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Twitter Bot

What is a Twitter Bot?  

A Twitter bot is a software program that is specifically created for the most popular social media platform - Twitter.

With a Twitter bot, you can automate various social media activities, such as retweeting or liking posts and content, so as to encourage engagement. This will help you save both time and money since you will not have to manually put up posts.

You can also use a Twitter bot to answer customers' questions and to better customer service. You can use it to promote your products and services, including sharing details of new services, etc. Twitter chatbots help you answer your customers’ queries directly on Twitter, the platform they’re already hanging out on and looking at for customer service. You’re not making them visit your website or write your support team an email. All they need to do is send you a direct message on Twitter and your AI-powered chatbot can handle their issue right there, without sending them to another platform.

Twitter allows companies to communicate with customers in a concise and instant way that customers love. For this reason, many people rely on Twitter for news, updates, and also for solutions to their problems.

What to consider when creating a Twitter bot?

Chatbot considerations need to be the same as any other marketing execution. Targeting, distribution, and properly defined success metrics are all essential.

The best way to plan a rules-based chatbot is to outline all the possible outcomes and scenarios for each topic. You can then view the entire conversation holistically and make changes as needed.

In terms of picking a subject, this is often created by the customer. Look at your most common queries that came through via DM to work out what queries you want to prioritize when creating FAQs for your chatbot.

Are Twitter bots free?

Yes, Twitter bots are free when you build them with Engati. But more than just being free, it is also rather easy to create a Twitter chatbot on the Engati chatbot platform. Our no-code drag and drop user interface helps you create your AI-powered Twitter chatbot with minimum effort in the easiest way possible. 

Even training your Twitter chatbot to respond to queries has become easier with Engati. You don’t need to manually enter every single FAQ into your system. You can choose to upload all your FAQs in bulk to make things more convenient, but we’ve created an even easier option. Our new DocuSense technology allows you to train your bot without needing to list out and upload these FAQs manually. All you’d have to do is upload a document that explains your policies or contains matter that would answer the questions that your customers might have. This document does not even need to be in the question and answer format. After you upload this document, your Twitter chatbot will use the DocuSense feature to scan and parse through the document at a speed of 12 pages every 8 seconds. Your Twitter bot will then be able to pull answers directly from the document through the use of cognitive search technology and deliver them directly to your customers and bot users.

How to create a chatbot on Twitter?

Creating a chatbot on Twitter is rather easy when you make use of the Engati chatbot and live chat platform. Here are the steps that you would have to take to build an AI-powered chatbot and deploy it on Twitter using Engati:

1. Create an app

Log in to your Twitter developers account and create a Twitter application. Go to Project and Apps -> Overview. Here you’ll be able to see the list of projects and apps if created. Click on Create App below standalone apps.

Setup your app name and copy the API Key and API secret key. Then, click on App Settings

2. Set permissions

In the App Settings, click on “Edit”near App Permissions and select “Read, Write and Access direct messages” then click on “Save“. Access direct messages option needs to be selected for the chatbot to function along with Read and Write.

twitter permissions  check


3. Retrieve the required tokens and keys

For the Twitter app, go to the Keys and tokens section and note down the API key, API secret key, Access token and Access token secret. These details would be needed to set up the chatbot on Engati, as per the last step of detail updating.


4. Get account activity API access

Follow this documentation to apply for relevant Account Activity API access. You may either apply for Premium or Enterprise access. The access type [Premium or Enterprise] needs to be set up on the Engati portal(Deploy->Twitter) correctly.


5. Set up developer environment

Go to the dev environments page. Click ‘Set up dev environment‘ for Account type – Account Activity API, name your environment and specify a Twitter app ID to link with the environment. The environment name you chose will be your Dev environment label, which needs to be updated on the Engati portal as well.

6. Allow receiving direct messages

For your account, go to the Security section and check the “Receive Direct Messages from anyone” from the bottom of the page and then save the changes.


7. Update details on Engati portal

Update the following details in the Twitter configuration section under Deploy->Twitter and click on the save button your bot is ready to respond to all your direct messages on Twitter.

  • Twitter Admin username(the name for your Twitter Handle)
  • Consumer Key(from Step 3)
  • Consumer Secret(from Step 3)
  • Access Token(from Step 3)
  • Access Token Secret(from Step 3)
  • Dev Environment Label(from Step 5)
  • The appropriate Twitter Account type, namely – Premium or Enterprise. (based on the account type)



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