Chatbots for banking Infographic

Nishita Goyal
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Chatbots for banking Infographic
Bots here, bots there, bots everywhere!
At its core, banking is not simply about profits but about personal relationships - Felix Rohatyn

Banking chatbots are a relief

Chatbots allow customers to ask difficult questions from their homes, without the long wait times from customer support hot lines or bank visits. Website Chatbots provides us this leverage from our own devices and our own homes.

In case of a WhatsApp Chatbot, there’s nothing a customer needs to download, no new interface to learn or complex menus to navigate. The experience for the user is natural and it simply flows, like any conversation should.

Do more with chatbots

What if your ai chatbot can remind you about important bank payments? Periodically inform you about the state of your budget? Suggest how to save money? Inform you about financial products that are best fitted for you? Provide an investment portfolio update? Deliver important, time sensitive notification?

This banking bot infograph designed by Engati will give you a quick view on how you can not only save your time but also provide you a better customer experience!

chatbots in the banking landscape with Engati platform

Engati chatbots

The whole banking system enhances the way we receive financial service and aid. Most of us are not professionals in net banking or may know very little about it. Therefore, banking chatbots are here to bridge the gap between a huge pool of information and us customers.

If you'd like to know more about the product or banking-related services, you can always reach out to us. Engati creates and designs robust banking bots so that your customers have a great experience while interacting with your business. Moreover, an interactive chatbot only persuades them more to trust your business over others.

It is easy to use and is further easy to customise. You can build your own banking chatbot on 12 different platforms without any prior programming knowledge.

Automate your customer support processes with an intelligent banking chatbot. Get started with Engati today.

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