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Business Transformation

Making Brands Social

Samantha Kelly
May 4
4-5 mins

Table of contents

Key takeawaysCollaboration platforms are essential to the new way of workingEmployees prefer engati over emailEmployees play a growing part in software purchasing decisionsThe future of work is collaborativeMethodology

Interview with Samantha Kelly


Building a brand can be tough. What is the process you follow for ‘creating the buzz’ when you help customers build their first business?

According to Samantha, Twitter is the place to be right now. It’s a great place to find small business owners and decision-makers. Samantha recommends making sure your twitter profile looks really good and stands out. Here are some of the steps she follows!

  • Make it look well put togetherHave a smile on your face, get a professional headshot taken.
  • A sneak peek into yourselfIf the eyes are the window to the soul, your bio is a window to your twitter. Have a good bio that people want to follow. Put your authority and your personality out there. Make sure people can see and know what you do.
  • Add valuePut yourself out there. Share your knowledge with your followers. But also, don’t just sell, sell sell. Show compassion, kindness, and hope. Chat with people. Build relationships. And build a community.


With businesses moving towards digital transformation, how much importance will content marketing and social media gain?

The changes have been interesting for Samantha. Just a couple of years ago, Instagram wasn’t even around. Twitter was where everyone was. With the rise of Instagram, Twitter’s population migrated there. Now the question is.. Should you? 

If Samantha’s being honest, it’s not necessary. You can, but you should focus on Twitter and LinkedIn more. As Samantha said in the first question, Twitter is where most of the decision-makers are. Content marketing and social media gain are incredibly important, especially right now with everyone stuck in lockdown. People are looking for content on social media, and so whoever is putting out the best content, is going to ultimately have the greatest advantage. So she urges brands to really hone in on building a solid relationship. 

PS- Check our blog on Content marketing in the chatbot-boom era


Do you agree with the fact that social media activities need to be interactive with a human touch?

“Absolutely,” says Samantha. It’s all about that human touch. Brands need to have a personality, and it shows. And with small businesses, it’s all about reaching out to your customers and showing that you care. Show your personality, your empathy, and your compassion. Talk about things we can understand. It’s all about helping the person that follows you. She thinks more companies need to use conversational agents and chatbots fit into this aspect of creating valuable customer experiences.

Check out Social Agency Scout, an agency that could help you out with your social media! And check out this article on how you can grow on Instagram!

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Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly is a universally perceived Twitter Expert, Social Media Strategist, Author and Speaker. Known as the "Tweeting Goddess", with a following of over 53k, she is the founder of the Women's Inspire Network – a worldwide encouraging group of people for female-driven organizations.

Samantha works with business leaders helping them use their social media effectively, Structuring content, social media activity, getting noticed online, engaging, and increasing awareness to reach your target audience.

Andy is the Co-Founder and CIO of SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub. He’s also the President of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum.

Andy is a digital enterprise leader and is transforming business strategies keeping the best interests of shareholders, customers, and employees in mind.

Follow him for your daily dose of AI news and thoughts on using AI to improve your business.

Catch our interview with Andy on AI in daily life

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