Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)


CPaaS stands for communications platform as a service. It could be considered as a cloud-based platform that helps developers implement real-time communication features to their own applications without having to create backend infrastructure and interfaces.

What is a communication platform?

A communication platform is a service where businesses have the ability to provide communication features to their customers in real-time. Some of the features they provide are voice, video, chat, etc.


Why do we need to know about CPaaS?

Now that we know what CPaaS is, let us understand why is it important. Recently, Customer Experience Insight posted an article that stated the fact that your customers are likely to expect CPaaS. To summarize, the research shows us that customers want communication that's personalized, consistent, always-on, and something which is preferably coming in as many channels as possible.

This is exactly why we need to understand CPaaS. When it comes to communication that is happening on mobile, your customers expect more from the service you provide. They want to be certain that they will be provided with enough options that are reliable and accessible. CPaaS provides all of the above along with a back-end communication infrastructure, presented "as-a-service", that's then tightly integrated along with your own app offerings through extensive APIs. CPaaS can be used as a great tool for companies looking to expand globally without breaking the bank.

Whether businesses have few employees or many, CPaas is something that can cater to all of them. If you have got an audience that has any expectations that involves communication, CPaaS is worth exploring.

What is the difference between CPaaS vs. UCaaS?

It is easy to get confused between UCaaS and CPaaS since they both deal with providing features to improve the new-gen communication systems. Both the services provide a wide range of features that enable its users to develop their systems for communication. However, UCaaS and CPaaS differentiate themselves in the ways in which they provide essential services to clients.

UCaaS, in many ways, is comparable to a conventional platform for on-premise communications. With UCaaS, you get access to a fully-functional unified communication landscape that mixes everything you would like into one environment. Businesses access one platform where they'll tap into phone services, video, call recording, and more.

CPaaS, on the other hand, acts as an open foundational platform where developers can add their own communication features into an existing cloud-based application. In other words, it allows companies to evolve and expand, without having to develop a brand new back-end. With CPaaS, you've got more of a build-your-own model, designed to combine various puzzle pieces within the type of modules and APIs.

What are the advantages of CPaaS and UCaaS?

  • Ease of Use: CPaaS and UCaaS implementation doesn’t need to be complicated. It is quite user-friendly and the users can use it just as easily as they would use traditional tools.
  • Cost Control: You'll be able to access both technologies through the cloud, it’s possible to scale it in line with your needs. CPaaS adds new features to the technology you have already got while UCaaS eliminates the demand for extra hardware and maintenance costs
  • Great growth Potential: Solutions that provide UCaaS and CPaaS have a wide range of capabilities like AI chatbots, mobile UC apps, etc. These tools would be very difficult for multiple businesses to access on their own
  • Opportunities that are incredible: A large variety of businesses and network systems can be easily configured with the help of the unified nature of UCaaS. On the other hand, customizing tools with APIs requires a lot less work than building a back-end infrastructure.
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