Customer Feedback

1. What is Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is the information provided by the user on the experience received. Information is collected on how a product/service helped a consumer in solving their problem.

The best way to know the performance of the product is by collecting feedback from the customers. It can be used to check the quality of the product which can later be used on improving it if required. 

2. What is customer satisfaction? And how to ensure customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction involves measuring how happy or satisfied your customers are with your product or service. It includes information collected from customer feedback, surveys, ratings, etc, that helps brands to improve their products and services.

  • Provide customers with the right & adequate information at all times.
  • Be transparent with your customers, don't hide important things from them.
  • Train your staff to provide a good customer experience.
  • Offer high-quality services.

3. What are the 3 types of feedback?

  • Positive Feedback.
  • Constructive Feedback.
  • Negative Feedback.

4. Why is Customer Feedback Important?

A. Helps in finding the key areas to improve on:

Customer feedback helps in identifying the aspects of your product/service that need changes and improvements.

B. Makes your customers feel important and heard:

Customer feedback makes consumers believe that their voices are being heard and acted on. This not only makes them feel important but also makes them feel like a part of the organization.


C. Promotes your brand by getting in referral traffic:

Good customer feedback can also act as a testimony for your business. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing; positive feedback can get in referrals making them the promoters of your brand.

D. Improves the repurchase rate:

Customer feedback also acts as an assurance that their problems are being heard and being solved. This improves the repurchase rate, wanting them to come back for more purchases in the future.

E. Prevents from negative publicity:

Negative feedback on your social media channels can ruin your brand's reputation. Collecting feedback at regular intervals reduces the risk of this. Brands can address this problem by giving offers or discounts to convert the unpleasant experience of the customer into a pleasant one.

F. Gets in organic engagement & traffic:

Customer feedback can also get organic customers to your business. Customers like to read online reviews, opinions, and recommendations before buying a product/service. 

A lot of positive reviews of your brand can get new customers to try out your product/service.

G. Creates Loyal Customers:

Actively listening to your customer's feedback would make them feel connected with your brand. This will help your brand in creating a long term relationship with your customers. This would make them feel like you're not just another company that's trying to sell their services to them instead, they would feel like a part of your family.


5. What's the benefit of gathering customer feedback?

A. Improves the overall website experience:

A good website is the backbone of any business. If your website isn't pleasant, people would prefer others over your brand. And it’s not just the:

  • Colors
  • Navigation
  • Layout
  • Searchability
  • Responsiveness, etc

It’s also what people perceive about your brand and your website. 

You need to conduct research on how your customers are assessing your website and design it accordingly. By building a seamless purchase path you ensure that the abandoned cart rates are reduced. But to reach that, you first need to ask them why they are doing it and what they are looking for in here. Only listening to their answers would improve the conversation and the revenue rate.

B. Build offers that suit your target audience:

To run a successful business you need to offer what your customers are looking for. Expanding your business by getting in new features and inventory without knowing your customer’s view can be risky.

Therefore take regular feedback and opinions of your customers and tailor your strategy accordingly.

C. Improves customer satisfaction:

Acquiring new customers is never easy plus the cost incurred on doing it is way too high compared to retaining your previous customers.

A loyal customer is very valuable for the brand in terms of return purchases and referrals. 

By using NPS i.e. Net promoter score, brands can identify how satisfied their customers are with their brand and if they face any problem they can fix them in order to retain them and hence speeding the growth of their company.


D. Understanding how are your customers finding you:

With the recent advancements in modern technology, you don't need to guess how people landed up on your website. But it has its limitations.

Identifying the sources of all could be difficult and that's where feedback/surveys come in handy. Once you know which channels are working, you could invest more to get your desired results.

An example of the survey could be: How did you hear about us?

  • Referral
  • Facebook Ads or Google Ads
  • Product listing site
  • Social media
  • Others, etc.

E. Generate effective content:

Feedbacks would allow you to know your customers:

  • Preferences
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Problems faced, etc.

Use them to tailor-make content for them.

For example, if your customer is not sure about the process of how to get started on building chatbots, you can build a guide or an ebook, or a tutorial video to help your customer with the whole process.

6. What are the best practices for collecting customer feedback?

  • Have a goal in your mind before starting to collect your customer's feedback.
  • Use the right techniques and strategies that suit your business.
  • Analyze the trends from the collected feedback.
  • Keep experimenting to improve the results and to also solve different issues.
  • Act on your conclusions. Turn your analyzed data into decisions to provide you with good results.

7. What are the different channels to collect feedback from your customers?

The best channels to collect feedback from your customers are:

  • Through Surveys.
  • Feedback boxes.
  • Check their activity feed.
  • Take usability tests.
  • Reach out to them on different social media channels.

8. What are the different strategies/ways to collect customer feedback?

  • Call your customers at regular intervals to know how they feel about your product. Communication is the key.
  • Provide live chat assistance.
  • Monitor social media activity.
  • Collect feedback after your live sessions.
  • Use survey forms.
  • Use analytics to measure your customer service performance.
  • Take email surveys from your new & existing customers.
  • Measure your NPS - Net promoter score.
  • Create a feedback page once you deliver your order.
  • Take online polls on your social media channels.
  • Review your competitor's feedback.
  • Use positive customer feedback as a testimonial.
  • Create a user-friendly site.
  • Reward your customers for providing their valuable feedback.
  • Tackle negative feedback professionally to maintain a good brand image.
  • Build an in-app feedback channel.
  • Ask for feedback after you deliver your service.

9. How can I improve my customer feedback strategy?

  • Collect feedback at regular intervals.
  • It should be easy to find and understand.
  • Use strategies to collect them seamlessly without forcing your customers to fill it for you.
  • Act on the feedbacks that are collected.

10. How is customer feedback analyzed?

Feedback analysis involves identifying your customer's:

  • Needs & wants
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Frustrations faced by them, etc.

This is later used to improve the overall customer experience and hence improving their satisfaction level while reducing the churn rate. Companies use automated techniques to collect this data across multiple channels in a timely and accurate manner.

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