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Tech Corner

Top 20 AI Influencers you NEED to follow in 2022

Engati Team
Dec 27
14-15 mins

Table of contents

Key takeawaysCollaboration platforms are essential to the new way of workingEmployees prefer engati over emailEmployees play a growing part in software purchasing decisionsThe future of work is collaborativeMethodology

The world of AI is rapidly changing, and we'd like to help you keep up with it.

We've curated a list of the Top 20 AI Influencers that you should follow in 2021. This list comprises global business leaders, authors, AI advocates, data scientists, and professors. Follow them, reach out to them, and see how they can guide you on your AI journey.

Each of these AI leaders has deep insights that will help you optimize your business with artificial intelligence. They helped us at Engati stay current with recent innovations and developments in the space of AI.

Andy Fitze AI

1. Andy Fitze

LinkedIn | Twitter

Andy is the Co-Founder and CIO of SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub. He’s also the President of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum. 

Andy is a digital enterprise leader and is transforming business strategies keeping the best interests of shareholders, customers, and employees in mind.

Follow him for your daily dose of AI news and thoughts on using AI to improve your business.

Catch our interview with Andy on AI in daily life

Maria Luciana Axente Ethical AI

2. Maria Luciana Axente 

LinkedIn | Twitter

Maria Luciana Axente is the lead for Responsible AI & AI for Good at PwC UK. 

She leads the implementation of ethics in AI for the firm on three-level at an organization, product/team, and individual level partnering with industry, academia, governments, NGO, and civil society. 

Maria helps PwC harness AI’s power ethically and responsibly while acknowledging the benefits and risks in many walks of life. Maria is also a globally recognized AI ethics expert.

Watch Maria talk about Ethical AI on Engati CX.

Nazareen Ebrahim AI ethics

3. Nazareen Ebrahim

LinkedIn | Twitter

Nazareen Ebrahim is the Founder, CEO, and AI ethics officer at Socially Acceptable - South Africa.

Nazareen is also the Founder & CEO of Naz Consulting. She also provides face-to-face training and entrepreneurial mentorship.

Follow Nazareen for insights on Ethical AI, Responsible Data Science, and Machine Learning

Watch our interview with Nazareen, as she talks about controlling AI bias.

 Shailendra Kumar SAP

4. Shailendra Kumar

LinkedIn | Twitter

Shailendra is the Vice President and Chief Evangelist of SAP and Advisory Board Member of Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber Security, and Telecommunication. 

Shailendra has over a quarter of a century of artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, and data science experience. 

He’s all about sharing the knowledge that he has gained and regularly goes live to talk about AI and how startups and established companies can both use AI to maximize their results.

Shailendra talks about Industry 4.0 in his Engati CX interview.

 Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka AI

5. Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka

LinkedIn | Twitter

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka has been ranked #5th as the Data Science Influencer for 2018 by Onalytica and ranked  #4th as the Machine Learning Influencer for January 2018 by KCore Analytics.

He’s the Chief AI HPC Scientist at Accenture and is also the best-selling author of two books that held the #1 spot on Amazon for multiple years.

Dr. Ganapathi walks us through the history of NLP on Engati CX.

Katie King AI in Business

6. Katie King

LinkedIn | Twitter

Katie is the CEO of AI in Business. 

She is a member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) task force for the enterprise adoption of AI. 

Katie is the author of ‘Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge.’

With over 30 years of experience, she has advised many of the world's leading brands and business leaders, including Accenture, Orange, and Arsenal Football Club.

Katie shares 10 tips on harnessing AI for your business in her interview with us.

Utpal Chakraborty AI Yes Bank

7. Utpal Chakraborty

LinkedIn | Twitter

Utpal Chakraborty is the Head of Artificial Intelligence at YES BANK. He is also a well-known researcher, speaker, and writer on artificial intelligence and IoT.

