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Top 20 AI Influencers to follow for 2022

Engati Team
Mar 4
5-7 mins

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top 20 ai influencers

The world is rapidly changing with AI and is set to be the key source of transformation, disruption, and competitive advantage in today’s fast-changing economy. At times it becomes difficult to cope with the technology and AI. 

We have created a list of the top 20 AI influencers that were most followed in 2021. The list consists of global business leaders, authors, AI advocates, data scientists, and professors. Follow them, reach out to them, and see how they can guide you on your AI journey.

Top 20 AI influencers; how many are on your list?

Andy Fitze AI

‍Andy Fitze

LinkedIn | Twitter

Andy is the Co-Founder and CIO of SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub. He’s also the President of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum. Andy is a digital enterprise leader and is transforming business strategies keeping the best interests of shareholders, customers, and employees in mind.

LinkedIn Followers: 32K

Maria Luciana Axente 

LinkedIn | Twitter

Maria is the lead for Responsible AI & AI for Good at PwC UK. She leads the implementation of ethics in AI for the firm on three-level at an organization, product/team, and individual level partnering with industry, academia, governments, NGO, and civil society. She helps PwC harness AI’s power ethically and responsibly while acknowledging the benefits and risks in many walks of life. Maria is also a globally recognized AI ethics expert.

LinkedIn Followers: 17k

Nazareen Ebrahim AI ethics

Nazareen Ebrahim

LinkedIn | Twitter

Nazareen Ebrahim is the Founder, CEO, and AI ethics officer at Socially Acceptable - South Africa. Nazareen is the Founder & CEO of Naz Consulting. Along with that she provides entrepreneurial and face to face training.Her areas of interest revolve around Ethical AI, Responsible Data Science, and Machine Learning.

LinkedIn Followers: 5k

 Shailendra Kumar SAP

Shailendra Kumar

LinkedIn | Twitter

Shailendra is the Vice President and Chief Evangelist of SAP and Advisory Board Member of Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber Security, and Telecommunication. Shailendra has over a quarter of a century of artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, and data science experience. He’s all about sharing the knowledge that he has gained and regularly goes live to talk about AI and how startups and established companies can both use AI to maximize their results.

LinkedIn Followers: 30k

Mark Minevich

LinkedIn | Twitter

Mark Minevich is an investor, UN advisor, AI advocate, innovator, chair of the executive committee and external affairs at AI for Good Foundation and president and general partner at Going Global Ventures. He dedicates innovation efforts to amplify capabilities and positively impact healthcare, engineering, financial, and environmental areas. Mark is an award-winning technology executive and has published two books and over 40 articles on AI, Industry 4.0, IoT.

LinkedIn Followers: 17k

 Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka AI

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka

LinkedIn | Twitter

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka has been ranked #5th as the Data Science Influencer for 2018 by Onalytica and ranked  #4th as the Machine Learning Influencer for January 2018 by KCore Analytics. He’s the Chief AI HPC Scientist at Accenture and is also the best-selling author of two books that held the #1 spot on Amazon for multiple years.

LinkedIn Followers: 30k

Katie King AI in Business

Katie King

LinkedIn | Twitter

Katie is the CEO of AI in Business and the AI Ethics Advisor for RAD AI. She is a member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) task force for the enterprise adoption of AI. Katie is the author of ‘Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge.’ With over 30 years of experience, she has advised many of the world's leading brands and business leaders, including Accenture, Orange, and Arsenal Football Club.

LinkedIn Followers: 16k

Utpal Chakraborty AI Yes Bank

Utpal Chakraborty

LinkedIn | Twitter

Utpal Chakraborty is the Cheif Digital Officer (CDO) for Allied Digital Services Limited and former Head of Artificial Intelligence at YES BANK. He is also a well-known researcher, speaker, and writer on artificial intelligence and IoT. Utpal is also a TEDx speaker. He’s the co-author of 'Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and the author of ‘Artificial Intelligence for all.’

