Bot essentials 3: Technology interaction with humans like humans

Kinshuk Kar
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Bot essentials 3: Technology interaction with humans like humans
We have spent the last 3 decades, training humanity about technology to simplify our lives. Those who caught on progressed and grew knowledge and wealth. Those who did not, have not progressed much, leading to the creation of the haves and the have-nots. The 1% problem that has encompassed political thinking.

Technology needs to step away..

.. from this downside of capitalism while still keeping the innovation, free enterprise and growth tenets of capitalism. How do we make technology accessible to all? How do we force ourselves to design technology that acts with humans like humans? We can do this by focusing on the social aspects that bind humanity. The art of the conversation and the modes of communications.Can we develop technology that speaks to humans in a language humans understand? As a first step, this is known as a term called localisation. If platforms are built with multi-lingual characteristics upfront then focus on the art of the conversation is how we get to know each other as humans.

How about if replacing the human on the other side with technology?

How about if the technology is well versed in the art of intelligent communications and is also astute in providing a plethora of answers to every question you have? Would you be able to discover another human being? It the most natural way for us to get to know someone. Getting to know each other by asking questions, reflecting and clarifying answers and an understanding of someone’s thoughts and beliefs goes a long way in establishing the bonds of a relationship.

What is the topic of conversation for getting to know about your business, product and services? Would you think that letting people have conversations about your offerings would have people establish a relationship with your brand?

What sort of technology will make that feasible?

Enter the world of the chat messengers.  We get the aspect of chatting with other humans to keep up our relationships. Facebook started the journey of with social connects between humans. We connected back with people from the past and also people that were interesting for us in our present and future. LinkedIn did it similarly for professional networks. Twitter provided us with the 15-second soapbox to air our views.

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This network is quickly moving to a conversation medium since these mediums now come along with chat messengers. Now that the global human social and professional networks have been built, the conversation has shifted to point and groups. Technology has become an enabler to stay connected with old and new people in our network circles.

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How can businesses leverage these networks?

They need to stay connected with their customers, employees, suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders?

Enter chatbots.

We have built an open platform on Engati for you to explore the world of chatbots. The intelligent machine learning driven interaction pieces of technology that require no programming. It’s easy to set up and you can set up your own personal bot in as little as 10 minutes. In fact, we have in-house experts to help you with it.

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