Customer experience as a service (CXaaS)

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Customer experience as a service (CXaaS)

What is Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)?

Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) is a cloud-based customer experience solution that provides a flexible approach to customer experience, by providing reliability and efficiency to customers. It also ensures that your customers are receiving what they had initially expected from you without breaking the bank. 

A Customer Experience-as-a-Service (CXaas) solution is a combination of:

  • CX Strategy
  • Data Integration
  • Automation
  • Employee Expertise, etc.

CXaaS empowers brands to implement customer-centric initiatives faster than ever before.

CXaaS solutions help in planning, curating, crafting, and implementing a range of activities that makeup the customer experience.

Customer experience as a service brings together CX strategy, data integration, automation, and employee expertise to design, develop, and expand customer-centric initiatives at a rather quick pace. CXaaS makes it possible for organizations to create and deliver their ideal customer experience with the speed that their customers crave as well as the efficiency that your business is looking for at a fairly low price.

customer experience as a service cxaas
Customer experience as a service

Why is customer experience as a service (CXaaS) important?

If your CX is substandard, customers will stop doing business with you. But that’s not all that you need to worry about. Shoddy customer experiences can even cause your customers to speak negatively about you to the people in their circles, thus tarnishing your reputation.

If you can’t scale up your customer engagements and support, you’ll end up delivering experiences that will frustrate your customers. CXaaS solutions can help you solve this problem and empower you to give your customers the experience they deserve. 

This would cause your customer retention levels to rise, thus increasing your customer lifetime value.

Why is CXaaS so Powerful?

CXaaS can handle massive volumes of customer data and can even divine insights that can be used by companies to understand their customers’ specific needs and give them what they are looking for in real-time.

Enterprises have started to undergo digital transformation and opt for CXaaS in a bid to data to understand customer behavior more effectively and build strategies that will help the business evolve as customer needs evolve.

The latest advancements in technology and software have made it more accessible than ever to help companies, making it a very powerful tool to get their hands on.

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How does CXaaS enhance your customer experience?

CXaaS ensures good customer experience through its applications and personalized content. Customers love to be appreciated and like their voices to be heard and treated well, a CX roadmap makes it possible.

A smooth customer journey also reduces the extra costs to the company by improving the overall efficiency along the way. The customer data it provides makes the life of marketers easy by truly understanding what they want and need from their brand.

CXaaS helps brands to reimagine their customer experience and acts as a backbone of digital transformation. It integrates applications that can hear and capture your customer's voices to find a resolution and provide them with support to their current problems.

It also empowers your brand to initiate tools like:

  • Customer self-service
  • Automate chatbots
  • Proactive notifications

To improve customer interaction and customer experience.

How does CXaaS (Customer Experience as a Service) work?

CXaaS aligns with your business and CX partners to implement the necessary improvements across all the areas of your customer journey to improve their experience. Here's how it works:

It creates a CX roadmap for your brand:

CX roadmap can get you efficiency and optimization in your business. It optimizes your customer interactions by providing them with a seamless experience at a reasonable cost. Some of the examples are:

  • Chatbots to assist your basic customer queries
  • Segmenting customers to provide them a personalized experience.
  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Automating simple customer and employee tasks
  • Analytics to gather customer data, etc.

All the above solutions play a significant role in reducing the cost while improving the overall efficiency of the CX program. If used together, it can provide a strong frame for understanding your customer's needs and wants and provide insights and how to improve on them.

Enhancing customer experiences by acting on the insights:

Now that you have collected your customer's insights, the next important step is to prioritize them by enabling customer self-service, using AI chatbots and proactive notifications. This will reduce the manual work of your agents and would significantly improve your customer interaction.

By enabling automation you not only improve the customer experience but also reduce your costs while delivering better quality results.

Makes your brand future proof:

Once you have completed the above stages, the 3rd one is more about expanding to other customer-facing business units to activate transformation across multiple customer channels. 

It is recommended to use an agile model as business environments keep changing and brands need to adapt to these changes. Some of them include:

  • Web optimization
  • Personalized services
  • Usage of advanced CX marketing and sales analytics
  • Proactive channel orchestration, etc

A CXaaS model provides your brand with a flexible structure to deliver a digital transformation that positively impacts the entire customer journey without straining your budget.

What are the Critical components of CXaaS?

The critical components in CXaaS include:

  • Personalizing Services: The customer experience needs to be hyper-personalized instead of being generic. It needs to feel relevant to the customers’ needs and even make them feel special.
  • Creative Omnichannel Experiences: Reach your customers on the channels they hang out on the most. You don’t want to be waiting for your customers on email while they’re spending their time using WhatsApp.
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing just makes it all more accessible and flexible.
  • Online Engagement: Keep your customers engaged and answer their questions immediately. Don’t leave your customers waiting for you.

It can only work out to be good if all the areas are covered properly by using a full-scale CXaaS system.

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