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Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. What is the Customer satisfaction survey?

One of the ways to collect customer feedback focuses on effective listening during one-on-one sessions with customers. Customer satisfaction surveys provide you with an opportunity to poll users on questions that might otherwise probably go unanswered.

But Customer satisfaction surveys are only helpful if you ask the right questions, in the best way, at the perfect time. That’s why building and using an effective and valuable customer satisfaction survey is vital.

Customer satisfaction is a very important aspect of your business that you need to evaluate continuously if you want to survive and thrive in the long term. 

If your company is big where you have direct feedback from your clients, then you need to start using surveys.

Customer satisfaction surveys are valuable tools that could help businesses identify the level of satisfaction of their customers with the company’s products or services.

Through these surveys, you can discover:

  • Your happiest clients turn into ambassadors.
  • Your unhappy clients and the situations that lead to their dissatisfaction which need to be fixed
  • The overall level of satisfaction that customers have towards your company/brand.

The end goal of these surveys is to give you actionable feedback from your consumers that you can then apply to improve customer’s experience with your products and services.

2. Why are customer satisfaction surveys important?

The survey helps you determine the level of customer satisfaction, so you know what works, what doesn’t, and what do you need to improve to offer a better experience for your clients and customers.

Determining CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is crucial to your business because the cost of getting a new customer is normally 10x bigger than the cost of retaining one that already purchased from you.

People tend to expect things to go well and to receive what they are paying for, so they are less likely to talk about your service or product if all goes well, but if something is off, they are more likely to talk to other people about their bad experience, which leads to bad publicity, thus putting your brand down.

3. Types of customer satisfaction surveys

Depending on the principal goal of the customer satisfaction survey, there are several types:

Product surveys

The questions on this type of survey will reveal how your customers feel about the features of your product such as quality, life, design, flexibility, processability, and range of other products.

Another factor that can be revealed by this type of survey is the gap between the customer’s expectations and real product quality.

Staff & service surveys

This type of customer satisfaction survey will show how your clients feel about the key features of your staff and service.

Starting with representative's availability and knowledge, technical service, the responsibility of returning calls, friendliness of the sales staff, courtesy of the sales staff, responsiveness to inquiries, complaint resolution, and ending with the after-sales service.

Delivery surveys

Order delivery surveys are essential for keeping an eye on the quality of your delivery service. You want to know if your clients have received their delivery on time and if the package was intact and not damaged during the transport.

Pricing surveys

This survey helps you know what is your customers’ perception of service to be received for the price they have paid? You might also want to know about the perceived market price, total cost of use, and value for money.

NPS surveys

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple metric that is strongly concerned with one thing i.e. Measuring customer loyalty.

The single most important question of the NPS survey is:
How likely are you to recommend us (the company/brand) to a friend?

Besides, for more precise analysis, you can ask a follow-up question such as
How likely are you to buy again from us (the company/website)?

This score is calculated by classifying the respondents into Promoters, Neutrals, and Detractors, followed by subtracting the percentage of respondents that are Detractors from the percentage that are Promoters.

4. What are the types of Survey implementation?

You can conduct mobile surveys, website surveys, and also send surveys by email.

Here are some of the types of survey implementations:

Popup survey

One of the most basic technical solutions appropriate for short and logical branching surveys, where the next question depends on the answer one chooses in the previous question. They are a great solution to discover the needs, worries, and interests of your visitors and help you tend to them on the spot.

Static page survey

A static page survey means that all of the questions are presented on a single page, on your website. This type is better for longer surveys, having more than 5 or 6 questions. These questions do not include follow-up questions.

Embeddable iframes

Embeddable iframes allow you to add an HTML document inside the webpage. This means you can build your survey using your chosen service and then insert it into your website on a specific page, which later can get redirected if clicked.

4. How often should you run a client satisfaction survey?

Measuring your customer’s satisfaction should be a continuous process.

Because whatever you find out at a particular moment in time, that survey data will reflect people’s opinions and your company’s performance at that particular moment.

Everything changes, including your customers’ needs, opinions, and perceptions of your products and that’s why it’s essential to conduct such surveys regularly.

The three major client survey types will give you the most precise image of your CSAT:

Survey right after purchase – To show CSAT at that particular moment and extend the base for a good relationship with those customers.

Periodical surveys – To determine how specific segments of your customers are experiencing your products, at a specific time.

Ongoing surveys – You can continuously keep records of the pulse of your customers’ satisfaction and make sure you are maintaining high-quality standards. 

5. Examples for Customer satisfaction survey questions.

These can be considered as customer satisfaction survey example templates -

a) The Dichotomous Survey Question.

This is generally a “yes/no” question. For example:

Did you find what you were looking for?

  • Yes.
  • No.

This is a good start to section your audience from the beginning and addresses each segment accordingly.

To those who answer “no”, you can present a second set of questions to offer customer care assistance.

b) The Multiple Choice Questions.

Multiple choice questions request for single or multiple answers and are some of the most used customer satisfaction survey questions. For example:

What type of company do you work for?
(i) Digital
(ii) E-commerce
(iii) Saas
(iv) Non-profit/ Government
(v) Lead generation

How did you hear about our company?
(i) Blog
(ii) Facebook
(iii) Google search
(iv) Webinar
(v) Colleague/friend
(vi) Other

It’s important to always include the “Other” option, where people can write whatever fits their situation, as it’s impossible to cover all the options possible.

c) Likert scale questions.

The Likert scale questions ask the respondents if they agree or disagree with a statement. This rating scale usually has points also there is always a neutral point in the middle of it. An image of the same is attached below for your reference.

d) Semantic differential questions.

In this case, the scale is marked with different or opposing statements such as short/long, easy/difficult, etc. As depicted in the reference image below.

e) Open-ended questions.

These questions don’t offer any predefined answer to choose from. It allows the respondents to freely write about their experience and suggestions.

For example:

What could we do to enhance your experience with our platform?

6. Sample questions for customer satisfaction surveys

It’s important to keep your surveys short, precise, and to the point. It is important to ask the right questions so you can get the right feedback.
You can choose to ask your clients about their level of satisfaction with the products or services, satisfaction, or overall satisfaction with your brand or company.

Sample questions about Client Service Surveys:

  • Are the client service representatives well trained?
  • Are our company service representatives behaving professionally?
  • Do the client service representatives behave in the best interest of the client?
  • How satisfied are you with the client-service representatives?

Sample questions about Product Surveys:

  • Is this one of the best products you could have purchased?
  • Does this product meet your needs?
  • Are you satisfied with your decision to purchase this product?
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