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Top 20 influencers revolutionizing the eCommerce industry

Engati Team
Mar 16
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Influencers revolutionizing the eCommerce industry

In this fast-paced world of technology wrapping around business, it's difficult and often stressful to cut through the clutter of opinions and advice.

We’ve compiled a handbook of insights that can be applied to eCommerce, leading to a meaningful impact in the eCommerce industry.

Dr. Marcell Vollmer

Marcell is the Partner and Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), advising C-level Executives & Executive teams on digital transformation and innovation with a focus on procurement, eCommerce-supply chain, and global operations.

Here are the 4 steps he recommends to follow for implementing digital transformation:

  • Start with Vision - the focus on customer centricity
  • Select an IT system carefully
  • Collaborate with digital tools
  • Focus more on risk mitigation

Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock is the CEO of Stirling Corp. He is the Director and Advisor in the business of future tech. He talks about how chatbots help in personalizing e-commerce! 

Here’s how brands leverage technology to reduce cart abandonment:

  • Businesses should use tech to advance relationship and communication
  • This will, in turn, create a stronger relationship with customers
  • With an audio response - it will make a remarkable eCommerce experience
  • Make the most out of digital tools available

Kristi Faltorusso

Kristi Faltorusso is the VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess, Founder of CS Real Simple, and an Award-Winning Customer Success Executive.

She talks about how the development of Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs and CX measurement frameworks is beneficial.

VOCs are supercritical and can be employed in 2 steps:

  • Collecting overall feedback from customers
  • Start executing your VOC programs. Execution is something where most companies are lacking

“If there is no real way to act on the data, don’t collect it.” - She adds.

Hari T N

Hari T N, Co-Author of “Saying No to Jugaad: The Making of Bigbasket” by Bloomsbury, talks about Tech for bootstrapped start-ups. 

Start with-

  • Being curious
  • Get to the root cause
  • Try solving problems
  • Just get to the root cause of asking the question ‘why’, and answer thoughtfully
  • Take risks
  • Get into areas of discomfort

Rashim Mogha

Rashim Mogha is the Customer Market Leader and General Manager at Skillsoft

She emphasizes 2 things that businesses need to always consider:

  • The growth of customers
  • The Innovation mindset of businesses

She says that businesses have to realize that digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s much more than that

She states that companies need to stop thinking about strategies and start thinking about customer-centric solutions.

Pallav Modi

Pallav Modi is the Founder of AImadesimple. He is a technology entrepreneur with a keen interest in Artificial intelligence and emerging technologies.

“Get obsessed with AI”, he says!

The upcoming AI trends we need to leverage in the retail and e-commerce space that businesses need to gear up for:

  • Conversational AI: It is playing a big role in how people interact with your customers
  • Voice AI: Multilingual Capabilities.

John Andrews

John Andrews, CEO at Photofy, Inc. He is the idea behind creating ‘Photofy - world’s easiest commercial content creation platform’ 

He explains how we need to focus on pull marketing, making a complete shift from traditional push marketing.

Two things that you can leverage in pull marketing:

  • Chatbots
  • Automation

“Chatbots can help businesses in the retail sector and people rarely choose humans over automation,” he explains.

Elise Quevedo

Elise Quevedo, also known as “The Digital Ghost Queen” for her behind-the-scenes work, helping businesses and individuals from C-level executives to Hollywood stars thrive in cyberspace.

She advises businesses to focus on - ‘providing value to customers” in 2 ways:

  • Technology needs to focus less on being fancy, it needs to focus more on the value that users gain from it
  • Even our social media needs to be less about us selling, and more of us providing value to our customers

Alex Genov

Alex Genov is the Head of Customer Research at Zappos, Keynote Speaker, and Advisor.

He states the challenges that market research is facing in terms of data management and advanced technology.

The #1 thing that eCommerce organizations should do to dramatically improve their CX:

  • Understand people on a psychological level
  • Then combine it with big data

The goal is to understand the customer as a person and apply big data to it, for understanding the customer on a deeper level. Work on creating an emotional experience and not count the audience as numbers.

