are going on spreading their roots in all the sectors of the industry today. Even though it’s been a revolutionary invention for the customer service sector, we can see that these bots are being made use of everywhere.


Chatbots cannot understand context

Though this is true for traditional chatbots, with AI technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning chatbots are now getting better at processing user’s intent and give out personalised, relevant, and contextual responses.


Chatbots are hard to make

Chatbots sure are complex and require a lot of coding and time to build them. But only when you do it, MANUALLY! With robust chatbot-building platforms, you can now create a bot in under 10 minutes without the need for any coding or programming knowledge base.  Build your chatbot now!


Chatbots are similar to website FAQs

Last but not least! Let’s get this cleared! Chatbots are not FAQs you see on a website, but there are FAQ bots! FAQs don’t interact with clients, and the client can’t ask a question again. Intelligent chatbots deliver services as if they were humans themselves, using the same language as us and providing personalized responses to their clients.  

Wrapping up!

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Engati Team

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