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What is a WeChat Chatbot?

1. What is WeChat?

  • WeChat, which is owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent, has over a billion monthly users, behind Facebook's WhatsApp and Messenger
  • Be that as it may, it offers far beyond just messaging, allowing its user to do everything from payments to booking flights and hotels. 
  • One key element it has is designated "mini-programs" which are applications inside WeChat.


2. How was WeChat introduced?

In China, social media has been integrated as a part of the consumer shopping experience. 

In comparison with the west, there is a great difference in Chinese customer psychology. Generally, there is an absence of trust towards locally made items, because of the various quality issues over the last couple of years. This has created a tendency for Chinese shoppers to draw out the opinions of different customers and even question the brand themselves before they make a purchase on the web or in-store. 

The sheer number of purchasers and their curiosity is the thing that made the requirement for AI chatbots in China before they came into the minds of Facebook and others. WeChat happily grasped these needs by launching their platform.


3. How Do WeChat Chatbots Work?

The WeChat bot stage is in reality much less difficult than those creating Facebook or Slackbots would anticipate. WeChat bots work by recognizing keywords in content strings and utilizing hand-coded rules for how to react to various circumstances. However, despite everything they still use machine learning and the more clients interact with organizations and brands by means of chatbots, the smarter they will become, and the quicker they will figure out how to comprehend client inputs. 

In spite of the fact that bots are bit by bit figuring out how to comprehend client demands, they still text back only preset reactions. Sadly, they can't offer exceptionally complex responses to profoundly explicit inquiries. On the off chance that the client asks something once more, they answer in a similar way. Brand bots on WeChat essentially to give basic client support and furthermore for entertainment.


4. How to setup chatbot in Wechat?

1. Select deploy from Navigation tab and further select WeChat

2. What will you require?

To have your bot on your WeChat you have to have a WeChat official account. You can go to Weixin and make an account of any sort dependent on your requirement. For testing purposes Engati give a free sandbox account you can test it utilizing this Link.

3. Steps to configure WeChat as a Channel 

3.1 AppID and AppSecret

  • Login to your account and copy the AppID and AppSecret generated for your WeChat account 

[Note: Use lowercase AppID and Appsecret]

  • Go to the Deploy section on the Engati portal and paste the AppID and AppSecret in the fields provided. Click SAVE.

3.2 Webhook and WeChat token 

  • Copy the webhook URL and wechat token from the Deploy segment on Engati gateway and glue it in Endpoint URL and token fields, respectively, on WeChat account page.

  • Save the credentials. Your WeChat is now ready.

3.3 Testing 

  • Scan QR code from the WeChat code scanner in the sandbox account, and test your Engati Chatbot.

4. Key Notes

Points to consider when deploying your chatbot on WeChat

  • For audio and video files links are shared as clickables
  • WeChat doesn't give a choice to show clickable buttons. Consequently following highlights of Engati would not work true to form: 
  • "Send Message with Options" - Clickable button options can't be sent by the bot 
  • "Send Carousel" - Carousels will be displayed as tiles, you cannot select any buttons 

                                       - URLs can only be passed along with a carousel


5. What are some of the Use-Cases for WeChat Chatbots?

A. CRM Management: 

CRM Chatbots will empower an incredible centralization of CRM information. As CRM chatbots are intended to continually gather and break down information to analyze; information is gathered into a central source and in this way reduces the probability of information spillage. 


  • Upgrade salesforce mechanization by having a chatbot send follow up correspondence directly after a business meeting 
  • Use geographical information to push focused on advertising messages and promotions 
  • Use past gathered information to target advertising material circulation with more precision


B. Customer Service: 

Due to headways in AI language processing, customer support chatbots are presently ready to learn how to explain complex client assistance inquiries in addition to playing back preset responses to basic inquiries. Be that as it may, MADJOR accepts that chatbots concentrated on noting basic questions will be an ideal beginning stage. 


  • Checking in Chinese explorers travelling abroad at lodgings without language support 
  • Optimize basic client service use cases to help consumer loyalty and positive results 
  • Proactively proposing tips and deceives to exploring an application/online experience (for example toggle search function like X to get Y)


C. Client Experience Personalization:

As chatbots find out increasingly more about every client over time, every interaction along the client journey can be progressively customized as per client information. 


  • Recommending get-away destinations put together off information gathered with respect to client requirements 
  • Picking particular sorts of lodgings based off information based off previous stay 
  • Proposing a vehicle model and installment plan based off recorded buy information and continuous visit

D. Innovative Marketing Campaigns:

Chatbots would now be able to stimulate real characters and can be connected to peripheral AI tech (for example facial acknowledgment), taking into consideration novel methods for making customer discussion that is unmistakable enough to catch shopper consideration in an ocean of marked WeChat media. 


  • Matching a chatbot with facial recognition innovation to propose a perfect outfit 
  • Blending a chatbot with facial acknowledgment innovation to propose cosmetics/beauty products 
  • Having a fast visit with a chatbot to demonstrate inclinations and afterward letting the bot order a pizza that it's designed

6. What Does Future Hold for WeChat Chatbots? 

WeChat is introduced on pretty much every cell phone in China, and Chinese individuals are completely submerged in the realm of virtual communication and technological adaptation. With each new update, the application's usefulness is improving, and chatbots are changing client communications, lifting them to a progressively refined level. Book a free chatbot demo now!

WeChat clients as of now know that chatbots can not just have a lovely and productive discussion but also additionally offer a sound and helpful guidance. Organizations that have official accounts on WeChat realize that chatbots help them in scaling their customer service groups more proficiently and permit them to react to a more prominent number of questions, in this way fitting very well into their plans of action of the strategy.

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