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Conversational Automation

The 3 pillars of social impact | Dr. Sally Eaves | Engati CX

April 30, 2020

Table of contents

Key takeawaysCollaboration platforms are essential to the new way of workingEmployees prefer engati over emailEmployees play a growing part in software purchasing decisionsThe future of work is collaborativeMethodology

Dr. Sally Eaves, 'The Torchbearer for Ethical Tech' had a quick discussion with the Engati team. During this discussion, we spoke about AI, Blockchain, Gender Inequality, and The 3 Pillars of Social Impact.

Sally Eaves on the pillars fo social impact

Dr. Sally Eaves has been described as the ‘torchbearer for ethical tech’. She specializes in the application and integration of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and associated emergent technologies for business and societal benefit.

A member of the Forbes Technology Council, Sally is an award-winning international keynote speaker, author, and influencer with globally leading rankings across all advanced technology disciplines; digital transformation, future of work, and social innovation.

She has also been ranked 8th in the World in Blockchain impact and is continually ranked among the top 10 for digital disruption

The 3 Pillars of Social Impact- A video with Dr. Sally Eaves.

The 3 Pillars of Social Impact

This section contains a quick summary of our interview with Dr. Sally Eaves. But, if you'd rather listen to her speak, we got you covered. Our Spotify Podcast is embedded below this section.

What led to you being known as 'The Torchbearer for Ethical Tech'?

Sally says that it's got a lot to do with his constant commitment to Tech for Good and social impact.

She really believes in 3 Pillars of Social Impact.

Technology- Both emerging technology as well as repurposing older technologies.

Education- Particularly STEAM learning

Social Impact- Especially how it can come with improvements in technology

It's all about bringing these 3 pillars together and integrating them. And it's because of her passion for this that she is known as the 'Torchbearer for Ethical Tech'.

Blockchain/AI appears to be a male-dominated space.
How'd you build an inclusive future of work in the field of AI?

Diverse teams are definitely important.

AI gets a bad reputation because people think it's going to steal jobs. But actually, it's going to help people do their jobs better.

We need to educate people about AI and Blockchain. We need to show them what it really is and what a career in AI or blockchain would be like.

By doing that, we'd not only get more women, but we'll get more diversity of experience in a larger sense. We'll get more artists, philosophers, and different types of creators in the Blockchain and AI industries.

How do you see the combination of chatbots and blockchain contributing significantly to the digital age? 

Chatbots and Blockchain is a really interesting combination.

Trust is an important factor here. We need to get them to trust the technology and history of bots.

Areas like insurance and warranties have a big role to play here.

Trust, Blockchain, and Chatbots need to go hand-in-hand.

You were presented with the Social Impact award by the UN in 2018. How did you leverage AI to create a social impact?

That award was because of her commitment towards Tech for Good.

There were 2 aspects to that.

One was around Education- She started a non-profit organization that helps underrepresented students to develop their STEAM skills and get into a tech career.

It also targeted groups that maybe have lost jobs to new technology and helped them upskill to get new roles.

And another aspect was using AI for social good projects. This included protecting endangered species. There was another big project around AI and Blockchain in DNA data.

There was also a lot of work around repurposing older technology.

You'd visited India for one of your initiatives. Please tell us about it.

This was part of Aspirational Futures, her non-profit initiative.

One of the major parts is Tech for Good. The second is STEAM learning.

STEM is very important. But we need the A for Art and Empathy.

The 3rd pillar is Social Impact. They have physical as well as online hubs where you can go, be creative, and get mentoring. There's going to be a lot of collaboration with UNESCO here.

What role do you think AI will play in creating positive customer experiences?

Although it's in its infancy in its application, it's been around for many years.

AI at its best can really help unify the customers' journeys and experiences.

It helps customers get the information that's relevant to them and filtering the rest.

But, it's not just offline.

Sally shares an example of a store which has RFD tags on its garments, so that you can see if it's been sourced sustainably and you can even interact with the mirrors in the fitting room to get different sizes and colours.

This makes it very convenient and gives a much better customer experience.

How will automation, conversational intelligence, and AI will change the way we work, acquire businesses, and serve our customers in the future?

With the current crisis, we're all working remotely. And this is all very new.

For a lot of people, this is something that has now, suddenly become part of their everyday life.

But, it's increasing trust and acceptance in automation, AI, and conversational intelligence.

85% of the C-level executive said, in a survey, that automation, AI and communicating over conversational intelligence will be a competitive advantage.

Any other soundbytes that you would like to leave with our users?

Sally brings tech, education and social impact together.

She's really glad about seeing digital transformations and societal transformations coming together. We can do good with the new technology and she's excited about making that happen.

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The 3 Pillars of Social Impact- A Spotify Podcast with Dr. Sally Eaves

Engati CX

We hope you learnt a lot about using tech for good and social impact in this interview.   Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Dr. Sally Eaves

Dr. Sally is rich in knowledge and is glad to help you out. She's even open to mentoring and encourages you to reach out. Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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