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7 most innovative chatbots the world has witnessed!

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September 26, 2023
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Most innovative chatbots

AI Chatbots have become extraordinarily popular in recent years. Love them or hate them- chatbots are here to stay! In the business aspect, innovative chatbots are extremely helpful in creating a strong brand image and provide the best possible customer service. Thanks to advances in technology and machine learning, chatbots have become more advanced and can do so much more than just automating mundane tasks. As time goes on, chatbots will continue to evolve and eventually perform a central role in all different types of companies.

As more and more companies start using artificial intelligence chatbots, their use-cases have grown to a larger extent and are being used creatively around the world.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the 7 most innovative chatbots built and being used by companies and organizations around the world!

COVIDAsha bot: Helping citizens gain access to medical facilities

The COVIDAsha chatbot, built on Engati, is available on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger. It helps citizens seeking help get in touch with suppliers of critical medicines and medical facilities like oxygen, plasma, and ambulances.

COVID-19 support chatbot
The COVIDAsha bot helps citizens gain access to medical facilities

The bot helps those who are in need of medicines and other medical facilities get in touch with local suppliers in English and four regional languages.

COVID 19 support bot in regional languages
The COVIDAsha bot functions in 5 languages

Endurance bot: A companion for dementia patients

Dementia is a broad term for diseases and conditions characterized by a decline in memory, language, problem-solving, and other thinking skills that affect a person's ability to perform everyday activities. Memory loss is an example. Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia. About 50 million people have Dementia today, so imagine a mass of about 50 million people struggling with daily interactions and their overall conversational abilities, which only worsens as the illness progresses. Many people living with dementia experience shame and frustration that often make routine, everyday talks with even close family members challenging. That’s why Russian technology company Endurance developed its companion HR chatbot.

As mentioned above, many people with Alzheimer’s disease struggle with short-term memory loss. Therefore, the chatbot aims to identify deviations in meaningful conversations that may indicate a problem with immediate recollection. In addition, since the chatbot is a cloud-based solution, doctors and family members can review communication data collected in the bot to identify potential degradation of memory function and communicative issues that could signify deterioration of the patient’s condition.

Though the project is still in its early stages, it still has great potential to help scientists, doctors, and other care teams to better understand how Alzheimer’s disease can affect the brain. The conversational agent is currently an open-source project, meaning that anyone can contribute to the development of the bot’s codebase. A Russian version of the bot is already available, and an English version is expected at some point this year. Endurance bot is one of the classic examples of innovative chatbots.

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Casper bot: Keeping insomniacs company through the night

Insomnia chatbot
Chatbots can help insomniacs

We have all experienced insomnia at some point in our lives. Those nights when we just can’t get our heads together, overthinking and over worrying while the whole world is resting peacefully, and the obvious worst of all, unable to sleep no matter how hard you try! Hence, Casper’s have come out with Insomnobot 3000, a conversational agent that provides insomniacs, someone, to talk to while the rest of the world rests easy.

UNICEF bot: Giving marginalized communities a voice

UNICEF U-Report bot
UNICEF's U-Report team

International child advocacy nonprofit, UNICEF, is using chatbot innovation to help people living in developing nations speak out about the needs and requirements of their communities.

U-Report is a messaging tool that empowers young people worldwide to engage with and speak out on issues that matter to them. The bot focuses on large-scale data gathering via polls. U-Report regularly makes and sends out prepared polls on a range of urgent social issues, and the users, known as “U-Reporters”, can respond with their input. UNICEF then uses this feedback as the basis for potential policy recommendations. U-Report is another good example of innovative chatbots.

U-Report is now active in 60 countries, benefiting 8 million users all over the world every day! Country U-Reports are run by UNICEF and partners on the ground, including local government, non-governmental organizations, and young people themselves. U-Report is available via numerous messaging, social media, and SMS channels and even works on a basic mobile phone. It is free, anonymous, and easy to use!

