Customer Acquisition

1. What Is Customer Acquisition?

Customer acquisition is the process used to get new customers or clients into your business. The goal of this entire process is to create a sustainable strategy that can be changed as per the new trends and changes.

Customer acquisition is important for all kinds of businesses, be it large or small. It helps your business by:

  • Generating revenue to meet costs, pay your employees, growth of the business, etc.
  • It also helps in providing evidence to outside parties like investors, partners, influencers, etc.

This whole process helps in attracting and converting new customers while helping the company to sustain and grow by keeping the investors happy.

2. What is Acquisition Marketing?

Acquisition marketing involves the implementation of strategies to market your products and services to new customers. To achieve this there needs to be a good alignment between your marketing and your customer service teams.

What makes acquisition marketing different from other marketing techniques is the fact that it only targets those consumers who are already aware and are considering giving your brand a chance by making a purchase. It also actively involves your customer success and service teams to do that.

It's your marketing team that's actively responsible for developing and releasing promotional content to attract new customers.

But your customer service teams are the ones who directly interact with your current customers pushing them to be the promoters of your business. Your existing customers can support your marketing activities through their positive word of mouth.

3. How do you Acquire Customers? What are the different Acquisition Channels?

To acquire new customers, you need to:

  • Create multiple marketing strategies.
  • Focus on multiple digital channels.
  • Create a mix of cross-channel marketing campaigns, etc.

These customer acquisition channels are methods and strategies used by brands to create new leads and fans. Although, the best strategy for your channel completely depends on your business audience and your resources.

Here are some of the different acquisition channels/strategies to acquire new customers:

To successfully implement this strategy, you need to keep evolving with the changing trends, consumer behavior, and consumer preferences.

4. How do you calculate Customer Acquisition Cost?

Customer acquisition cost is calculated by dividing the total marketing cost of the campaign by the total number of new customers acquired from it. 

The formula is: CAC = MC/ CA

  • CAC is the customer acquisition cost
  • MC is the marketing cost  involved
  • CA is the total number of customers acquired through the campaign.

5. What Customer Acquisition Strategies do you require to win new customers?

You need to have a good customer acquisition strategy to promote your services effectively. Without a proper strategy in place, your business might struggle to grow in a meaningful way.


Here are some strategies which you can consider to acquire new customers:

1. Content Flipping

To boost the organic search traffic on your website.

2. Work on building an Influencer Referral Programme:

To increase your organic traffic and improve your brand image.

3. Segment your email Nurturing Workflows based on their Topics: 

To increase the retention rate of your email list. This would also help in getting some traffic on your website from your emails.

4. Target and Identify where your potential customers are from: 

Identifying their physical locations would help you to create a localized campaign.

5. Publish your best content on Medium:

Reposting your existing content on the medium would boost your website traffic.

6. Spread your content on relevant sites:

Social bookmarking your content on relevant sites would help in getting more traffic on your site.

7. Build/ invest in custom tools for Lead Generation: 

This will help you in generating high-quality leads.

8. Get Backlinks from good and relevant sites:

Backlinks from good sites would get in press coverage and high traffic on your content.

9. Quora Marketing:

Create quality content and answer questions related to your field on quora.

10. Use Keyword planner:

Use keyword planner or other tools related to the keyword to get a better understanding of which keywords drive the most traffic on your domain.

11. Build Affiliate Programs:

Work on getting in new customers by giving incentives to your existing customers for referrals.

12. Run Ad campaigns on Facebook:

Running effective ad campaigns on Facebook works well for your business by creating brand awareness and driving traffic to your website.

13. Focus on building a Viral Mechanism in your product:

This mechanism can help you in acquiring new customers without increasing your customer acquisition cost by large margins.

14. Create Co-Branded content:

A co-branded content helps in getting wider visibility and generates high-quality leads.

15. Migrating Content from an Acquired website:

You can increase your organic search traffic by acquiring relevant websites.

16. Keyword Ranking:

Increase your organic traffic by ranking on keywords related to your industry and product features.

17. Provide Integrations with other products:

An integration option helps in acquiring new customers, and also offers an improved user experience to your existing customers.

18. Republish or Update your old content:

This will generate more organic search traffic to that existing content. This can be done through keyword rankings.

19. Work on increasing your Engagement from Unopened Emails:

You can significantly increase your email open rates by targeting those customers who initially failed to open them.

20. Upgrading Content based on Search Intent:

This will increase the download rate of your website, as the traffic coming in would be organic.

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