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8 Essential roles of chatbots in marketing automation

Marquis Matson
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8 Essential roles of chatbots in marketing automation

With our constant search for easier means of getting things done, automation is turning out to be a growing necessity for many online businesses. With interactive voice recording (IVR) for calls and auto responses for emails, there is now the chatbot for instant messages. But more than just automatically responding to instant messages, there is more to these chatbots than meets the eye. Here are some of the crucial roles of chatbots when it comes to marketing automation for campaigns.

1. Lead Generation

Chatbot is the ideal tool if you want to streamline your lead generation. By providing your consumers with instantaneous responses, you can increase your lead flow, reduce dissatisfaction and create a new avenue for promoting your brand. Chatbots can be a great resource for your consumers as it can be an easy and engaging means for them to make an informed purchase decision. This then lets you generate significant leads, which can easily convert into sales for your business.

2. Data Collection

Many online users and shoppers nowadays prefer to solve their problems and find answers through chatbot communication. Apart from communication purposes, chatbots are also ideal for gathering information which can then be used for deep learning algorithms. This can then help enhance the intelligence of the bots that you use for your business and in helping you increase your sales and ROI. At the same time, the data that you collect through these chatbots can help you streamline your business, your marketing strategies and your brand in general.

3. Customize Brand Messaging

The main purpose of your chatbot is to be a virtual front desk personnel who will be responding to customers’ questions about your brand. It will basically need a face that will represent your brand. By properly branding your chatbot and designing a chatbot process that suits your business and carries your voice, you’ll be able to provide a memorable virtual service experience for your customers.This is also why many social media influencers and online businesses decide to make use of Facebook and Instagram growth services to help them reach out to more potential followers and customers

4. Operate Outreach

Social media is definitely one of the best avenues for customer outreach. In fact, many digital marketers take advantage of the power of chatbots to boost their customer outreach and to outperform their competitors. As of mid 2018, Facebook Messenger has 300,000 active chatbots, with 8 Billion messages exchanged between people and businesses every month. With these statistics, it’s undeniable that chatbots are becoming a must for businesses to connect with their customers online.

5. Directed Email Campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the most preferred and cost-effective marketing techniques in the digital world. In fact, for every $1 spent on email marketing, a business can get $38 ROI. This is also why many businesses decided to up their game in this form of marketing by pairing their email marketing campaigns with chatbots. When paired with your email campaigns, chatbots can help improve your user engagement, by improving live experiences for customers. Chatbots can help you in providing your customers with a seamless experience for questions and inquiries, while your emails can help you seal the deal with customized email offers.

6. Improve and Personalize the Overall User Experience

Customers will always prefer to deal with businesses that provide instantaneous responses to their questions or concerns. Through your chatbot, you get to provide them what they need as soon as they want it. At the same time, you can also customize your chatbot for it to represent your brand, and reflect your voice better. More importantly, the goal of personalizing your chatbot is to give your users the sense of security, to make them feel more understood and to make their life easier. By doing so, you can then increase your conversions and improve your sales.

7. Segment Forthcoming Clients

Grouping or segmenting your prospective customers can help you design your marketing strategies better. Chatbots can play a huge role in helping you identify the different customers that you can potentially have by gathering data from each conversation recorded. Using these data, you can then identify which consumer will want to learn more about a certain product that you offer. From there, you can then add those consumers to your email distribution lists so that you can send them product emails.

8. Successful Sales

One of the best roles that chatbots can perform for you is to help you close deals and increase your sales. Chatbots can help you in providing more information about the products that you offer as well as upsell your other products, depending on what your prospective customers are looking for. This communication tool can help improve your customer service and increase your sales.

By employing the right tools for you business, you can eventually grow your earnings and see an improvement in your return of investments. If you want to reap the many benefits brought about by chatbots, you might want to start planning how you will personalize this tool so that you can provide a better experience for your customers online. You should think about how the chatbot experience will affect the internal dialogue taking place in the mind of your users. If you are able to personalise your chatbot effectively, this tool can definitely work to your advantage and eventually, help increase conversions for your business.

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