LinkedIn Followers: 24k

Raja Iqbal

LinkedIn | Twitter

Raja is a data scientist, entrepreneur, and founder & CEO of Data Science Dojo. Before that, Raja has worked with Microsoft for more than 6 years in various positions on the data front. He is devoted to self-improvement and is constantly in the quest for improving himself professionally. Through Data Science Dojo, his team is aspiring 10,000+ data science professionals and creating an impact in 2500+ companies around the globe.

LinkedIn Followers: 11k

Alvin Foo DAOventures

‍Alvin Foo

LinkedIn | Twitter

Alvin is the co-founder of DAOventures, advisor for NASDEX, and a decentralized finance asset manager. He has held leadership roles in a range of companies and was even the Head of Mobile for Google China. Alvin is prolific on social media with posts about robotics, AI, and technology in general.

LinkedIn Followers: 29k

Imtiaz Adam AI and data science

Imtiaz Adam

LinkedIn | Twitter

Imtiaz Adam is an artificial intelligence & strategy executive, Founder & Director for strategy & data science at Deep Learn Strategies Limited, and a data scientist. He specializes in strategy and digital transformation with a focus on ROI. He is well versed in AI, covering machine learning and deep learning, strategy, digital marketing, corporate development, 5G, and data-driven decision making. He’s had experience in advising many industries, including FinTech, Healthcare, Marketing, and Security.

LinkedIn Followers: 19k

 Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach The Artificial Intelligence Imperative

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

LinkedIn | Twitter

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach is a technology strategist experienced in the high-tech ecosystem domain, Managing director of The ExCo Group (formerly Merryck & Co. Americas), Member of the Advisory Board of Aira Technologies,  and is the leading author for ‘The Artificial Intelligence Imperative.’ She’s able to structure partnership agreements with global technology companies offering a competitive advantage. Dr. Anastassia inspires and motivates people and relies on powerful analytics to solve problems and facilitate rapid decision-making. 

LinkedIn Followers: 10k

Nigel Willson WE and AI

Nigel Willson

LinkedIn | Twitter

Nigel Willson is a global speaker, influencer, and advisor on artificial intelligence, innovation, and technology. He’s the Founding Partner of "awakenAI" and Founding Editorial Board Member at Springer Nature. An ex-European Chief Technology Officer, Nigel is now an independent voice on artificial intelligence and machine learning. He is also the Co-founder of WE and AI, whose mission is to increase public awareness and understanding of the risks and rewards of artificial intelligence in the UK.  

LinkedIn Followers: 14k

Thomas Wolf Hugging Face

Thomas Wolf

LinkedIn | Twitter

Thomas Wolf is a co-founder and the Chief Science Officer at Hugging Face. Hugging Face is all about democratizing NLP, one commit at a time, and he leads the science team, focusing on the most complex technical and legal situations. Thomas excels in autonomously setting up comprehensive and creative solutions to complex issues.

LinkedIn Followers: 15k

Louis Bouchard

LinkedIn | Twitter

Louis is an AI enthusiast, speaker, writer, Head of AI at Designstripe, and the founder of Discord Server. He is currently doing his master’s in artificial intelligence alongside freelancing at Global AI Ethics Institute and running his podcast series ‘What’s AI’ on YouTube.
His area of interest includes subjects like AI, neurosciences, and philosophy.

LinkedIn Followers: 17k

Hessie Jones human-centered AI

Hessie Jones

LinkedIn | Twitter

Hessie Jones is a seasoned digital strategist and privacy technologist who challenges the notion of complacency. She advocates for data rights, sovereignty, and human-centred AI through ethical distribution strategies.  In her 20-year journey, she ventured into start-up technologies: privacy, security, data targeting: behavioral and ID profiling, MarTech, and industry experience in advertising, banking, and digital technology.  Her current focus is on Data Privacy, Identity, Sovereignty, and Ethical AI as data breaches and data misuse become more commonplace. 

LinkedIn Followers: 5k

Kirk Borne

LinkedIn | Twitter

Data Scientist at DataPrime, Inc, founder of Data Leadership Group, and Big data, Data Science, AI, IoT & Machine Learning influence worldwide. He’s also an Astrophysicist, Public Speaker, Blogger, Consultant and Space Scientist, and Data Literacy advocate. His area of expertise includes Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Big Data, X-Informatics,  Observational Astronomy, and Computational Astrophysics.

