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10 WhatsApp Broadcast Templates for eCommerce Stores

Jeremy DSouza
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October 18, 2023
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WhatsApp broadcast template for eCommerce

At this point, eCommerce might be the one domain that has the most to gain from broadcasting message templates on WhatsApp chatbots. Earlier, your scope for using WhatsApp broadcasts was limited because of WhatsApp’s strict clampdown on promotional broadcasts on the WhatsApp Business API. But they’ve had a change of heart, so you get to do more than just send delivery updates and payment confirmations. Today the possibilities are endless for your business, and we’ve got the templates you need to work magic with your eCommerce store using WhatsApp broadcasts.

10 use-case based WhatsApp broadcast templates for eCommerce stores


New launches

You’ve teased the product(s), ran your marketing campaigns, and even managed to get your brand featured in publications in time for the launch. Basically, you’ve done everything you could to get new customers to know about your new products, but if you’ve not started reaching out to your existing customers about it yet, you’re sleeping on a powerful beast.

Why? Because while the chances of selling to a new customer are only 5-20%, your odds go up to 60-70% when you’re trying to sell to existing customers. These existing customers tend to spend 31% more than new customers and are 50% more likely than new customers to try new products that you offer them.

So, when you’re launching a new product (or product line), you can’t afford to miss on sending a product launch broadcast message to your customers on WhatsApp. And we’ve got the template you need for the job!

<Use a pun related to the new product>

You’ve been asking for it, and we couldn’t bear to keep you waiting any longer. Meet the brand new <insert product name>!

It packs everything you wanted… and then some 💥 

The <product name> is <mention two extremely desirable product features>, and even <third product feature>

Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Grab yours now 👉🏻 <link>


Back-in-stock notifications

These can be extremely effective because your customers have already demonstrated interest in these products while they were out of stock. All you need is to get their phone number and their consent for sending them messages on WhatsApp when the products are back in stock.

Odds are, as soon as they see the message, they’ll jump at the opportunity to get the product that they’ve been looking for.

Here’s a back-in-stock notification template that you can use:

Hey, remember when you were looking for <product name>, but it was out of stock?

Good news, we’ve moved mountains (okay, we moved our trucks on mountains) to bring it back in stock, specially for you!

We’ve even got a 10% discount for you since you had to wait so long, just use the code “BACK2U”. Grab your <product name> now 👉🏻 <link>


Discounts and deals

This one is fairly obvious - what’s the point of running a discount or promotional campaign if your existing customers don’t even know about it? WhatsApp marketing is perfect for driving your promotional campaigns, and broadcasts are going to be the most potent weapon in your WhatsApp arsenal. Just make sure you have a clear CTA in your message. 

Here’s a template that you can build upon:

Hey, we’ve just launched a special 45% discount on all our <products>. 

Just use the code “SLASH45” at checkout. Offer expires on <date> at <time>.

Get your discount now 👉🏻 <link>


Teasers for your discounts and promotional offers

Planning a sale? If you want it to be massively successful, you need to broadcast it and build hype around it and get your customers excited about it. Think of your sale as a movie and drop a teaser before you actually launch the sale.

Here’s a broadcast template that you can play on:

Hey, we’re just 5 days away from our BIGGEST SALE EVER.

You’re getting upto 75% off, sitewide on <date>. 

Hyped? Start building your wishlist now, before your favorite products fly off our shelves - <link>



Cart abandonment

Cart abandonment was every eCommerce store’s worst nightmare, but now you’ve got a secret weapon to help you win against it - your WhatsApp chatbot. And if you’re driving sales on a Shopify store, you’re a bigger winner because you can set your chatbot up to send a WhatsApp cart retrieval notification as soon as shoppers abandon their carts. 

You’d want to tempt your customers in with a discount, and you might even want to make your message playful. Here’s one that you can build on:

Don’t goooooo 😿

Your <product name> is feeling sad about you abandoning it. You’re a match made in heaven, so here’s a 25% discount for you to take your <product name> home. 

Reunite with your <product name> 👉🏻 <link>


Payment confirmations

This one’s purpose is to serve as a reassurance to your customers and let them know that their payment has been received and their order will be delivered soon.

Here’s a template that you can use:

Hey, your payment of <value> has been received for <number of units> <product name>(s).

We’re working at double time to get your order to you as soon as possible. It should be at your doorstep by <date and time>.


Order status updates

As soon as they place an order, your customers are wondering where it is and how long it will take to reach them. You can alleviate this anxiety with regular status updates on WhatsApp, so that they know where their orders are. Let them know when their orders have been packed and shipped and even when they’ve reached your warehouses or are out for delivery. Here’s a template that you can modify according to the order status:

Hey, your order has just been shipped from our warehouse in <place>. Get excited, it’s about to reach you by <time>!


Order delivery notifications

Sometimes orders reach when your customers aren’t home and someone else has to accept the order for them. Order delivery notifications give them the peace of mind about the fact that their order has reached on time. Here’s a message that you could tweak for your eCommerce store:

Yay, your order of <quantity and product name> was delivered today at <time>. Hope you enjoy using it!


Contest announcements

Running a giveaway, sweepstakes, or any other kind of contest for your customers? Spread the word via a broadcast from your WhatsApp chatbot. Here’s a WhatsApp broadcast template that you can use:

Want to get a <product name> for free? Here’s your chance to win one!

All you need to do is <explain steps>.

5 winner will be picked on <date>. 

Hurry up, entries are only accepted till <date>! 

Enter now - <link>


Feedback collection

Collecting feedback is critical for improving your products. But it also helps you gather up social proof, one of the most important factors when it comes to the purchasing decision. 

The good thing here is that your customers won’t even need to open a link and go to a webpage or a form. They can provide their feedback in the chatbot itself.

Here’s a template that you can use to collect feedback from your customers:

Hey <name>, we’d love to know what your experience with your <product name> is like. Please rate your experience on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (amazing). We’d also be really happy if you tell us what you love about your <product name>. Thanks!

Now that you have reaching out to your customers in place, let's talk about how you can get their responses. Something that will not only automate replies for you but also help with lead generation.

WhatsApp Link Generator

Links that you can create using your WhatsApp business number for reaching out to your customers, are WhatsApp links.

You can also add a pre-defined message to your link, so your customers can directly reply without manually typing any specific.

WhatsApp Link Generators help you do exactly this. As the name suggests, WhatsApp link generator is a free tool that’ll help you create WhatsApp chat links for your business. You can use multiple WhatsApp business numbers & reach out to your customers.

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Jeremy DSouza

Jeremy is a marketer at Engati with an interest in marketing psychology and consumer neuroscience. Over the last year he has interviewed many of the world's brightest CX, AI, Marketing, and Tech thought leaders for Engati CX.

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