Shane Barker

Shane Barker is the CEO of Shane Barker Consulting and a Digital Marketing Consultant and keynote speaker

When selecting a platform for your campaign, keep the “Rs” of influence in mind. They are as follows:

  • Resonance – Potential engagement i.e determined by the number of likes and comments on an influencer’s post
  • Relevance – Know which platforms the influencers in your niche use the most
  • Reach – The number of people/users you may be able to reach by using the content on the platform

Bob Hayes

Bob Hayes is the President at Business Over Broadway.

“If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, we need to all be digitized as companies.” 

He explains how AI can be interpreted in 2 ways:

  • AI is Augmented Intelligence
  • It will solve easy and quick problems, and pass the complex ones to humans

Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss is the Godmother of Customer Experience, Founder and CEO at Customer Bliss, and the Co-Founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).

5 Leadership Actions to Build Trust With Those Who Serve Customers:

  • Lead by example, even when it’s unpopular
  • Remember to serve your team and customers authentically
  • Provide strength through transparency
  • Don’t pretend to have all the answers
  • Delegate, empower, illuminate

Keith Keller

Twitter Marketing specialist, Keith Keller talks about the 3 Pillars of content marketing in this interview on Engati CX.

According to Keith, we should stop pushing just your product but also something the user wants to see. 

The 3 key factors/elements of an effective message are:

  • Engagement
  • Entertainment
  • Empowerment

Michelle Badenhorst 

Michelle Badenhorst is a CX Strategy Advisor at Map & Key.

According to Michelle, customer centricity is much more than a strategy. Here are two points that need to be noted:

  • Seeing your customer as an important asset and how and where is money spent by them
  • It should exceed customer expectations and not just fix problems

Michael King

Michael King is the Founder of iPullRank and a Marketing Technologist. We have heard his voice on digital marketing, AI, SEO, and how to build scalable brands.

Here are the 2 pieces of advice he shares with us:

  • Let your customers find you whenever they are looking for similar products
  • Diversify your presence across multiple channels!

Michael also sheds light on the age-old question of whether to create content for humans or search engines. Take advantage of these tips for your business.

Jonathan Aufrey

Jonathan Aufrey is the CEO of Growth Hackers.

Here’s how we need to look at growth hacking:

  • Bridging the gap between marketing and product to improve the product
  • Think and implement customer-centric activities

He states “LinkedIn is the tool to use for connecting in B2B! Don’t always send marketing messages directly. Connect and interact with others.”

Steph Hermanson

Steph Hermanson, the Chief Revenue Officer at Atomic Revenue, talks about True Digital ROI on Engati CX.

Customers want to self-serve, they don’t want to waste their time, they’re smart.

“60% of the buying decisions are made even before a person interacts with the salesperson”.

She says Digital ROI is a love language. Most people get confused between ROI with the number of likes, shares, sentiments whereas digital ROI is the same everywhere.

Jim Rembach

Jim Rembach is the President at Influence to Action and a B2B Digital Growth Expert

Businesses can successfully achieve high customer experience scores in any customer-driven environment. 

For that you need to focus on these 5 Is of customers service-

  • Intention
  • Investments
  • Inventions
  • Inspections
  • Iteration

Donna Weber

Donna Webber is the President and Customer Onboarding Leader at Springboard Solutions.

While revealing the biggest customer onboarding challenge that helps in recognizing, evaluating, and rectifying the customer onboarding metrics, Donna points out 2 clear things- 

  • Technology is usually the last thing, it makes people efficient but it doesn’t fix things
  • First is the way you treat your customers!

Michael Brandt

Michael Brandt is the Founder Member of DACH at the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO)

Michael shares 3 exclusive, high priority tips that businesses need to keep in mind while introducing a customer feedback program:

  • Communicate openly with your customers
  • Communicate internally with your company
  • Be serious about solving customer complaints and solve them quickly

Whom did we miss?

It's fantastic that so much knowledge and enthusiasm are being shared on various platforms!

There are undoubtedly many more experts to learn from, but this is, in our opinion, the bare minimum of influencers to get you started in the right direction.

If we missed anyone important who you follow and worship, please let us know and we will reach out to them.

Note: The influencers in this list are selected based on their research work, social media influence & followership, achievements, and association with the innovation in the AI domain. This article is not intended to convey any form of ranking amongst the influencers listed here.

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