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Chatbot Avatar

What are Chatbot Avatars?

Avatars are computer-generated 3D characters used to address behavior, intelligence, and language skills. It is currently being used by businesses that are looking for virtual assistants to provide a unique and personalized experience to their customers. 

Why do you need an Avatar on your Chatbot?

An avatar could be either a physical or a psychological representation of a character. Chatbots can too have an avatar to become more effective in embodying the company's brand and personality through a character. An avatar can do a far better job in understanding and conversing with a human over a basic chatbot. This improves the overall user experience getting in more engagement into the business.

Avatars are a new fun way of interacting with your customers to understand their problems and resolve them to retain and reduce their churn cycle.

What are the Advantages of a Chatbot Avatar?

There are thousands of chatbots in the digital space, which means yours is just a drop in the digital ocean which is already flooded with similar bots.

The only way to differentiate yourself from others is by offering personalization to your bot, i.e giving your chatbot a physical appearance or an avatar to represent your brand.

Helps in maintaining a healthy & strong social relation:

Things are swiftly moving to a digital space, the current pandemic has played a huge part in it. But due to this whole digital movement, consumers are craving human relations. They need a physical representative over a bot. An avatar helps in solving this problem, they can compensate for the absence of a human by creating a dynamic relationship with customers.

In simple terms, having a face or a character on your chatbot can ensure a continuity of human to human conversation. It also adds a unique twist to what makes interactions more fun and engaging.


A chatbot is a virtual incarnation of your company:

A chatbot is not just a tool but a virtual incarnation of your company. It can represent your brand's personality and walk on your brand's value and beliefs, making it a full-fledged employee of your business.

With the level of configurations available, you can have your own:

  1. Appearance in the form of a Man, Woman, Robot, Animal, etc.
  2. You can also give it unique clothing.
  3. Add a personality that matches your brand.
  4. Add values and the sound of its voice, and more.

Just adding a uniform to it will make it no less than your sales representative. They can act like you digital consultants - like Phia, the bot that has been implemented by Peoplehum, a HCM platform.

Acts like a powerful branding mechanism:

An avatar adds life to your chatbot making it feel more real. This helps in providing a personalized experience to users forging a strong relationship with them. This transforms your bot into a power branding mechanism. It acts as the voice of your brand and allows you to convey strong messages that create an impact on your users.

How to design a chatbot Avatar? What are the list of things to keep in mind before building an Avatar? 

There is an enormous demand for chatbots in the market lately. As more and more businesses are jumping into the mix, it is important to have an avatar for your bot more than ever.

One of the first steps of building/developing a chatbot is about deciding what personality you want to give it. Some companies don't like to give physical avatars to their bots, take Apple's Siri for instance. Although, a lot of them do prefer giving their chatbots avatars, just to add fun into the mix.

Research your demography and focus on the target user's personas:

Your brand's avatar needs to connect with your target user's persona to connect with them. Therefore, you need to take influence from your demography before coming up with an avatar.

You can go for a subtle approach when it comes to avatars. If your target audience is the legal market, but if your catering to youngsters, futuristic or a technologically inclined approach might work best for you. Take your target audience's likes and dislikes into consideration before coming up with your avatar. Try getting multiple designers involved to get their opinions, concepts, and ideas and select the one that suits the best for your business.

Match your chatbot's avatar with your brand's positioning in the market:

Every brand is different and has its own unique appeal to it. An ideal avatar should create a positive impression consistently in the minds of the customer. You need to understand the basics of what will match well with your brand's persona before coming up with an avatar.

For eg: Mickey mouse as an avatar might look good selling the theme park tickets at Disney because it caters to their target market, but the same avatar might not work for a company dealing in the financial market. A company operating in such a market might have to go with a more sophisticated and subtle character. 

Also, test your avatar through multiple surveys from your target audience and employees before finalizing the same. 

Pick a gender for your avatar:

Picking a gender for your avatar might just influence the way your audience interacts with your chatbot. Your target audience might feel more comfortable talking and sharing their query with a human-like character. This can influence their behavior as well. You can also do what apple does with Siri by giving the audience to choose their preferred gender to interact with.

Design an avatar that's compatible with mobile screens:

One of the most simple yet very important things is to build an avatar that's compatible with compact devices like mobile, tablets, etc. Most of your users prefer mobile phones for their daily activities, therefore, it is important to not miss out on this opportunity. It is important to create an avatar that fits perfectly in a compact device (32*32 and 64*64 Pixels), scaling down your avatar's size would affect details.

Also, consider building your avatar on a victor format to scale your avatar to all the sizes without losing the details on it. 

Have a name for your avatar:

Lastly don't miss out on naming your avatar. Having a name to it would give it a personality of its own. Also, it will improve the engagement because customers would prefer interacting with a human-like character over a simple bot.

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