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9 innovative ways to use chatbots in your personal life

Saakshi Jain
Jul 12
4-5 mins

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chatbots for personal life

Chatbots are already being used everywhere around you. You’ve probably used one already, unaware of what exactly it is. Chatbots are being deployed for all kinds of things from marketing, to customer service, to healthcare. In the near future, chatbots will be just like your personal Siri or Alexa right on your phone. Here are 9 cool ways to integrate chatbots into your day-to-day life. 

Dealing with an overbearing boss?

Tired of getting calls from your boss after clocking out? Want to spend your time catching up on Netflix? Can’t enjoy your weekends because of unnecessary messages from the office? Skipping out on plans with your friends because you worried about last-minute meetings? All these are worries from the past with AI chatbots. Use a chatbot to automate work-related messaging on your off time. No more worrying about keeping up your work persona outside of the office. Automated replies take a load off of your brain and give you a chance to check into reality again.

chatbot to deal with demanding boss
A chatbot to deal with a demanding boss

Can’t remember a birthday to save your life?

Keep forgetting your friends' and family’s birthdays? Feeling guilty about not remembering important dates until the very last minute? Throw your worries out the window! With Whatsapp chatbots, you can integrate a personal calendar with all your events and automatically send personalized messages for all sorts of occasions. No more scrambling to draft a text at 11:59 PM. Input a message in the bot and watch it do your work for you. 

“What do you want to eat?” … “Anythings fine 🤷‍♀️”

SOOO done with having to figure out where to eat with your friends? Frustrated with having to figure out a time and place that works the best for all your friends? Getting bored out of your mind waiting for your indecisive significant others, who take a whole decade to decide what they want to eat today? Tired of hearing “Oh I’m good with anything” only to have every single suggestion shot down, and then having to deal with the agony of listening to them complain about how that’s not what they wanted to eat? Automate all your dinner plans by building a simple chatbot. The bot will give your friends options to choose from for the cuisine and location, and they can decide what day and time works best for them. The bot will help you cut down the time spent agonizing over where to go and what to eat. It will also create an appointment onto your calendar app automatically. Just let the chatbot figure out your plans and all you have to do then is enjoy your meal.

Suffering through an ongoing reader’s block?

Confused about what to read next? LOVED a specific book but can’t figure out if you want to dive deep into the genre? Read a book by a specific author but unsure if you’d like their other works? Finished a mind-blowing series and don’t know what to do with your life after? Create a chatbot with machine learning to figure out your next read. By inputting in your favorite genres, tropes, and authors, you could get book recommendations curated specifically for you. Enough of scavenging through obscure websites and Google searches for your next read, your personalized bot will do it all for you. And before you know it, you’ll have a reading list to last you the whole year.

book recommendation chatbot
Book recommendation chatbot

Certified Music Dealer for your friend group?

Got a superior music taste that has all your friends asking, “hey do you know remember what song you played that one time?” Are you the one people come to when they need specific playlists? Integrate your music app’s data onto your own chatbot and share it with your friends. They can get quick answers for all their questions and you would no longer have to sit and search through your ‘Recently Played’ for whatever song that's been stuck in their head for days. 

Can never start a conversation? 

Are you an awkward person? Do you get shy at having to send people texts or start a conversation? Get a chatbot to do it for you! Now you can start conversations without feeling overwhelming anxiety. Your bot can send conversation starters and once the person has replied back, you can take over and keep the conversation going. And just in case you chicken out, the bot can easily reply to your messages for you as well.  

Girlfriend blowing up your phone?

True story- A software engineer from China created a fully automated chatbot to respond to his girlfriend while he was at work. The bot’s automated responses left even the girlfriend fooled by how fast her “boyfriend” replied. The post went viral on Weibo with many commentators asking for the source code for their own girlfriends as well. If your girlfriend is anything like his, you’ve come to the right place. Our no-code bots will be your lifeboat in these trying times. Forget about having to reply to “baby, did you have lunch yet?” “honey, do you love me?” “would you still date me if I was a dog?” Sit back, sip some beer, and continue your gaming sesh while your chatbot deals with all those annoying questions. 

Don’t want to deal with annoying family group chats?

You’d be good if you never got another ‘Good Morning 🌹’ message on your family group chat right? Accomplish something only to have to reply to all distant aunts and uncles that you haven’t met since you were “sooo tiny”. Popular and have a ton of notifications on your birthday? Just make a ‘Thank You Bot’. Automate your outbound messages on Whatsapp without wasting any time thinking about how to deal with the formalities that come with having to deal with people who you couldn’t care less about.

Got pics that will get you in trouble with your parents?

Are you the designated photographer for your group? Tired of having to manually select which pictures to send to who? Scared that you might send something awkward on the family group chat? Create a bot and automate the process entirely! No more worrying about what pictures are meant to be sent to which group. Integrate the data from your photos app and link it to your friends. They can input a date, and the bot can give them the pictures you assign for that day. Nice and easy with no more anxiety about sending the wrong pictures to the wrong people. 

Saakshi Jain

Saakshi is a content writer with a deep interest in research and analysis.

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