Utpal is also a TEDx speaker. He’s the co-author of 'Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and the author of ‘Artificial Intelligence for all.’

Watch Utpal talk about Gaining the competitive advantage with RPA on Engati CX

Alvin Foo DAOventures

8. Alvin Foo

LinkedIn | Twitter

Alvin is the co-founder of DAOventures, a decentralized finance asset manager. 

He has held leadership roles in a range of companies and was even the Head of Mobile for Google China.

Alvin is prolific on social media with posts about robotics, AI, and technology in general.

Catch our interview with Alvin on next-gen mobile tech

Imtiaz Adam AI and data science

9. Imtiaz Adam

LinkedIn | Twitter

Imtiaz Adam is an artificial intelligence & strategy executive and data scientist. 

He specializes in strategy and digital transformation with a focus on ROI. He is well versed in AI, covering machine learning and deep learning, strategy, digital marketing, corporate development, 5G, and data-driven decision making. 

He’s had experience in advising many industries, including FinTech, Healthcare, Marketing, and Security. 

Imtiaz explains the blueprint for value-generation in his Engati CX interview.

 Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach The Artificial Intelligence Imperative

10. Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

LinkedIn | Twitter

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach is a technology strategist experienced in the high-tech ecosystem domain and is the leading author for ‘The Artificial Intelligence Imperative.’  

She’s able to structure partnership agreements with global technology companies offering a competitive advantage. 

Dr. Anastassia inspires and motivates people and relies on powerful analytics to solve problems and facilitate rapid decision-making. 

She even trains Fortune 500 companies in cybersecurity and data technologies. 

Dr. Anastassia talks about Ethical AI and how to tackle deepfakes in her Engati CX interview.

Nigel Willson WE and AI

11. Nigel Willson

LinkedIn | Twitter

Nigel Willson is a global speaker, influencer, and advisor on artificial intelligence, innovation, and technology.

An ex-European Chief Technology Officer, Nigel is now an independent voice on artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

He is also the Co-founder of WE and AI, whose mission is to increase public awareness and understanding of the risks and rewards of artificial intelligence in the UK.  

In his Engati CX interview, Nigel shows us how AI is all-pervasive.

Thomas Wolf Hugging Face

12. Thomas Wolf

LinkedIn | Twitter

Thomas Wolf is a co-founder and the Chief Science Officer at Hugging Face. 

Hugging Face is all about democratizing NLP, one commit at a time, and he leads the science team, focusing on the most complex technical and legal situations. 

Thomas excels in autonomously setting up comprehensive and creative solutions to complex issues.

Watch Thomas talk about overcoming the challenges of computational linguistics on Engati CX.

Hessie Jones human-centered AI

13. Hessie Jones

LinkedIn | Twitter

Hessie Jones is a seasoned digital strategist and privacy technologist who challenges the notion of complacency. 

She advocates for data rights, sovereignty, and human-centred AI through ethical distribution strategies. 

In her 20-year journey, she ventured into start-up technologies: privacy, security, data targeting: behavioral and ID profiling, MarTech, and industry experience in advertising, banking, and digital technology. 

Her current focus is on Data Privacy, Identity, Sovereignty, and Ethical AI as data breaches and data misuse become more commonplace. 

Hessie discusses digital ethics and transformation on Engati CX.

Martin Musiol Storybeep

14. Martin Musiol

LinkedIn | Twitter

Martin Musiol is the senior data scientist at IBM in Europe, the co-founder and the instructor of generativeai.net, and the co-founder and former CTO of Storybeep, a natural language processing company.

He is passionate about machine learning, especially deep learning architecture such as generative and adversarial networks that can generate images, music videos, and other kinds of data. 

Catch Martin’s Engati CX interview on functions across AI.

Patrick Bangert AI Samsung

15. Patrick Bangert

LinkedIn | Twitter

Patrick is the VP of Artificial Intelligence at Samsung SDS America.