In one particularly obvious example of how this bot has made a significant impact, U-Report sent a poll to users in Liberia about whether teachers were forcing students into sex in exchange for better grades. Approximately 86% of the 13,000 Liberian children U-Report polled responded that their teachers engaged in this despicable practice, which resulted in a collaborative project between UNICEF and Liberia’s Minister of Education to put an end to it.

NatGeo Genius

National Geographic genius chatbot
NatGeo Genius

Have you ever wanted to talk to Einstein about his love life? Who wouldn’t love an opportunity to chat with one of the most iconic scientific minds ever to exist? National Geographic has just made that (kind of) possible with a new Facebook Messenger chatbot promoting their show Genius, a dramatic look at the life of Albert Einstein as he grapples with theoretical physics, relationships, and an increasingly dangerous and hostile political world. Before the show on Albert Einstein aired, for instance, website visitors who clicked “Send Message” were connected with “Einstein.”

This irreverent bot followed the user’s conversation, replying with information about the show and quips about relativity and other topics Einstein studied and jokes. In addition to making jokes, the Einstein bot also answers common questions. Today, the bot has generated stellar engagement, including 6 to 8-minute average conversations, 11 turns per conversation, 50% user re-engagement, and an involved community of followers. Like most great chatbots, it created the feeling of a one-to-one conversation, connecting the brand and consumer in a more intimate way.

Visual Chatbot

Visual Dialog is a visual chatbot that can interpret images. The chatbot technology is based on computer vision and neural network technologies. Users can upload images directly through the chatbot. The Visual Dialog chatbot will send a message describing what’s in the picture. Playing around with Visual Dialog can be very entertaining and addictive, given the images are attractive and can grasp attention. Image recognition features are sometimes used in e-commerce chatbots as well. Visual chatbot application from popular brands, such as Nike, can use pictures taken with your smartphone to find products and even offer customization options.

Wall Street Journal Chatbot

Imagine that your favourite magazine is able to send you articles that will probably be interesting for you to read. Day after day to your morning coffee, you have a list of the most interesting articles on your phone so that you don’t have to go through a magazine by yourself. It’s like a personal assistant!

These are some of the exciting bots that we could find online built by second-party establishments around the world. We're keeping up as well by making innovative chatbot templates ourselves that can be of some good, procuring to a wide range of innovative use-cases.

Here's a quick list:

  • Tourism bots: Travelling, be it for business or pleasure, is always better when done tension-free! Travel stress-free while a bot can plan, book and organize your trip. Under this section, we have a Tourism bot, Travel Planner bot, City-guide and 200 chatbot templates. Give them a go at our bot marketplace.
  • A bot for the Writers and Authors: A chatbot template for invoking your user's love for reading. Multiple genres and book recommendations to help the user decide what would be the best option for them.
  • Language learning bot: A chatbot template that allows the user to get connected with language experts and learn new languages according to their preference.
  • Pet services: A chatbot template that allows the user to subscribe to daily/weekly newsletters on the basis of their pet's description, avail pet services like - home vet, adoption, pet sitting, buy pet products like wet food and dry food.
  • Government Policy Feedback bot: A chatbot template for governments to collect and store feedback about their policies from its population in Google Sheets. A user who has already entered the feedback will not be allowed to give feedback again.
  • A bot for all the music bands out there: A chatbot template for all the music and drama playgroups to increase their sales and help them reach a wider fan base.
  • TV Show Guide: A simple yet powerful chatbot to help track channels as per category for a service provider.


As you can see, innovative chatbots can meet many customer needs. What is more, this solution works in a lot of different industries. However, all of these chatbots have one thing in common – they help and engage. All in all, these definitely are some of the more innovative chatbot usecases and the ones we’re likely to see more of in the coming years.

To build a bot for yourself, visit Engati and choose through 200+ cool and bot templates as mentioned above at our Chatbot Marketplace!

Don't forget to register with us to begin your journey towards building innovative chatbots for yourself!

PS: Don't forget to check out Duolingo's multilingual chatbot!

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