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Creating Arabic chatbots with the Engati Chatbot Platform

Jeremy DSouza
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Creating Arabic chatbots with the Engati Chatbot Platform

With more than 300 million Arabic speakers in the world, you’d expect more chatbot platforms to support the language. Unfortunately, most platforms do not have what it takes to have an efficient NLP engine trained in Arabic. Don’t worry, Engati is here to take care of all your Arabic chatbot needs.

RTL support

Most chatbot platforms don’t allow you to build a chatbot in Arabic simply because they can’t support it. They don’t have the capability to support RTL (Right-to-Left) languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Farsi, Hebrew, etc.

But, don’t worry about it, at Engati, we always have our customers’ best interests at heart and we’ve augmented our bots with the capability to support these languages that begin from the right and move towards the left. The script is rendered in such a way that your Engati chatbot dynamically aligns it in an RTL format.

Engati chatbot in Arabic

Why Engati?

Good question. Here’s why you should build your Arabic chatbot on Engati:

No code

You don’t need to be a coding wizard to create a chatbot on the Engati platform. Our simple, drag and drop UI lets you build an intelligent Arabic chatbot in no time.

Engati drag and drop user interface UI

Build once, deploy on 14 platforms

We know how much you value your time, so we don’t make you build a separate bot for every channel you want to deploy it on.  

Just build your bot once on Engati and you can deploy it on 14 different platforms, including; Facebook Messenger, Kik, WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, Skype for Business, WeChat, Twitter, Telegram, Line, Viber, MS Teams, your website, and your mobile app.

platforms to deploy Arabic chatbots

Single path for multiple languages You don’t need to build a different path for each of the languages supported. On Engati, you can build a single flow and add strings for all the languages that your bot supports.

Autodetect & language switch

You can ask a user to pick the language in which they’d like to converse with your bot, but even if they don’t, your intelligent Engati bot can automatically detect queries in any of the supported languages and switch to that language.

Proprietary NLP

Our proprietary e.Sense NLP engine helps your bot understand and answer your users’ queries with great accuracy.

In spite of the complex computations that happen for determining each response, we’ve made it extremely easy to build and train chatbots on Engati.

Trusted worldwide

Our powerful NLP engine, multilingual capabilities and best-in-class support have made us a favourite across the world.

With 35,000 bots built across 186 countries in 54 different languages, everyone is talking about us. Capterra, CMS Wire, Inc.com, CIO Korea and many others consider us the best in the business. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Who else uses an Engati chatbot in Arabic?

You’re in good company. Some of the best organizations in the world use Engati chatbots. Herman Miller, PwC, and IKEA all love our platform. Here are a few of the organizations that use Engati chatbots in Arabic:

DP World

DP World Arabic chatbot

Dubai Ports World (DPWorld) employs an Engati chatbot built to work over Whatsapp, web and will be eventually integrated with VoIP solution. It supports multiple languages (including Arabic) and was created to help truckers, haulers, and consignees to receive updates on their containers, yard locations as well as expected wait times and notification of delays.

Global Village

Global Village multilingual chatbot supports Arabic conversations

Global Village, Dubai combines cultures of 90+ countries and is supposed to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping, and entertainment center. Their multilingual Engati chatbot supports conversations in Arabic and assists visitors with loyalty card bookings, parking, venue details among other services.

Dubai Asset Management

Dubai Asset Management has a Arabic chatbot on WhatsApp

Focused on long-term value creation through development, acquisition, and management of a diverse portfolio of residential real estate assets for rent, Dubai Asset Management is the residential asset management company of Dubai Holding. They use their Engati WhatsApp chatbot to help their clients explore communities and rent properties in Arabic, the language they prefer.

Build your own intelligent Arabic chatbot

It’s time for you to get started. Augment your business with the power of an Engati chatbot and engage your clients in Arabic, at scale.

Start conversing with your clients in the language they prefer; build your Arabic chatbot today.

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