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Chatbot development cheatsheet? Here it is!

Engati Team
Sep 15
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There are about a million chatbots out there for every business type. What can make your chatbot set apart from the rest? Here's our AI chatbot development cheat sheet which will help you make the most out of chatbots. Ordinary chatbots often fall out in the market because there are literally so many of them that they get lost in the crowd.

Uniqueness is always admired and appealing. So to make a chatbot that is remarkable to enhance your customer's experiences and increase the value of your business. So let’s see some tricks that you can use for your chatbots.

What makes your chatbot unique?



Giving your business chatbot an identity has to be a primary factor while creating a bot. While building a chatbot you can give your chatbot a name, script catchy greetings and make a dialogue flow with a touch of sense of humour. This way the customers will be attracted and engaged with your chatbot and this will definitely be a start into making your chatbot cool and different from the rest.


Features are the next thing that you can imbibe in your chatbots to make them stand out from the rest of the regular bots. You can use amazing features like conversational modeler, contextual conversations, Live chat, multi-lingual, voice conversations, rich analytics, etc. These features will work their magic and make your chatbot even more efficient and unique.

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While creating a business chatbot, you can make use of the various nodes to customise your chatbot according to your requirements. Different nodes are used for different purposes, like ‘send message’ for your chatbot to be able to send your customers messages, or ‘send message with options’ to send options along with your messages like “yes or no”. Then there's ‘send carousel’ to direct your customers to your website or send other links, ‘send images, videos and audio’ to engage your customers better and much more! To know more, check them out here.



Did you know that every business type requires a different type of chatbot and you can build them using a variety of templates? Templates allow you to create chatbots like FAQ bots, travel chatbots to make bookings and schedule appointments, chatbots that make suggestions and sends broadcast messages, trip planners, etc. With the right use of templates, your chatbot can step apart from the rest and also communicate your product better with your customers.

Explore 200 chatbot templates now!

Here's an app development calculator to calculate how much it's going to cost building the app from scratch.



Integrations refer to where you choose to use your chatbot. You can integrate your chatbot with your Website, Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack, Kik, Google sheets, Google calendar, REST API, Json, Zapier and much more. This will help you reach out to your customers on multiple platforms and increase your business value.


By taking up all these mefthods, you can customise your chatbot and make it creative. Attract customers better now by making a bot that is diverse in its identity and uses. This will definitely help you reap the maximum benefits of a chatbot and will help your business grow.You can now create innovative chatbots at Engati, the best free chatbot building platform. We offer identity customisation, nodes, templates and many features to build your ideal bot upon.

Now that you've gone through our chatbot cheatsheet, it's time to register with Engati now!

Engati Team

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