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Fighting Pandemic with AI

Franco Ronconi
Apr 16
4-5 mins

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Key takeawaysCollaboration platforms are essential to the new way of workingEmployees prefer engati over emailEmployees play a growing part in software purchasing decisionsThe future of work is collaborativeMethodology


Franco Ronconi discusses the impact AI and Automation have on us during this pandemic on this episode of Engati CX. We explore how Artificial Intelligence has met the ever-growing expectations of customers.

Franco Ronconi is a successful Business Operations Manager with a strong background working for leading players in fast-paced, technology-driven industries. 

He has vast experience leading teams within "multi-cultural environments, handling project management functions, logistics & supply chain management", and leading cross-functional teams.

Interview with Franco Ronconi

We’ve summarized most of the answers to this interview in this section. But if you’d like to go through the full interview, there’s a link to the YouTube video below this section. 


You’ve worked in various industries like "Medical Devices, Building Materials", and Telecommunications. How different is the rate of adoption of technology across these industries?

The rate of adoption varies depending on the industry, according to Franco. For example, Building Material is using technology to improve the efficiency of manufacturing. The main objective is to improve services and experiences for Customers, and Franco believes that there is plenty of room for improvement.


What do you believe lies in the future of conversational intelligence or chatbots? How is it going to change the world of customer service?

Conversational Intelligence has been changing drastically. 3-4 years ago, it was not so normal. Now that has changed and customers are slowly getting used to these services. It’s slowly becoming the new normal. Franco believes that we’re moving into a completely non-human future- but that we’re only just getting started! 

Because of the pandemic, the rate of adopting technologies has skyrocketed. Remote interactions between services and customers will be welcome- with or without the assistance of humans. He advises us to not look at the current situation so bleakly, and reminds us that there are many improvements that will be beneficial to lots of people. 


How have customer expectations from businesses changed over the years? What shifts in technology do you think caused the change?

According to Franco, there are three relevant types of adoption - 

  • Internet adoption
  • Smartphone adoption
  • Chatbot adoption

Franco says that these new types of technologies were never used 20 years ago. We’ve been using these interfaces for a while now, and we’ve adapted to them. And we’re also seeing the benefits of adoption- things move more efficiently. This has in turn raised our customer expectations astronomically. How will companies keep up with these expectations? Companies will have to move quickly. They have to react to these expectations, all of these companies do. These transformations will impact everyone, regardless of size and age. We need to match these customer expectations- and we can with the adoption of Chatbots. According to Franco, chatbots will meet customer requirements. 


You’ve led teams within multi-cultural environments. What role do you think culture plays in creating a customer-centric environment or for the overall success of an organization?

Over the last 20 years, Franco has had the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. He has noticed that different people have a different approach to things. But now we’re living in a global system. While all of us like human interactions, the use of Chatbots will be unavoidable. And this usage of Chatbots will occur on a global scale. We will all slowly be part of the same system. 

Franco then discusses how AI and Automation take over the supply chain operation of businesses in the future. He shares how the AI is affecting the rate of adoption during the pandemic and even shares what the driving force of these changes are. He finally leaves us with some valuable tips on how to incorporate Chatbots into our customer service solutions.

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Franco Ronconi

Franco Ronconi, is a successful Business Operations Manager with a strong background working for leading players in fast-paced, technology-driven industries.
He has vast experience leading teams within multi-cultural environments, handling project management functions, logistics & supply chain management and leading cross-functional teams

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