LinkedIn Followers: 66k

Profile photo of Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr

LinkedIn | Twitter

Bernard Marr is the Founder and CEO at Bernard Marr & Co., one of the world’s most successful social media influencers, and has ranked one of the world’s top 5 business influencers by LinkedIn. He is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, visionary, futurist, and business & technology advisor to governments and enterprises. AI, AR, VR, Big Data, Robotics, and Machine Learning has always been his subject of interest. And with his expertise in the following domains, he has been able to help organizations improve their business performance and achieve great success. 

LinkedIn Followers: 147k

Aleksandra Przegalinska AI

Aleksandra Przegalinska

LinkedIn | Twitter

A former MIT Research Fellow and future Harvard Senior Research Fellow, Aleksandra is an associate Professor at Kozminski University and the Ambassador for SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network. She has a Ph.D. in Artificial intelligence and is interested in new technologies, sustainable technological growth, media studies, critical theory, and system/organization theory. Aleksandra currently specializes in wearable technology.

LinkedIn Followers: 12k

Ronald van Loon

LinkedIn | Twitter

Ronald van Loon is the Principal Analyst and the CEO of the Intelligent World and, Advisory Board Member & Big data and Analytics Course Advisor at Simplilearn. He’s Pioneer in technology and a public speaker on AI, ML, Digital Transformation, and other topics. Focuses majorly on how data and analytics can be leveraged for the company’s growth. Ronald bags more than 130+ honors, recognitions, and awards across the globe in different domains.

LinkedIn Followers: 55k

Harold Sinnott

LinkedIn | Twitter

Harold Sinnott is a Tech Influencer, Digital Consultant, Talent Developer, Technology influencer, author, and speaker on emerging technologies and digital transformations. Sinnott has competence in Human Resource Management, which has enabled him to work with some of the most successful companies across the globe including Citi Group, DHL, Motorola, and Jhonson & Johnson. More than that, he has helped B2B tech brands Intel, Siemens, Cisco, Ericsson, Lenovo & Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the domain of mobility, cloud, 5G, automation, RPA, IoT, AI, AR, VR, BigData, infrastructure, and CyberSecurity.

LinkedIn Followers: 15k

Tony Boobier ‘Advanced Analytics and AI: Impact, Implementation and the Future of Work

Tony Boobier

LinkedIn | Twitter

As a past-Executive with IBM, Tony Boobier is an independent expert, mentor, consultant, and Advisory Board member. He’s an international author of 3 books, 'Analytics for Insurance,’ ‘Advanced Analytics and AI: Impact, Implementation and the Future of Work,’ and 'AI and the Future of Banking.’ Tony is passionate about international business development, analytics, supply chain, and AI. 

LinkedIn Followers: 2k

Antonio Grasso

LinkedIn | Twitter

Antonio Grasso is the Founder & CEO at Digital Business Innovation Srl, Intel IoT Software Innovator at Intel Corporation, and a part of the Evaluation Committee for AI4EU - Europe’s AI-on-Demand Platform. Antonio is a public sector consultant, advisor, B2B influencer, author, software innovator, and researcher. His domain expertise & research interests have been around artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and sustainability.

LinkedIn Followers: 16k

We hope these AI influencers inspire you to build and use AI systems in the best possible way. Follow them to learn about the latest developments in the space of AI, get daily AI news, and see how you can optimize your business with artificial intelligence.

Whom did we miss?

According to Twitter, there are more than 326 million monthly active Twitter users. On any given day, approximately 500 million tweets are sent. There’s a lot of useful information swirling around the platform. We might have missed someone that should be on this list. That’s where you come into the picture. We’d love to hear who you think should be included in our list and we'll shoot them a message right away!

Note: The influencers in this list are selected based on their research work, social media influence & followership, achievements, and association with the innovation in the AI domain. This article is not intended to convey any form of ranking amongst the influencers listed here.

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2. Maria Luciana Axente.
3. Nazareen Ebrahim.
4. Shailendra Kumar.
5. Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka.
6. Katie King.
7. Utpal Chakraborty.
8. ‍Alvin Foo.
9. Imtiaz Adam.
10. Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach."