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Future of Business

The marketing transformation | Muntazir Haider | Engati CX

June 4, 2020

Table of contents

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Muntaziir Haider, founder of The Brand Consultants shares his thoughts on the marketing transformation in this episode of Engati CX. 

Muntazir Haider is a seasoned entrepreneur, trainer, consultant, and coach. An MBA from IBA, bagging over 15 years of corporate experience, and running 8 businesses across 10 different countries and 3 continents – Muntazir is one of the pioneers of social media marketing in the region and has served brands such as Pizza Hut, Nokia, food panda, etc.

He is one of the leading marketing consultants today associated with USAID – providing marketing services to SMEs on a massive scale. Former CMO – foodpanda Pakistan & Brand Manager for Nokia & Pizza Hut Pakistan, Muntazir has diversified experience in a variety of sectors.

The marketing transformation - A video with Muntazir Haider

The marketing transformation

The following section summarizes our interview with Muntazir. But if you'd like to hear the full conversation, we've left a link to the podcast below.

As one of the founders of “The Brand Consultants,” how do you think outdoor advertising is going to change or be impacted with this wave of digital transformation?

We first started with the static version of outdoor advertising with huge motionless billboards. Then after a huge span of time, we gradually moved to videos. It took a long period of time for the innovation to come in. But as soon as we saw the rise in social media, we saw a drastic change in outdoor advertisements. We went from static and motionless, to something that almost felt alive and was interactive. 

Digital transformation has brought us a long way, and we’ve seen that technological advancement is need-based. But for outdoor advertising to survive in the long run, it has to be innovative of itself. Rather than having a push-based innovation, wherein social media comes by and brings about innovation. Muntazir would also like to note that the future of outdoor advertising is highly dependent on COVID-19. Because if people aren’t going out, outdoor advertisements will not work.

With your expertise in advertising, what are some basics that businesses need to keep in mind in order to create an everlasting impression?

Even while marketing is undergoing a huge transformation due to the rise of digital, there are some basics to keep in mind. The basics of marketing are to understand the customer. But we’ve seen a lot of businesses go down due to a lack of focus on customer. A lot of focus instead goes on how the brand manager or business owner wants to drive the business. Here is what to keep in mind going forward.

1. Customer Analysis

We have to first understand the customer. We have to understand their thought-process and psyche. 

2. Competitive Analysis

It’s critical for every marketer to understand what the competitor is doing. 

3. Understand your objective

Ask yourself,

“What do we want to achieve out of this?”

For example, if we’re building a sales-driven campaign, one can’t build a brand out of it and vice versa. Additionally, we also need to understand the industry cycle. So understanding what our objectives are is pertinent to the marketing campaign.

4. Understand how to deliver

We have to understand what to deliver and how to deliver it. The content we put out is critical, but we also need to know which communication media to deliver on. People think digital is the thing right now, but that’s absolutely not the case. There are some cases where radio or television are still effective.

5. Back to the customer

The final part, and also the most important. We start with the customer, and now we end with them. We have to find a way to connect with customer. Someone can come up with a wonderful idea, an incredible concept. But if we find that the customer is unable to connect, it goes down the drain.

What role do AI and technology have to play in creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy?

The keyword is data. It’s the foundation of strategy, it helps with our decision-making. And it answers all of the questions- the who, what, when, where, why, and how. To understand your customers, Muntazir would analyze them. For example- he would go to Foodpanda’s website, select a likely area, then select a cuisine, then they’d pick a restaurant and decide what to eat, and then check out.

These are 4-5 different steps, so Muntazir would then make a funnel of say 100 people, 90% would select the area, 80% would select the cuisine, and so on. When we reached the final stage, it only came down to about 10%, so there was 90% leakage. This is where tech helps, we noticed where the numbers were falling off, and now we know where we have to improvise. 

AI has changed drastically the way things are and in 5 years it will continue to change more.
- Muntazir Haider

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The marketing transformation – A Spotify Podcast with Muntazir Haider

Muntazir shared the newest digital marketing trends in the rest of the interview. He shares what we’re going to see post-pandemic, and if there’s going to be an emergence of new media. He also shares his tips on how to build a global campaign. 

Listen to the full interview here: 

Engati CX

We hope you learned a lot about marketing transformation. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Muntazir Haider

Muntazir is a pioneer of social media marketing, and his social media is filled with nuggets of wisdom. For more brilliant insights, find him on LinkedIn and Twitter

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