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Twitter Bot


Whether it is sending direct messages to answer customer queries or automating tweets, Twitter bots offer several skills you can take advantage of.

A Twitter bot need not be complicated to create.

But if you’re wondering what is a Twitter Bot, how to create it, and what are its various features? Then this will surely help you out!

1. What is a Twitter Bot?  

A Twitter bot is a software program that is specifically created for the most popular social media platform - Twitter.

With a Twitter bot, you can automate various social media activities, such as retweeting or liking posts and content, so as to encourage engagement. This will help you save both time and money since you will not have to manually put up posts.

You can also use a Twitter bot to answer customers' questions and to better customer service. You can use it to promote your products and services, including sharing details of new services, etc.


2. Why create your own Twitter Bot?

Audience engagement is key when you use a platform like Twitter. If you want your target audience to take any action or want to build a rapport with them, it is crucial to interact with them. Creating your own Twitter Bot offers you this opportunity.    

You also get a chance to learn about your audience’s behaviours and preferences when you create a bot for yourself.

It also provides you with the flexibility to design a chatbot along with customizing it, which includes tailoring the content and training your chatbot to answer inquiries.

3. Tips to create your Twitter Bot:

Creating Your Twitter Bot is simple when you keep in mind the following-  

Here are some best practices to apply:


Create an Application:

Even if you start by using an existing Twitter account or create a new account for your business tweets, you will still have to create a Twitter application to get started by providing vital details like, your contact number and the descriptions of what your Twitter bot will do. Make sure you copy all crucial details, like the Access Token Secret.

Set up the environment and deploy it with reliable IDEs and cloud applications

You will have to choose an integrated development environment (IDE) that is easy to use.

When you deploy a Twitter bot, it is very essential to use a reliable and powerful cloud deployment service so that you can deploy the application without any difficulty.


Pick an Easy-to-Use Programming Language:  

Python has proved to be one of the most widely used programming languages. You can create the bot using this programming language too.  

So, creating a Twitter bot that leverages Python can trim the development process. Also make sure you download a Python imaging library to use the imaging capabilities, too.


Use a Twitter bot builder:

Using a Twitter bot builder can help you to save time with application creation and deployment. You can create a high-quality prototype chatbot. It also makes it easy to customize your tools and allows you to choose from different bot templates and is available in over 50 languages.


4. Step by step process in creating a Twitter Bot on Engati  


1. Introduction

If you are looking to deploy your bot on Twitter, Engati can assist you in doing so. For users who want to send you a direct message on your twitter account, you will be able to access the conversational flow you set up for your bot and answer it with FAQs that you train the bot for.

       Access to Setup

     a. Access Deploy workflow from the Navigation.

     b. Then look for Twitter.


2. Requirements

To have your Twitter bot on your account you need to have a developer's account with the same email id. Twitter will then verify the purpose of the account and how you can use the developer’s API. This verification takes around 2-3 days and once you have the developer’s account created you can go ahead with the setup.


3. Steps to configure Twitter

Lets see how you can deploy your chatbot on Twitter -

A. Create an app

Login into your twitter developer’s account and create a Twitter application. Go to Project and Apps -> Overview. You will be able to see the list of projects and apps, if created. Click on ‘Create App’

Feed in the app name.

You have to copy the API Key and API secret key. Click on App Settings next  

B. Set appropriate permissions

Once you click the App Settings, click on “Edit" near App Permissions and select “Read, Write and Access direct messages” then click “Save “.

The access to direct messages option needs to be selected for the chatbot to function along with read and write functions.  

C. Retrieve the required tokens and keys

In the Twitter app, go to the keys and tokens section and make a note of the following,  

- API key  

- API secret key  

- Access token  

- Access token secret  

D. Get account activity API access

Follow this documentation to apply for any relevant account activity API access.    

You may either apply for Premium or Enterprise access depending on the features provided.

The access type (Premium/ Enterprise) needs to be set up on the Engati portal (Deploy > Twitter) correctly.


E. Setting up developer environment  

Go to the dev environments page. Click ‘Set up development environment' or Account type – Account Activity API, name your environment and specify a Twitter app ID to link with the environment.

The environment name you chose will be your development environment label, which needs to be updated on the Engati portal.  


F. Allow receiving direct messages  

For your account, in the security section, check the “Receive Direct Messages from anyone” from the bottom of the page and then save all the changes.  


G. Update details on Engati portal  

Update the following details in the Twitter configuration section under Deploy > Twitter and click on the save button your bot is ready to respond to all your direct messages on Twitter.  

– Twitter Admin username (Twitter Handle)  

– Consumer Key (from Step 3)  

– Consumer Secret (from Step 3)  

– Access Token (from Step 3)  

– Access Token Secret (from Step 3)  

– Dev Environment Label (from Step 5)

– The appropriate Twitter Account type – Premium and Enterprise (based on the account type)

5. Conclusion 

Making a Twitter Bot does not have to be difficult.    

You can use a third-party application, such as Engati, to get it down.    

Engati is the world’s leading multilingual, no code, chatbot platform available across 14 channels with 35,000 bots created across 186 countries in every domain and use case.  

By putting these best features to use, you can create a Twitter bot that can add value to your audience while helping you save time, thus creating long-term customer loyalty.

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