He directs their AI Engineering and AI Sciences teams that provide the full spectrum of AI model development.

Follow Patrick for content about artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and their applications.

Patrick sheds light on logic-driven AI in his Engati CX interview.

Aleksandra Przegalinska AI

16. Aleksandra Przegalinska

LinkedIn | Twitter

A former MIT Research Fellow and future Harvard Senior Research Fellow, Aleksandra is an associate Professor at Kozminski University. 

She has a Ph.D. in Artificial intelligence and is interested in new technologies, sustainable technological growth, media studies, critical theory, and system/organization theory. 

Aleksandra currently specializes in wearable technology.

Watch Aleksandra talk about international technology transfer on Engati CX.

Srini Janarthanam chatbot and Conversational UI development

17. Srini Janarthanam

LinkedIn | Twitter

Srini Janarthanam is NatWest’s Conversational AI - Technology Designer. 

He has developed award-winning chatbots and has over ten years of experience in conversational technology, designing architectures, and developing cloud-based solutions. 

He is the writer of a developer handbook on Chatbots and Conversational UI titled ‘Hands-On Chatbots and Conversational UI Development.’ 

Srini sheds light on conversational design in his Engati CX interview.

Maaike Groenewege Women in Voice

18. Maaike Groenewege

LinkedIn | Twitter

Maaike Groenewege is a conversational consultant, conversational linguist, content architect and is also the founder of Women in Voice, NL. 

Having worked as a technical writer in aviation for 14 years, she believes that creating a chatbot, knowledge base, or any other information product is easy. 

The magic lies in creating great content experiences through continuous maintenance, improvement, and innovation and building organizations that make this possible.

Catch Maaike talk about designing effective conversational interfaces on Engati CX.

Tony Boobier ‘Advanced Analytics and AI: Impact, Implementation and the Future of Work

19. Tony Boobier

LinkedIn | Twitter

As a past-Executive with IBM, Tony Boobier is an independent expert, mentor, consultant, and Advisory Board member. 

He’s an international author of 3 books, 'Analytics for Insurance,’ ‘Advanced Analytics and AI: Impact, Implementation and the Future of Work,’ and 'AI and the Future of Banking.’ 

Tony is passionate about international business development, analytics, supply chain, and AI. 

Watch Tony discuss advanced analytics in his interview with us.

Fredrik Hofflander AI and automation

20. Fredrik Hofflander


Fredrik Hofflander is a technology and business leader with a strong focus on helping companies get to the next level of their work with AI. 

He’s passionate about building up high-performance, cross-functional, and self-managed balanced teams and is currently building and leading an organization of senior data scientists, AI-developers, and data engineers. His team aims to become a knowledge hub within the field of AI.

Fredrik talks about how automation is absolutely necessary right now in his Engati CX interview.

We hope these AI influencers inspire you to build and use AI systems in the best possible way. Follow them to learn about the latest developments in the space of AI, get daily AI news, and see how you can optimize your business with artificial intelligence.

Build an AI chatbot to engage your always-on customers

Whom did we miss?

According to Twitter, there are more than 326 million monthly active Twitter users. On any given day, approximately 500 million tweets are sent. There’s a lot of useful information swirling around the platform. We might have missed someone that should be on this list.

That’s where you come in the picture.

We’d love to hear who you think should be included in our list and we'll shoot them a message right away!

Note: The influencers in this list are selected based on their research work, social media influence & followership, achievements, and association with the innovation in the AI domain. This article is not intended to convey any form of ranking amongst the influencers listed here.

Take a look at the Top 222 influencers to follow in year 2022!


Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

Andy is the Co-Founder and CIO of SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub. He’s also the President of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum.

Andy is a digital enterprise leader and is transforming business strategies keeping the best interests of shareholders, customers, and employees in mind.

Follow him for your daily dose of AI news and thoughts on using AI to improve your business.

Catch our interview with Andy on AI in daily life

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